Troy-Bilt Pro-Line FRT Tiller Review

Troy-Bilt Pro-Line FRT Tiller Review

Hey You-tubers I got another video review for everybody here. This a brand new Troy Bilit Proline. We bought off of uh we picked this up for total price was twelve hundred and forty eight dollars
they had a 10% off. this is a Honda GX on it which isn’t pictured is different
from what they pictured. They had a GC Pictured on there, This is the GX Commercial motor, and this a very nice tiller. Does really well. we’ve already tried it out you can see the dirt on it,and
I’ll show you a picture that how good it does. really nice job on the shallow settings
and uh it’s really nice, everything came on a nice Crate packaged and everything like that no problems. cables are easy to hook up ,handles
all nicely adjustable and that alot better than the one that I’ve used it
was a family members they’ve really changed them alot. you got your typical things up here reverse right here
which is really nice and then you’re handle down here for engaging the gears and then uh right down here is your neutral engage and disengage for the wheels to the tines. so it’s really easy to start typical Honda style, and this has On-off, fuel, choke and then your throttle.So its really easy to start. usually starts on 1 Pull, I’ve had no problems with it. usually Honda’s I’ve had go pretty good luck with maybe 1 two pulls typical and that’s about it
but it purrs real good it’s Real quiet motor I mean there’s nothing
really bad about it. Alright I’ll show you guys the uh tiller in action just a second. (tiller Start up and Running). ok I’m done tilling with it now this is
the final result on a shallow pass and then this first where the line is
that’s from the depth setting on the Tiller but that is a the first marker(setting notch) down and it doesn’t really nice job. now with the forward rotating times you will have a jack rabbit effect if you don’t have it tilled deep enough and it will jack rabbit
or if you hit a rock or anything like for some reason you have a pop can in
your yard like this garden here has been opened up. I hit pop can and it made the tiller jack rabbit a little bit. it’s stuff in the ground that nobody knew was there so I’m still working on my other garden over there that’s next on my list. Got
clean up it up a little more and get it ready, so anyways if anybody’s got any comments,questions or wants to know anything about this tiller let me know and if anybody’s
worried about how hard it is to start believe me it’s very easy just make sure
you got that switch on and it should start up on the first full so alright
well thank you for watching the video everybody. I hope everybody getting projects done. have a good one, Don’t work to hard Bye.

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  1. disappointed with pro-line tiller. first, could not put any oil in engine the plastic clutch cover covered over the filler plug. I had to take it off and use round drill press sander to carve out space to get the filler plug out. Next you have to take the handle bars off to check the transmission oil to get to the bolts on the cover to check the oil. To change the transmission oil you have to take the left tire off, drain the engine oil all out and empty the gas tank. Now you have tip the tiller nearly upside down to drain the oil,no drain plugs. Also a rubber plug for the top cover filler hole REALLY. Drive train acts like its 100 year old. Walking the tiller under power if a wheel hits a rough spot in the lawn the wheels stop moving and the when the huge amount of slop in the drivetrain catches up it jumps ahead (tiller tines are not hitting the ground). jerky jerky driving. Are all of these like that? I guess this is what its like when a big company (MTD) buys out a great company and cheapens the product allot. I would like to send it back, but boy would like to hear that basically your screwed. I would not buy it again, I'd look for something else. Ruined a good name!

  2. Hey Indiana, I got it on may 5th so I assume its very currant. Did order it from MTD. I was hard on them but its the little things that don,t have to be this way except the slop in the drive train I don,t get that. The honda engine is great. I assume again that it has worm gear drive like the older horse tillers. There is a tuber with a guy called Turbine something that totally rebuilds an old horse, he does a great job. I did want a smaller lighter tiller as I am 66 and probably not going to get stronger as I age like a fine wine. hopefully it will last as long as I do.

  3. Update Indiana, I found a utube from a Robert Rhodes on a 2012 model proline. the handle bars are mounted differently with a bright yellow screw cap to one side so you can check the oil level in transmission. and you can get to the back bolts off to take off the trans cover. with the rubber plug in the center I assume you hit the driveshaft so you can,t see where the oil level is

  4. I am thinking about selling my old troy bilt horse, and getting something a bit easier to handle, but thanks John, for showing me the light. It might be a better idea to get an old pony, and rebuild it, then sell the horse or use it for starting the garden. Thank you both for the great information, and Thank you Indiana for a great video.

  5. I bought one in the early nineties with the Honda motor and it will start in two pulls after sitting all winter after that it will start first pull ever time .

  6. Jack Rabbit effect… Lol …my neighbor lady has one of these hunk of junk…won't till hard ground without it screaming out of control… Have to constantly hold up pressure on the handle or Zooooom it'll take off. Hit a root or a rock and you'll have a jell of a time running after it..FRT rear time tillers are just plain dangerous… Only good for soft soil that has no rocks…. Wonder how many people have gotten hurt by these machines… Seriously …They should take them off the market..

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