Toyota Techstream scanning for codes( Check for module updates)

Toyota Techstream scanning for codes( Check for module updates)

All right so today, we’re going to be using the TIS Toyota Techstream Toyota software to scan this rav4 for and engine code and some traction control codes First we’re just going to go to connect the vehicle Vehicle 2005 Toyota rav4 Kind of go to next All right There are control units we got Engine and ect cruise control ABS Vehicle stability control traction immobilize or NSRS so right now. We’re interested in Engine and vehicle stability control Just gonna double click on that All right this vehicle actually came from body shop, and they claimed that there was just a vehicle stability light on and there was no check engine light and they were testing some stuff, and if you use blue, so Probably what I’m gonna start off by doing here is just clearing all these codes And seeing what comes back Clear Okay Now we’re gonna go back to Select system We’re gonna go into an hour ABS Vehicle Stability control and track see what we have to post in here Okay, so we’ve got no quote there so that could have possibly been triggered by the check engine light I’m just gonna start then shut this vehicle off and restart it and see if DTCs come back We got nothing Except our maintenance Light The people at the Body shop thought their scan tool may have been malfunctioning too because they couldnt get into an of the controlled modules So I’m just gonna drive this vehicle around a little bit and see if the codes come back If not we may end up just give this back to them But let me show you around Toyota Techstream little bit more over here, let’s go back to select systems And let’s say we want a program an ECU you see you programming It’s gonna pull up just gonna ask us, which ECU we’re interested in let’s go to Engine control module And we’re just gonna go down here to the world Checking their server for updates All right, and that’s what we get here it says calibration number, and it says calibration Update no So There are no updates for the ECM. If there was basically this is gonna Tell us. There is and then we’re gonna go ahead and be able to proceed with it So programming with a TIS Software is um pretty easy Let’s just go ahead and we’ll go ahead and check the ABS module over here. This is any updates available for that Come down here arrow key Checking And it looks as though it’s not programmable no Cal ID so maybe this is not programmable. I’m not a hundred percents sure Well that one means, but if anybody does There’s anybody out there that might know a little bit more about this and I do I’d love to hear your comments below I haven’t done a whole lot of Toyota programming, so That’s kind of why I like playing around inside here. Just to see See what functionalities are Well close this out All right check in July track light hasn’t come bond back on yet, so it’s good Let’s just go back in here and see if we got any pending trouble codes Got our activation tests over here data list monitors utilities We’re in trouble codes right now still say no trouble codes. Let’s see what we got for activation test Injector volume air fuel control fuel pump AC clutch valve canister purge tank pressure bypass valve out timing control shift lock up solenoid line pressure control FC IDL prohibit TC1 (TC) Stuff here it’s pretty nice to be able to have These kind of functions with factory Toyota software We have a number of different factory scan tools here alright on this little tutorial of the Techstream Toyota factory scan tools software There’s anything in particularly want to see I’d be more than glad to make a video on it just leave it in the comments below if this was helpful in any way you enjoyed watching thumbs up and as always thanks for watching from a flat rate mechanic until next time

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  1. helo how to open and close the brake when I replacing the brake pads I must be done in service mode in toyota avensis

  2. Hi The Flate Rate Mechanic,

    It’s dealer software for Toyota, do you think it will work on Japanese vehicle Toyota Progrès ?
    I mean immobilizer reset for example.

    Since progres is only sold in Japan, clone of Lexus IS or Lexus RX ?
    So in Techstream if I don’t find Progres in car list, can I choose Lexus IS ?

    Please let me know.

  3. Just wanted to ask at the bottom of the start up page main menu it says subscription expiration 23h 59m. Does your techstream still work after the timer/ subscription has run out?

  4. I programmed a new (refurblished possibly) smart key on 2010 Lexus RX450 and everything was good except the new key cannot open the truck like the original is. Sometimes this happened on other cars as well but most of the time it worked.
    Any thoughts?

  5. I've been searching for an answer to the following question for some time, obviously to no avail – Will Toyota Techstream software bleed the ABS actuator/module on a 2002 Tundra 4wd? The Service Manual doesn't have a procedure listed for bleeding the ABS system, is it possible to bleed the ABS system on this light truck? Thanks for your time and effort on our behalf, Reggie.

  6. Can techstream display last intrusion alarm events? I have the factory alarm RS3200 on 2017 Prius Prime. Alarm went off two times when nothing was wrong. Ford can display last alarm events which can show for sure what sensor is flaky. Would be nice if you did a video on this!

  7. Здравствуй! На Лексус ем 300 американец с помощью течстрим как можно проверить обновления программы CUW

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