TriboTEX review by Jose Iniguez – Improve Your Car’s Resale Value – Range Rover

TriboTEX review by Jose Iniguez – Improve Your Car’s Resale Value – Range Rover

Why are you a TriboTEX enthusiast? Oh exactly Carl, TriboTEX I think you can
immediately tell the difference in efficiency from it’s mileage. I am a musician by trade I travel all around
the state when I put TriboTEX in my vehicle I can immediately see the difference not only
just mileage difference but also just with engine noise it was just dramatic
I am a Rover guy I have had a Freelander before this one and then the LR2. I immediately got into TriboTEX about a year and a half ago, just barely when it was in inception So I put it in my LR2 and it was a higher
mileage Land Rover and I could not believe the difference. Immediately I saw the difference when I was
ready to upgrade even the dealership told me, wow, you’ve taken great care of your engine. I told them, I said, well I didn’t say that
I used TriboTEX, but it was such a difference that they gave me a higher trade in value when I got my new Range Rover. I knew immediately it was because of TriboTEX. Talk to me about putting TriboTEX in this
vehicle. Right when I got it immediately I called you
and that’s how serious I was about this product and about TriboTEX. Right when I got this new Range Rover I said,
Carl I am coming to Pasco I need to buy a tube of TriboTEX. Sure enough that was the first thing I did
and I recommend it to every single person out there that is looking to get more mileage
from their rig and also looking to take care of their car. It is not only about taking care of the outside
but it is about taking care of the inside.

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