Toyota Yaris Headlight Bulb Replacement

Toyota Yaris Headlight Bulb Replacement

Hey guys welcome to doing things Dan’sway.
I’m here with my daughter Candace Coolio and today we have her little Toyota Yaris
here it’s a 2009 and she’s gonna a dead headlight it turns out to replace the headlight
you have to remove a bunch of different things kind of sorta and that’s we’re
going to show you today tools you’ll need simple screwdriver if you have a
panel remover tool that’s great needlenose pliers work just as well and
a ten millimeter socket Its time to get started we’re gonna do is we’re going to remove
the clips and basically let the hinge come back just a little bit the hinge
Move the bumper back a little bit towards us and then we’ll come in and unscrew
the headlights got three bolts to take off and we’ll flip them upside down pull
the bulbs on put them back in again and put it all back together again so let’s
get started sit down hold up well so you’re gonna do
that one two three four five times across the
front and then two sides like we showed a minute ago and then you should be able
to see this guy loose and she wouldn’t prop pull this guy this side out oh there’s clips along here too so grab
here and pull forward and you should see those release there you go now if you
want to take the whole bumper off you just take the clips off the bottom
call me along the bottom and the whole bumper would just come right off so
that’s that’s that’s all that’s left so we’re trying to get to is there’s
that bolt there and then behind here I think this reconnected yeah there’s that
one there and there’s another one right about there
so couldn’t pull out loose again because I think it just reclip itself so there’s
a 10 minute 10 millimeter bolts we’ll go ahead and pull those out for ya most of all mix everything all better
because that’s what’s you touch that – there you get a huge explosion yeah
yeah I’m doing is I’m lifting up on it and
I’m grabbing the top in some of the hole where this flat-screen erm is kind of
bending back a bit that released that’s all you have to do there yeah
let’s push it down and pull it towards you a little bit and my entry points up leave that yeah
things points at the screw yep pull the uh pull the wire out of the way
though the where’s to go yep push the wire back down Bend that’s the easy part
yeah it’s super simple and I see it okay just like that conventional for server can do it do it hmm
okay look ups on the bowl Bruce and we were up both sides
what’s up here it’s powerful keys yeah just top and bottom of each one of those that was down there that clips good that
one looks good and then pushed that one all the way so this side of the car
we’re doing things different we’re gonna just set this back just a little bit
I pulled the guts out already like you saw on the other side but I didn’t
disconnect as many connections it’s kind of open it up like this and now I can I
can still get in here I can still retract though the wire I can set the
bulb in without touching it that close down this little wire loops pretty
easily and you can’t do this at the rubbers installed so you have to leave
the rubber off while you put the new bulb in
put on some bull crease now though bolts are in the bumper guard this kid is
awesome because it has all the clips at you tend to lose ya or break in the
process alright let you guys show it off like it’s your makeup with shade to use
you know you got you gotta point out like this one this one right here see
this one right here yeah okay guys that was pretty easy right my daughter and I
can do this anybody can do this and you’ll see we learned a couple things
along the way but the way I show you where’s the way to do it yeah okay welcome to doing it danced away
this time I got out of here Oh

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Good job! I have an '08 Yaris with one dead light. For $9 a bulb it's always best to buy 2 and replace both headlight bulbs at the same time, even if the other is still working. Chances are it will burn out shortly thereafter and you'll have to go through all this again. My '05 Echo was far easier to change in that you did not have to remove the bumper. Guess the car company wants to discourage the DIYfers and make it a little more labour intensive!

  2. guys, do a v2 of this video… the working area is in fact quite small, but once you know where the metal tabs are and how to pull them (figured it out from your video details, thanks! :)), you don't really have to remove the light assembly… for me it was 2x 2 minutes job actually (both H4 bulbs) 🙂 cheers…

  3. I just did this with out removing the headlight but my hands are busted haha cuts and scrapes. Not a good design. Thank you for the video.

  4. Easier now that I know where that 3rd bolt is hiding down there.

    My Infiniti was tougher to get the bulb out, and probably more dangerous because of the shock factor. But the yaris is still more difficult than it should be…
    Oh well, 240,000 miles on 1 set of headlights ain't bad 😀

  5. Thank you so much for this video. Just saved me a trip to the auto mechanics. I was totally stumped on how to remove the headlight because I didn't know of that third screw on the side just above the tire, as well as the spring that clamped down the light. My 2007 Yaris is my favorite car I've ever owned but they certainly don't make it easy to work on the car with everything so tightly crammed in there, lol.

  6. This job can be done without removing the headlight housing. Just remove the headlight plugs, cover rubber, unlock wire spring and remove the bulb. The hardest part is getting the rubber to slide rearward. Once it starts to move the rest will follow. I just replaced my globes with H4 LED 2000 lums in about 10 minutes. NO PANEL REMOVAL. If you have hands like a lumberjack maybe remove the panels.

  7. Total bullshit l went to my local Halfords all he did was put his hand in the bonnet behind the headlamp and changed the headlamp bulb cost me £8 plus the cost of headlamp bulb there is no need to dismantle the car plus having your daughter in the videos serves no purpose whatsoever 👎

  8. This saved me 50$. Didnt have small girly hands to do it without having to rip the headlight out. Struggled for a little. Then just toutubed it. Thanks bud


  10. На Ярисе 08 очень трудно вытащить лампу с пассажирской стороны, пришлось снимать бампер. Резину снимал с помощью отвертки, так просто не снимается. Заняло 15 минут, в следующий раз будет быстрее. Спасибо!

  11. Good video. Other things two consider for Yaris owners since the bumper out of the way. First, it's a good opportunity to swap-out the factory horn with a more beefier horn. The original Yaris horn is too wimpy. Second thing is if your head light are yellow or foggy, this is a good time to restore the headlights.

  12. Thanks so much for this!. Just changed my bulb on the passengers side. It's actually a doddle. I have no retainer clips anymore they have all correded and broke and some were just missing, Soooo im having to order some new ones from my dealer.

  13. My Scion xA is the same…..actually no surprise as the cars are nearly identical mechanically. The term you're looking for is that the "bumper cover" needs to have it's top clips removed to allow juggling the top portion to swing forward and slightly down to gain better access to the headlights (housing) and bulbs. Same deal…..easy enough to lift the center of the retaining "plugs" ( 2-piece, the center needs to first be lifted "up"…with a screwdriver blade, then the bottom piece pops out. If you simply pop them out from the bottom piece, without first prying up the center, you RISK breaking the whole push-in plug). Need to remove these plugs and THEN look at the ENDS of the bumper cover as they wrap around toward the wheel-well. Then lift back slightly the black plastic inner fender splash guards, and remove the vertical (pointed UP) screws that hold the ends of the bumper cover on,,,one on each end. At this point the whole bumper cover can tilt forward/down like it's on a hinge. Not all that difficult if you know all this….just a bit of a hassle.

  14. Thank you for this video. For my Yaris model 2009 I did not have to remove the headlight to replace the lamp on the passager side. But your video helped to do it. The driver side has less space so I know what to do when that lamp dies.

  15. Thanks to your wonderful video, I was able to replace my burned out headlighlb on my Yaris. Wasn't easy…a bit of a pain but doable.

  16. Firestone charged my son $330. to replace 1 headlamp bulb. Beware! I have done it before in 20 minutes. They also could not get the bottom alternator bolt in. I took it home, retapped it and got a new bolt. Easy. They tried to sell him a new alternator. What idiots!

  17. С обеих сторон без снятия фар менял в мороз без инструмента))) очень быстро поменял, даже замёрзнуть не успел…

  18. I managed to change the light on passenger side whitout taking apart anything! Almost mission impossible, a lot of curses, a lot of patience and a hand bent like it shouldn't be able was all it took! ;D

  19. 2mins to replace both front drivers side headlight bulb(UK) and rear tail lamp bulb on my 2010 Yaris. No tools needed. Stop listening to the naysayers.

  20. Same Yaris, I can change bulb in one minute. You just need to know what to do. Now, with a light off the car, you know it too. Next time try it without removing the bumper.

  21. I'm getting ready to replace the headlight assemblies (fogged up and bulb burned out) so upgrading to all LED bulbs.  What size pins/clips were you using?  I need to replace a few that I already know are missing.

  22. Super helpful my best bro's got one of these little gocart cars, and the bulb died dont know when since he hasn't driven it in 2 years or so. But super appreciate it, yours looks cleaner by far but or one 10mm wont come loose matter of fact an 11 works but wont pull it out, I think somehow rust has made it bigger idk its wierd

  23. Before you buy a car, see if you can easily replace the light bulbs. If not, keep looking. These car designers have a lot to answer for.

  24. Well just replaced 2 bulbs in an 07 Yaris. I didn’t have to take anything apart it was right there not even that hard to get to. Pull the plug , boot and unclip the bulb put the new one in.

  25. So I just did ours. The Yaris is a great car. Mine's an '07 with half a million k's on clock; still runs great. But replacing the passenger side headlight would make a nun swear. =

  26. ive just done mine here in the uk! could of done with soe of your sunshine. I replaced all the bulbs so hopefully I wont have to pull it apart again for a while.quite easy to do ,took about 30 minutes between rain showers.thanks for the video.

  27. Thank you!!!!! Very good instructions. I did it, but if I knew how much work it is I would have Paid Pepboys the $20 to do it for me.

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