Toyota’s New 4.6-liter V-8 for the 2010 Tundra

Toyota’s New 4.6-liter V-8 for the 2010 Tundra

we’re here in torrance california at the
headquarters of Toyota Motor Sales USA my name is mark williams and i’m here
with David Lee market call me a product education administrator at work for the
University of toyota is our company’s training division my primary
responsibilities are to make training courses on our new products for our
dealership sales associates out there well we’re here because of the new
engine what does it fit in the tundra line well right now are tundra lineup has had
since its inception in $YEAR 07 3 different engines of these six a small
v8 and a large ba out of those three engines are in mid size Gator small v8r
4.7 liter that engine has been in service for 10 years now and it’s time
to be replaced and so we have a new 4.6 liter version coming out now it has new
technology that’s along with the current engine selection we got the temple today
when you say it has more horsepower more torque better fuel economy you know we
tried to shoot for here is to make this midsize v8 engine have fuel economy on
par with our 4-liter v6 some of our new technologies in our dual variable
Valentine evidence audience and a six-speed gearbox set
behind the engineer enable us to achieve those goals don’t have official figures
yet but we should have about 40 shortly what about the implications to towing or
a load capacity in this case here if you’re familiar with the 4.7 liter
tundras capacities the 46 will be right in there as far as going all-in
capability payload numbers and counting numbers should be very very close so right now if you’re thinking about
picking one of these up on they’re not for sale yet take a look at the numbers
on the 47 truck and that’ll give you a good idea where you’re going to be
setting with the 46 you said it’s a new transmission this 60 minutes on the 4.6
here now is actually a derivative of the 5-speed transmission it’s replacing and
a 760 series 3 predecessor was in a 750 for the new six-speed that goes with the
4.6 liter actually takes up about the same amount of space as the previous
five-speed gearbox did so it makes very well to this smaller block engine and
the ratios and mystic speed or a little bit different from the six-speed ratios
in our 57 truck the ratios of us are tuned for this engine and they actually
vary a little bit and in fact the lowest gear ratio here first year in this 4.6
liter 6 speed is a little lower and it is and we take 5-7 transmission and it
stopped here is actually a little bit set up more polluted the lower RPM at high speed to spend a
lot of engineering time setting us up for this particular engine alright
captain suspense long enough what about horsepower and torque
compared to you listing for some existing 47 puts out
about 271 horsepower and out was a 313 pound-feet of torque this puts out about 370 horsepower and
roughly 327 pound-feet of torque and now for more information on toyota’s new 4.6
liter all aluminum v8 check out the technical walk around video we have on
the website

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  1. The Chevrolet LS3 is 6.2L and is considered a small block V8. That thing is a 5.7L and is somehow a big V8? Explain that to me.

  2. an engine doesnt have to have a large block to be powerful, I think this guy is refering to the other engine as big because it is 5.7 litres and it has alot of power

  3. Quuaa1…Let me explain to you, you're a dumb shit…the 5.7L is the big V8 offered on the Tundra…that's what the guy was referring to. Now you have to focus on every word to try and create an argument…get a life you little bitch! Oh BTW…Ford can suck my left nut!!! Hahaha.

  4. big in the 1/2 ton class. despite 6.2 litrs with SOHC like ive seen in other trucks, toyota has made all their engines with DOHC, and Varial Valve Timing. thats the use of technology for a better truck. besides if you have a 6-7 liter engine on a truck, u need to consider weight for towing and dimensions of the truck. btw who makes 7 liter V8's now? and whats the point of making it?

  5. i see more fords on the sides of the highways. if the warrenty covers you and guess what RECALL!! their engine sucks so much gas that it runs on fart.

  6. hey, tundradave, I got news for you…..Im a flate rate TOYOTA tech, and I will tell you right hear, right now, that that tundra you wasted 30 grand or more on is a SHITBOX. I worked for FORD for 4 years before, and I've been at toyota for 2, and in those 2 years I have seen more retarded problems with tundras than any F-150. congrats, you bought a JAP truck. you must feel manly, driving around in ur faggot tundra that looks like it got hit just sitting still. I can go all day if you want

  7. you can go play with your little queer, tree hugging prius lovers. toyotas suck, the new ones do anyway. horrible engineering quality, you should see the crap I see on a daily basis. wow, your 5.7 is faster than my 5.4. atleast my frame isnt rotting out underneath me, and if your gonna say that only happened on the tacomas, think again. Its starting to happen on the old tundras, and it WILL happen to the new ones, cuz they have literally the same frame, just bigger. suck a dick

  8. Does it matter where the parts are made? The assembly of the truck is in AMERICA where AMERICANS make money from building trucks for other AMERICANS. Toyota hires AMERICANS to design, market, and oversee the production of their vehicles. Ford and other American companies hire foreign executives and design teams and outsource the making of the vehicles to foreign markets where other people (not Americans) make profit off of our money…

  9. I'm not even gonna argue with any of the dumbasses on this video, I bet none of the ppl that posted are mechanics, or have any legit auto experience. toyotas are GAY, fucking every elderly moron has one, and every queer engineer that spends $500 a week on starbucks and polo shirts. I've worked on 2 major car companies, not including the 2 years I worked for mercedes. and from my experience, FORD makes the all around BEST vehicles. especially trucks. the new F-150 is bulletproof

  10. hey, fergifag, are you serious right now? read what you just wrote. I own a ford, my whole family does, and I always have, and I have never once broken down or had a problem thats serious and neither has my family. I WORK FOR TOYOTA, amd I use to work for FORD. I dont know what im talking about with frames??? I've done 4 frame replacements on the tacomas you stupid fuck, and I've had 1 tundra (2006) come in with a front clip that was ready to crumble apart.

  11. 1 more thing.., if tundras are such amazing trucks, then y did they shut down the tundra plant for MONTHS? mayb cuz nobody buys them except queer little engineers and wannabe originals, so toyota had an overstock and couldnt afford to build them anymore. and as for ford breakng down and being worse, I swear by them, I worked as a fors tech 2 years, and I never saw anything retarded go wrong with them. same shit that happens to all cars. F-150 is the best selling truck in the world always has

  12. yeah, you know, its a really stupid decision going to work for the biggest and busiest dealership on the east coast, but I guess you know more than me. resale value??? r u serious??? who gives a fuck, unlike your shitty toyota, my trucks gonna last longer than 5 years before it becomes worthless. seriously, ur arguing with someone who not only fixes cars for a living, but has experience in domestic and imports. and from my experience DOMESTICS r BETTER. few toyota techs actually like toyotas

  13. if you look up the facts, FORD is coming back up the popularity/reliability ladder. yeah mayb in the 80's and 90's they had problems, but not lately, my style F-150 is the best truck ford ever built, its designed much better than the tundra, youtube SILVER CREEK TEST. the american trucks kick the tundra's ass, and the FORD does the best. if you really wanna keep trying to win, go ahead, but I do kno toyota's well, and like I said, YOU WONT WIN THIS. go jerk off to ur fuel economy

  14. yes thank you FNOZMAN. i agree. and what facts do you want me to throw out? your not gonna believe any of them, since you think toyota is god, despite the fact that I fix them. ur a moron dude, u have no clue. and if u seriously think toyota will get more votes than ford, ur a fuckin complete idiot. lets see, which truck has been best selling over 40 years? hmmmm. F-150, thats what. the tundra sucks, its poorly built, ugly, and is a bitch to work on. you want facts? ask me a questions

  15. you wanna kno a fact? toyota actually recruited help from GM to build their 5.7 tundra motor. thats a fact. another fact- the tundra's leaf springs are over 1/2 an inch narrower than the F-150, decreasing its rated load carrying ability significantly. FACT- the cheesy stamped steel lower control arms on the tundra are so weak, I've actually replaced 2 sets of them on trucks with less then 10k on them, cuz 1 big pothole an BAM. alignment issues. FORD does not have problems like that, sorry

  16. oh another fact, the pathetically undersized rotors on the front of the tundra are so undersized, they warp after 500 miles. theres actually a TSB coming out for that soon. FACT- that silver creek test is REAL, and I kno it is, cuz I've seen cabs dented behind the bed due to frame twist. say what u want about ford, but ever since 2004, they're trucks have been top of the line, and the new F-150 is already selling more than the tundra. dude, ur arguing with a technician, u rly think u can win

  17. I agree with the new powerstrokes blowing up, they are junk, but my toyota dealership uses F-150's as parts runner trucks, all 3 are 2004's new body style. one of them has over 300,000 miles on it, and needed absolutely nothing except brakes, and basic maintainance shit. Im the one who did it all cuz Im an ex ford tech. I like GM, I respect them cuz they're one of the 1st car builders in history. but toyota's suck these days, the new ones do. especially the tundra's.

  18. I like american vehicles, I like big V-8's with power, I dont like tree huggers and their pussy cars. Ford makes some badass cars and trucks, if you drove my roushed F-150, you would never buy a toyota. I've raced s/c'd tundra's and they cant hang with me, I run 13.2's all day with my nitto's on. ford knows how to build trucks, they've been doing it for a hundred years. toyota still cant figure it out. and about the powerstrokes, they use to be the best diesel engines, along with cummins

  19. oh, wow, cool, they took patents from chevy from the lt1, now they are doing as ford does with the 4.6. i fuckin hate toyotas.

  20. HAHAHAHA yes! thank you suprbird and tanginaw! finally, 2 ppl that arent ignorant dumbasses that like toyotas. I fucking hate the tundra, its the biggest fagwagon I've ever seen, ford, chevy, and dodge are what you should buy if you want a real truck

  21. I don't mean to interrupt, but you're talking shit about Toyotas and you work for them all day long? That doesn't make any sense. I drive a Chevy trk and work at the Ford dealership. I see the same thing happen here but I don't go around talking shit about them. I'm just thankful I have a job period.

  22. and you fucking tools are picking me apart and trying to start fights, I completely agree with you about being thankfull to have a job, I love my job, but I HATE toyotas. I chose to work there because like I sai before, they offered me MORE MONEY. and you sound like a little bitch saying im "talking shit" about a fucking car company, you make it sound like im talking about a person. I have reason to say toyotas suck, im not just saying it for the fuck of it. you dont like it, fuck off

  23. I got nothing but respect for ford and chevy, I've owned them both. not so much dodge, they really are pretty bad, but if you compare a new f-150 or even silverado to a new tundra, the quality and fit/finish are wayyyyy worse on the tundra. all toyotas are made with flimsy, cheap materials, ford and chevy build everything tough, and to last. I will admit that back in the day, toyotas could last forever, BUT NOT ANYMORE. they're time is gone, and now ford is climbing to the top. its a fact

  24. im not trying to be a dick, although im proud to say I am one, I just get sick of all these dumbasses that think toyota is god. YES, I do work on them all day, everyday, and I will truly, and honestly say that they are GARBAGE. ppl need to open their eyes and start buying american again and support your country. and no, buying toyotas DOES NOT support this country.

  25. but doesnt the new tundras have more hp? i thought they had more then f-150
    idk this because i dont work on these, i sorta work on german cars

  26. yes, they do have more hp and torque, 381hp to 300, and 405 ftlbs tq to 365. significantly more, and the tundra does have 4:30 gears and a six speed. BUT, the tundra doesnt make all of its torque below 3,000 rpm's like the ford, and that new 6 speed tranny is very weak. and even with the 6 speed, the super low gearing gives it shittier gas mileage than the f-150. the funny part is, my roushed 05 F-150 has more power and is faster than a TRD supercharged tundra. I've raced 4, and never lost

  27. >buying toyotas DOES NOT support this country.

    if you really think so, i think you should go to college and study business. also, if you love american cars so much then you should stop working on toyotas everyday……you sound like you don't have any pride in you. your comments crack me up.

  28. I completely agree with ehsheeba, but one thing you got wrong is that parts for toyotas being made and bought supports america is wrong, almost all toyota parts are made in japan, and assembled in america. but yes, it is an insult to america, we're americans, we should buy AMERICAN. what happened to the good ol days where ford and chevy ruled?

  29. yeah, u know, Im gonna go out and spend 30 grand on a truck I dont even like, that makes alot of sense. and noooo, ium pretty sure f-150's are not the cheapest, considerinfg the XLT goes for over 30 grand, and its just the medium trim package. and yes, best selling does mean liked, y do ppl who buy fords keep buying them tgheir whole life??? they must dislike them, thats it

  30. Some people keep buying Ford F-150s because they're easier to finance. You need a better credit score to buy a Toyota or Honda.

  31. Not only that, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge give you like 5 grand back OR MORE sometimes, which 9 times out of ten the customer puts right down on the truck and increases their chances of getting it AND lowers the payment.

  32. i wanted a silverado with the 6.2 for power and reliability since the silverado last a long time but so does toyota and this truck with the 5.7 seems to be the shizz this truck is absolutly going on my shoping list and why buy a ford that will last about 3 years then break down with like a 3,000 doller repair (experienced with this)

  33. dude I have a ford thats 5 years old and hasnt even needed brakes yet (71k on them). Im a tech for toyota, and I will admit im only there for money, yotas SUCK, the new ones atleast. u go ahead and buy ur tundra, and when ur frame is rotted out in 3 years, I'll come pick u up from the side of the road in my ford that doesnt have a spot of rust even on the frame after 5 years of driving in new england.

  34. hey roushed…. why do you work for a company in which you hate the product? That makes absolutely no sense and kills the credibility of you working with toyota. Toyota's are excellent vehicles, reliable and awesome technology. The media just hypes the pedal thing. But, it seems like you are really just a hater.

  35. geoBM818 i could not agree more with your comment. The domestics have screwing the american public since the beginning of time with crappy vehicles. Just take a look at all the foreign vehicles on the roads. Toyota is outstanding with service and its product.

  36. @henson3260
    if you like hidden recalls and not being told your got extra work with out notifying you. thats the reason they last so long. cause they keep fixing their fuck ups and you don't know it.

  37. juggernautxtr, what i do know is taking a brand new ford pick up back to the dealer for a compressor and they never fixed it! A relay that burned up two fuel pumps and all they did was tell me what the warranty covers and dont, etc, etc, etc. BTW, my Tundra has 245k and no problems. Take Care!

  38. Also jugger, if they are doing extra work isnt that what good companies do to make their customers happy? Bad companies dont do no more than they have to without digging in your pocket!

  39. tundras are getting better but ford and chevy are still on top espcially the new silverados with there 23mpg on the highway and the rear locking diff thats always on

  40. Why do they keep using the same displacement engine as American rides? First the got the 5.7 from Chevy and now the 4.6 from Ford. Both of which have been put aside by their original American creator's for bigger displacement engines.

  41. @Motorfordtoyota Not really, the 4.6 in the 2010 Mustangs make 315 hp while the Toyota one makes 310 hp. And Ford is replacing the 4.6L V8 with a 5.0L V8 this year, which will put out over 400 hp. And they will be coming out with a new 3.7L V6 too, which puts out 305 hp and still gets 31 mpg.

  42. @Motorfordtoyota Also, Ford supercharged the 4.6L in 2003 and put out 390 hp with it. And due to the forged internals that came from the factory with the supercharged 4.6, you could easily put out well over 500 hp by changing the exhaust and intake, installing a bigger supercharger, and getting a tune. And with those forged internals, you wouldn't have to worry about throwing a rod or something even producing well over the factory hp.

  43. Toyota, if you can make this exact same motor have 380 hp in the Lexus LS460, why cant it have 380 in the Tundra? And the 4.0 needs a 6 speed, and the 5.7 could have over 430 hp if you really tried. Btw, BOX the frame. (now, I dought and Tundra devekoper will see this!)

  44. I would just like to add a fact to this video . A article in forbes magazine in 2015 states…If you truly want an American made vehicle…you may want to buy a Toyota Camry! It is more domestic then the Ford f-150 now. 30% of the f-150 parts are now foreign made I look at it this way. I want to buy American! All Americans should! I will give credit where credit is due. I give the Japan owned Toyota credit for bringing their business to America and creating American jobs!!! While. I don't give to credit to any American owned Co that outsources their product "in anyway" to other countries. Then brings it back to America and says…here buy American! All for the sake of putting more money in their pockets from cheap labor. I guess the Japanese don't mind paying higher labor cost here in America. Why? I don't think they are all about greed. Example, A few years back when GM & ford were in financial trouble. I saw a report on NBC news. It stated that the CEO'S of GM &FORD combined had a annual salary combined over 42 Million!! 2 people!!! Now. Toyota had 39 ceo type people with a annual salary of all 39 people at just over 38 million! That's under a million annual salary per person.I will say, Is it really necessary to have that many ceo's? I just have to give more respect to Toyota v.s Gm & Ford. Our American owned companies are corn-holing their own American people to make a few extra dollars! That's a fact! In closing, I will admit. I do hear of more issues with the quality of Toyotas these days.

  45. Chevy all the way boys. I run my trucks on woods roads everyday. They get used hard. I know for a fact that a Toyota tundra would not be able to take the punishment I put my old silverado thru. Skidder roads and mudholes are the best to test.

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