Trailer Hitch Installation – 2004 Toyota Highlander –

Trailer Hitch Installation – 2004 Toyota Highlander –

Today were working on a 2004 Toyota Highlander. Were going to install a Curt Hitch part number
C13530. Here are a couple of measurements that will
assist you in selecting accessories for your new hitch such as a draw bar, a bike rack,
or cargo carrier. From the center of the pin hitch hole to the
outer most of the bumper is 2-1/2 inches. From the top of the receiver tube to the ground
is 14-3/4 inches. Now lets go ahead with the installation. Before we can install our hitch we need to
remove the manufacturer tow hooks. There are two on each side, and each has two
fastening points. With our tow hooks removed it opens up our
rear and middle fastener on each side. The forward fastener will be underneath this
rubber plug. As the vehicles get older dirt, dust, and
debris will get built up inside of these threads where we removed the rubber plug.

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