Toyota Touch – Cleaning and Detailing Services

Toyota Touch – Cleaning and Detailing Services

[Gear noises, upbeat music plays] Make your Toyota sparkle inside
and out with Toyota Touch
Cleaning and Detailing Services. You can have your car cleaned
and detailed at your local
Toyota dealership by highly-trained professionals,
who offer three levels of
detailing services to help protect your investment:
Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate. This special care helps shelter
your Toyota from the elements
like sun, salt, water and sand. You can also shine up your car
like the pros and do it yourself
in your driveway at home using Toyota’s line of products, developed to preserve your
Toyota and keep it looking like
new. These high-quality products are
designed exclusively for your
Toyota and deliver optimum performance. These products include: Windshield Washer Fluid: to keep
your windshield clear in all
weather conditions; Leather & Vinyl Conditioner: to
keep leather soft and supple and
leave a clean factory finish; Fresh Scent: a non-toxic liquid
air freshener to keep your vehicle smelling
fresh and clean; Spot & Stain Remover: which
comes in a handy package that
fits in your glove box; A Touch-up Paint Pen: to repair
minor scratches and stone chips; Wash & Shine Soap: Designed to
safely lift away dirt leaving
behind a brilliant shine; Multi-Purpose Cleaner: to remove
brake dust, bug residue, caked
on dirt and fabric, vinyl and leather
stains; Spray Wax: that offers a high
gloss shine and protects for
weeks; Glass Cleaner: formulated
specifically for automotive
grade glass; An Interior Kit: with the right
tools for the job including a
deluxe micro-fibre cloth, dressing applicator sponge and
horsehair detailing brush; And an Exterior kit: with tools
for the outside of your vehicle including a deluxe grade chamois
and a super soft wash mitt. Available exclusively at your
Toyota dealership, all Toyota Touch products are
made in Canada. They are safe for you to use,
and do not contain, phosphates
or any harsh chemicals. Fall in love with your Toyota
all over again by giving it the
special touch it deserves. Then you can enjoy that new car
feeling all over again. Talk to your Toyota dealership
for more information about
Toyota Touch. Thanks for taking an Inside Look
at your Toyota! [Upbeat music fades to silence]

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