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  1. Smart move! Selling it now before its value will drop significantly when the better range battery pack is put in X and S next year probably.

  2. This is just my opinion.

    Okay…hmmmm. Going from a Tesla to Honda so you don’t have to stop to charge so often and get there and back in less time I n long road trips.

    I don’t know. I think I would stick with Tesla. The stops are good for taking a break and not getting too tired while driving and just prefer Tesla over Honda, especially AP.

  3. Your selling a pro car and buy a noob car go back to your Tesla make up your mind 🙅🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🚗

  4. What is that I smell? Teir 1 family sluming it till the next model X upgrade comes out….. lol that's what I see. 🙂

  5. So he says that it makes sense to buy a used Model X now. But it does not. He just wants to sell his car. Why would you buy a used one now when the prices will drop soon after the better range models come out?

  6. I don? buy it! We all have financial problems, maybe this is the case… For me the problem would be solved with a loan car everytime he needs to make a road trip, not selling the X! It's a disappointment for all the people that followed him all these years.

  7. did anyone in the comments even watch the video? he's selling now because tesla is on the verge of huge advancements for their cars. So this dudes car is gonna decline in price, so he sells now that way he can buy the new and improved one

  8. Good choice, though I hope you didn’t pay $15k for it. I’ve been waiting for an S or Y and driving a 2013 Sonata Hybrid in the meantime. Currently getting 41mpg and these are cheap cheap now as in $8-9k.

  9. Man I don't blame this guy, I have a 2014 accord v6 touring, bought it used for $20k over 3 years ago. It's just a workhorse of a car that doesn't disappoint. Other than new tires, all maintenance has been under $600 total. It doesn't turn heads, but it still looks pretty good. Hasn't given me a reason yet to let it go.

    Definitely looking to pick up a Tesla soon, but all the latest and greatest tech is on their model 3 which feels like a step down from the other Tesla's. I'm on the same boat of waiting it out to see what improvements they make.

  10. Honda and Toyota still be getting student around in 20 years Tesla will be scrapped leaking battery juice into the ground in 10 years

  11. You could’ve gotten a F-150 with the 2.7 v6 and the extended tank and it would go the same distance and you wouldn’t look like a dad that lost his swag

  12. This is why the electric car won’t last it’s too inconvenient for people, peoples time is too important than saving our air and planet

  13. Sorry but I only watched you becouse of the Tesla video, now I have unsubcribled sorry man, but you are not intrested for me anymore.

  14. $100K for an electric vehicle? I don't think so. Current ride: 2016 Honda Accord LX. Future ride: 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid. (?)

  15. I bought a Volt because I am a single car family; and I can do 90% of my driving on electric only. It's a shame they stopped making them.

  16. Some ex-navy officer invented an electric car battery that goes 1,500 miles before needing a charge. Article is on reddit which is linked from the DailyMail. Just search car battery that lasts 1,500 miles. So Tesla started a movement that now someone is bettering.

  17. Wow gasoline is so convenient! Who needs a fully electric Tesla model X with 300 miles when you can go back to gas.

  18. Why cannot Tesla just make an alternator/generator when the car driver
    Just cannot A generator to the drive moters and have them charge the batteries while driving

  19. Exactly why their isn't any of them in Texas hardly. I'm driving half my life away in Texas. If they make it available to charge faster and go further it may be good. Im wondering ho it would run a heater or ac and the radio and headlights? What if you had a 1000 watt amp and some 15s?? Then you charge a couple devices…? Had to pull something as well like a 4 wheeler..? Probably about 2030.

  20. Makes sense right now, give it a few years for the tech to improve and very soon we will have high range and fast charging.

  21. Good job on getting a Honda
    Tesla's not good in today marker it take to long to charge up
    I stay with my gas power car thank you

  22. This video shows how idiocy runs rampant on YouTube. If you had just kept the Model X and got a refurbed Passat TDi or Cruze diesel you'd have 800 miles range. 600 is nothing. Video fail.

  23. Perks of gas powered cars cannot be beaten by present technology of electric……… But there's a solution Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars [FCVs]

  24. But still!!!! 🙁 – I am not going to vote just for the sole reason that you could have had the 15K accord along with your model-X (probably 100K + the fans/subs ) . Disappointed… but its ur life.

  25. 2014 Honda accord Hybrid is a great dependable (albeit an interim) solution until Tesla S & X comes out with refresh & battery enhancements! No doubt, prices on existing models will drop so better to wait, especially the more expensive Model S & X models from 2017 – 2019.

  26. Hey you should have got a SUV and not a sedan because I have two brothers, and on road trips it was painful to have so little space.

  27. You sold it to pay for your new house. Just be honest about it at least. Way to build a channel, half on Tesla's image then whinge about range, just for some crappy You Tube views. Wash out.

  28. It's a p100d right? Well, I went into a Better Route Planner… and checked. if you start with a 100% charge (remember, you are going up about 2,000 ft of elevation) you will stop for 18 minutes in Beaver after an hour and 25 minutes of driving. About enough time for everyone to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom and get back in the … after another 1 hour and a half.. you stop in Nephi, for only 15 minutes. .. that gets you to the center of SLC. a grand total of 33 minutes of charging time. or you could drive non stop in your gas car.. and you would get there in 4 hours instead of 4 1/2.. but I want you to be honest. in your honda.. let's see if you stop in Beaver anyway for a potty break.. and maybe you might stop in Nephi for some mountain dew. I want you to be honest, because you seem to be. I have a tesla and one time we took my wife's volvo for a long drive instead. We stopped about the same amount of time.. for lunch, or for a pee break or just to get a cup of coffee. Some people may like sitting in the car for 4 straight hours. I don't .. that's how you get back problems.

  29. I also ran a check for a Long Range Model 3.. you would stop in Beaver for 6 minutes and Nephi for 9. .. for a total of 15 minutes of charging.

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