Toyota Tundra – Fox Shocks 2.5 Coilovers and 2.0 Smooth Body Review

Toyota Tundra – Fox Shocks 2.5 Coilovers and 2.0 Smooth Body Review

Hey, this is my 2016 Toyota Tundra and I upgraded the shocks to the Fox shocks 2.5 coil overs in the front and with the reservoir and in the rear the Fox shocks 2.0 with reservoir if you want the back story of why upgrading to the Fox shocks? I’ll put the link to the video here and I give the little bit of background I haven’t got a chance to test these Fox shocks on Dirt washboard roads, and so that’s what I’m gonna do today First time I took this truck on a dirt road washboard roads the truck had stock suspension with about 50,000 miles on it and Driving on these roads. The speed limit was 20 miles per hour. I probably drove all the way up to 40 miles per hour. I Thought the interior was going to shake apart I knew I wanted to go on More dirt roads and explore more Colorado. So I went and upgraded to the Fox shocks I’ve had these Fox shocks on the truck since September I haven’t got a chance to get out back on the dirt roads and see if this was actually a good investment or a really expensive Two inch lift to level the truck out. So I’ve been driving around the truck around town for last two months and I mean, there might be a little bit of difference, but it’s minimal I feel like today is gonna be the real like the real test since the last video about the truck I put new wheels and tires on it, but I’m not going to talk about those today since we’re just focusing on the shocks so the way I’m going to set everything up and Test the shocks to show you how they perform. What I’m going to do is on the front driver’s side Wheel I’m going to set up a camera so we can see the action of The shock as it goes over the bumps in the road and then I’m gonna put this main camera just sitting on my dash We’re going to put a weight on the back of the gorillapod legs and Just let you know the vibrations and the dash kind of Hopefully that can be picked up in the in the image and you’ll can see how much? vibrations in the cab the truck So I’m keeping the air pressure and the tires to what they’re normally supposed to be So 30 in the front and 33 in the rear. I do want to try Aaron down the tires, but today I don’t have a onboard air compressor or co2 tank So I’m just gonna go with the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure What I’ve seen on other people’s videos About these Fox shocks the faster you go the smoother the ride So I’m gonna test that theory today and I’m gonna try to get up to 40 50 miles per hour This is pretty whiny Road. So I’m not sure how easily I’m gonna be able to get there But I’m gonna test that theory out so far the little bit I’ve driven on the road today It’s been really smooth and I’ve been sticking around 10 to 20 miles per hour. So We’ll get to the our destination hopefully I can get up in speed and really test these out in case you wanted to see what the GoPro mount was gonna look like for this tire So I can’t remember the name of this these components but the suction cup got a little Leash to the mirror in case it breaks off Well lose the GoPro Okay, we’re going about 20 miles per hour Knut the roads pretty smooth Some a few ruts. I probably should have had another camera looking at the road. So you knew But I just have to tell you So so far I mean this isn’t the worst road I’ve been on so it’s pretty smooth Hey, those are decent ruts about 20 miles per hour I’m going about 35 right now Soaking up all the little bumps. I mean the Vibrations in the cab are pretty minimal. This is some pretty good ruts right here Name that there’s a huge difference between stock and these Fox shocks in the stock suspension I would have been jostled all about. I mean there’s obviously, they’re still gonna be as some vibration, but it I mean, there’s no comparison. I mean this is minimal vibration compared to what the it’s just Compared to what the stock suspension is All right, this camera is just like I’m afraid it’s gonna fall off my – so I got one hand on the wheel one hand on the the Gorillapod This is pretty rocky area and getting jostles, I’m going to like 30 miles per hour I’m sure you can hear my voice. We’re getting shook. The vibrations in the calves are greatly reduced with the Fox shocks I’m actually pretty surprised I was a little afraid it wasn’t I wouldn’t see a huge difference in the performance off-road and Then I was just buying the sticker side of the the shock but it’s It’s really it’s a lot better Hey, so I got up to 40 There is smooth at 40 so yeah the faster you go the smoother it is Aang I can’t believe how smooth that was. All right, I think that’s enough footage for inside the vehicle and outside So I’m gonna get some shots at the landscape let the dogs get out a little bit and then Once they get to my destination, I’ll give a little recap what I thought during the drive so I Just got to rampart reservoir at least the road into the park as you can see It’s it’s closed for the season. I guess I’d hope to float across the road and really minimize vibration I didn’t want to set Mike’s expectations too high because I didn’t want to get too Disappointed as far as like expectations if you know the worst performances that it’s nothing more than stock other than a Leveling kit a suspension leveling kit. That would probably been the worst Outcome and then the best would be like Ford Raptor Performance. There’s no way you’re gonna get Ford Raptor performance with these shocks if you’ve ever seen a Ford Raptor in the Fox shocks on Those things I mean the shocks are massive. I mean ten inches a travel I You won’t get that performance, but these shocks were everything I had hoped that they would be Like I said, I did change my wheels. So I went to a smaller wheel 18 inches and then the tires a 33 by 12 so that might have helped out a little bit, but I didn’t air down I kept it at 30 in the front 33 in the rear man. These shocks are super smooth and I test out the faster you go the smoother they are and that’s absolutely true Once I hit about 40 miles per hour It was just I was just floating over All the rocks and all the the grooves in the road big approval for the Fox shock. They did an amazing job If you’d like to see more videos like this, please let me know in the comments below Give it a thumbs up subscribe for more videos. I have some upgrades coming up I started kidding out the right side of the lightener rack It’s a work in progress. I still got things coming in the mail another first for me today On this truck. It was I put it in four high and it it was amazing the other vehicles I’ve had four-wheel drive when I put it in for high automat I mean immediately I can tell that the steering is it’s just stiffer and Harder to turn the toyota tundra, this is 2016. And for hi It was amazing I could have done the whole trail and to to high, you know There were some mud spots and then some snow and some ice. So the back wheels were slipping a little bit nothing That is the truck couldn’t handled with these tires. So I think that’s it. Thanks for watching Please like this video subscribe. If you have video requests about the truck, just let me know. I Think that’s it

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  1. Awesome review. thumbs up from me. Question. I plan on building a TRD Pro Tundra for my family and I for overland expeditions. Will you consider putting a locker on a Independent Front suspension? I'm already set on doing the rear but the thought of getting stuck out in the woods with fam is scary. Thoughts.

  2. You need to upgrade your upper control arms and your tie rods ASAP. The are now the weakest link. They will break.

  3. Thank you Jason! I had the bilstein 6112 and 5160 on order. Found out they are on backorder. So I just ordered these exact shocks and struts. Will have them on the weekend. You should look into coachbuilder shackle in rear.

  4. I got a question…..can I take the 2.5 and the 2.0 and put them on my 2014 tundra I already have a 6'inch lift on it

  5. Ordered my set of Fox 2.5, 2.0 c/o bds today with adjustment knobs. One thing you might look into is a pair of sulastic spring hangers. They take up a lot of road vibration. Im Having them install them along with the whole kit. I Like your complete set up and great video. Wanted to ask you what wheel size and tire size are you running, I didn't want to go with 35s and do any chopping, But your tire size definitely keeps the truck usable.

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