Tribute to Lucho AKA Casa de Ciclistas La Amistad (USE SUTITLES FOR TRANSLATION)

Tribute to Lucho AKA Casa de Ciclistas La Amistad (USE SUTITLES FOR TRANSLATION)

Did you ever wonder what an oasis looks like? In the desert of the bike adventurers there
are several oasis. In Latin America there are Casa de Ciclistas
(Cyclist’s Home), they are open houses where you can drop by and stay as long as you like
to rest and restore, rearrange your gear and bike. This is a tribute to the first Casa de Ciclistas
of Latin America established in 1985, long before ever existed. It’s a tribute to its founder: Lucho. Lucho is beautiful soul that helped and supported
thousands of bike travellers. He’s a legend in the community. It was an honour for me to know him personally
and I would like you to know him too. We are here with a legend of the bike touring
community, Lucho He is the founder of the first Casa de Ciclistas
of Latin America We are gonna ask him a few questions. Could you tell us how the idea of the Casa
de Ciclistas come about? Well, good afternoon to everybody from Trujillo,
Peru The Casa de Ciclistas was born on 1985,
the idea comes from Gianni Ceron Epidotti, an Italian man from Venice that had been living
for years in Trujillo, he used to host the bike travellers and feed
them in his restaurant “DeMarco” for a long time till one day when he found
himself unable to continue and he asked me if I would have like to continue
with this and I told him I would be delighted to do
it and from there we started with this house
for the cyclists and we started hosting bike tourers from different
part of the world. How many bike tourers did you host here at
the Casa de Ciclistas La Amistad in Trujillo? I think we are somewhere in the region of 3,000
bike tourers hosted, as I mentioned we have this house where we
started hosting bike tourers from 1985
and we hosted people from every corner of the world we hosted people with dogs, with cats, with hemiparesis,
people blind, people with a missing leg, with different careers, people from NASA,
biologists, architects, lawyers, doctors, jugglers, clowns,
from all world professions it is incredible the cultural exchange that
exist having a Casa de Ciclistas. I guess this house requires lots of work,
from you and your family, how do you find the motivation to continue
this work after so many years? Truth to be told it’s a pleasure for me hosting
the bike travellers, I always say, you are the ants on the road,
you are the famous, you are the world’s explorers, the universal citizens, of everything…
you are the one that taste all the foods, that experience all the climates,
that suffer the circumstances of the road: like being robbed or being treated wonderfully
even. It’s exciting to live so many experiences
of life, so many people that tell you about their lives, their histories,
that transfer their lives to you, and sometimes we share tales
it’s very nice to explore a bike tourer’s mind, it’s a world, every bike traveller is a unique world, a world that has two egos where one says lets go to the south
and the other says lets go to the north, a small discussion in the middle of nothings
really but this is the way it is
The duality within oneself where you always wonder if you’re doing the right thing or not. Tell us one anecdote that you want to share
with the friends that are watching us on youtube. Sure, the first tale I’m gonna tell you about
the logo of the Casa del Ciclista, One day I imagined to make something similar
to Atlas that carry the world with one road racing cyclist on one side and a bike tourer on the other. One day I was training on my bike around the
Biru/Chao area I met two Colombian brothers and I invited
them to come to the Casa del Ciclista but they told me no because they had lost
their credit card and a nice guy would have took them to Lima
to sort it out. I left them the Casa’s business card and
when I got back they were here. The asked me to lend them some money
till they were able to sort their problems out. One of the guys told me that he was a artist
and asked me if I wanted a drawing so I told him about my idea: a road racing
bloke on one side and bike tourer on the other side supporting the world. He told me: brilliant but we dont have any
model hence we will put my brother on one side and you
on the other side and this logo is now recognized worldwide and this is how it come about that a Colombian guy drew our logo. Please one last word of farewell for our bike
touring friends and the people who are watching this video. Well I would like to congratulate everybody
that travels by bike and say that travelling by bike it’s like living twice and that life
it’s not only about competition or working or doing things with lots of discipline and
that at times happiness has to be found in the little things.
I congratulate each and everyone of the bike tourers, you guys are doing something wonderful
you are learning and you are living strongly every day of your life. I congratulate our Italian friend that is
doing the interview I congratulate each and everyone of the cyclists
that visited us, those who are about to visit us, those who are not gonna come as well. Travelling is something truly amazing, travelling
is living and living strongly. Thank you very much – Ciao!!! Chao!!!!

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  1. Complimenti bellissimo, non capisco come tu abbia solo 166 iscritti con video tanto interessanti….. ti sto seguendo ora in Namibia con Oscar e Blanca…. forse se fai i video in italiano per assurdo la tua popolarità crescerà…

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