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  1. I think you may find the Roadster is more usable than you think–certainly more usable than a "typical" super car. I also think this Roadster–especially the founders edition–will end up being a highly sought after collectors car because of its historical significance. First all electric super car, first production car to break the 2 second barrier for 0-60, 500 mile range barrier, etc. etc. Also it is likely to be seen as the car that killed IC super cars.

  2. Tesla is really a Big joke… Cars capable of exceeding 250 mph have spent years and years of science and physic research… Tesla comes with this toy and Tesla groupies are saying it's an HyperCar killer… loool… Tesla is losing 16000000$ a day bruh… and they are making hyper car… they should focus on improving the model 3… you can't compare this piece of vacuum cleaner to some technologies finesse…

  3. You are WAY out of line on the insurance. A Ferrari 458, starts at $230,000, will cost you $3000-$5,000/yr for base insurance IF you don't use it for commuting. You will want much higher than base liability though. People with a claim against a high end car will go for the throat since they assume deep pockets. Beyond max auto liability you will want a $3–$5 Million dollar umbrella policy. And that is for a Ferrari.

    Tesla insurance rates have trended higher than other similarly priced cars and body shop repairs are notoriously costly. High performance vehicles are always charged a premium rake. This is reasonable because they can so easily get the driver in over his or her head. The very fact you choose such a car indicates to the insurer that you are contemplating the kind of behaviour that shifts the insurance tables, and this IS the fastest car ever made. That the Roadster is being marketed to an audience that may not have driven a track day before, let alone a hypercar, would affect my judgment if I were in the insurance business. Many manufacturers put speed limiters on their cars (from Toyota Camry to Audi A4) specifically to keep insurance costs in line with their intended buyers.

    I am very curious to see how this turns out. For a Roadster Founder's Edition with $1000 deductible and $250k liability I put the over/under at $7500/yr. Any takers?

    And the company that comes out with an EV Miata? Wins.

  4. I still think the Roadster has the standard Model 3 battery cells. This means that there is 30 kWh/sq.metre of battery made of one layer of cells standing vertically in modules. The cells are 70 mm tall, the module and insulating layers is perhaps 85 mm to 100 mm tall. The modules will weigh 5 kg/kWh with the battery likely weighing 6 kg/kWh – better than the 6.133 kg/kWh. We assume the cells are NMC due to lower official energy density figures 150 Wh/kg. If NCA cells, perhaps in the Founders series, the battery may weigh 5 kg/kWh. If NMC cells, the battery is likely to be 120P,96S = 11520 cells for 204.18 kWh. The battery could weigh 1225 kg if NMC cells, and 1021 kg if NCA cells. I don't think Lucid, or anybody else, has a proven solid state lithium ion battery. If it arrives, Tesla will adopt it. But I don't think Tesla is planning on the basis it will be proven. No other car maker is using NCA cells. I think Telsa has gone with the industry view that NMC is better for vehicle applications. Tesla is trying to smack-down ICE drag racing cars. NMC appears better for high charge/discharge over many cycles. Roadster did run after run at the launch event.

  5. Take a idiot to pay that much money for a car that looks like crap, cheap made and will kill you fast. Come on, there is a reason Nascar cars are nor legal on roads. Not about how fast you get there, it's the drive.

  6. I think smack down was necessary.
    Some of those car execs that have been around for 30 years were in denial
    With the model 3. And roadster and semi , it's wake up call for them

  7. In my opinion the Tesla roadster will not make Tesla any money at all. It has a relatively low price and there will be very little profit, if any, for Tesla. However it is good publicity.

    The chassis is built on a licensed Lotus Evora design, which is a great start for a good car, but obviously will come at a cost. The cost of developing a car is substantial which has to be incorporated into the price of the car. The roadster will likely be a relatively short run of cars, and tis short run of cars has to absorb a lot of development and machining costs. This is why a Bugatti is so expensive, it's not because of the cost of the materials, its because of the research and development that has gone into a small amount of cars.

    There is rumours that the requirement for significant deposits is a cash injection to the company in a bid to strengthen Tesla share prices and to patch one of the holes in Teslas forever leaking piggy bank.

    The only thing that can stop Tesla is Tesla themselves, they need to meet the big targets they have set themselves so they can become financially stable. Tesla is one major problem away from bankruptcy, a security hack to a Tesla car would finish them.

  8. If you get a free one does that add $250,000 to your taxable something, I know on a gift/lotto prize of that much it would be like $100k taxes… What's the true cost of the free roadster?

  9. 4 thousand dollars a month is nothing to the people who buy 300k dollar cars, their monthly light bill would cost more money and their mortgage is about 15 thousand month.

  10. I'm thinking they will sell more than a couple of thousand. I'd buy one if the deposit was smaller, I won't tie up that kind of money for a car I won't get for years.

  11. I dont understand what be means. The thing about gas cars never getting as good of a mileage. My grandpa's Hyundai Sonata isn't a hybrid, but it gets over 500 miles of range.

  12. Maybe it's just me at middle age–that roadster is just TOO fast for me. Probably too sexy too, lol. (I get it, I'm the one who said "you can always use more power" referring to street bikes back when I used to ride one daily.) I can't wait for the Tesla light truck…pickup though a couple ton or so utility/service platforms.

  13. thumbs sideways or maybe tilted slightly up for this vid; I thought this was going to talk about cost of tires and brake pads/rotors, what they might be expected to run, and how long one might expect them to last on a car of this weight…, factor in regen braking, etc… thank you, though for researching and talking about the taxes and insurance… okay, thumbs up, then…

  14. Congrats on winning the Roadster. Making me jealous! But I think there are one or two flaws in your explanation.
    First of all, the downpayment for the Founder's Series Roadster is not $50,000 but the full $250,000. I don't know how it works in the US, but over here in Europe, there is no bank that will lend you that amount for a car that only exists on paper. So, unless you have that kind of money readily available, there is no chance in hell you can buy the Founder's Series. 
    The you also mentioned that the first 1000 would be sold out, but they have to account for the people that might still buy it at discount via the referral program, which only ends this month and according to my info, Tesla hasn't yet got a clue on how they will sell it via the referral program, as I asked about this a few times whether or not we would also have to pay the full price minus discount up front. When you lease your car, you never have to cough up the full price, but again, no bank will lease a car that isn't available yet.
    I'm just curious of how many will buy this car with the discount, trying to sell it for a good profit.

  15. The car is QUICK not the "fastest car ever made". That is a big difference, acceleration and terminal velocity are not the same thing by a long shot.

  16. How many miles will it go at top speed or at 120 mph? It would be nice to see a break down of range for all speeds and all the cars.

  17. This is a bargain must have …. why else do you think I built the Autobahn ….. ? …and forget the wrap …. I want to scrape it!

  18. $600 per tire and they ain’t going to last. vorsteiner knock off rims $20,000 Insurance $250 ??? no way. my ludicrous rear motors only lasted 6k miles

  19. Ill take and a manual 911 by series and save money and have more fun in the twisties but be a little slower in the straights

  20. The debate is not over it has only just begun
    The roadsterI is not yet a production car and there are already faster cars out now

  21. Gorgeous. I am hoping that Elon will consider a coup. I have an Acura RSX S and I am holding out for a Tesla coup. I can wait ten years, if necessary.

  22. I'm curious how it does driving hard in heat and the very possible extreme loss of power due the battery 's getting hot… At that point a Corolla would out run it.

  23. It's so sad to see that there are so many people who expect cars to have only 2 pedals with no clutch, no gear shifter so that they can continue their childhood desires of driving 2 pedal go karts when they grow up.

  24. Forget plastic wrap, theres enough plastic clogging up the world as it is, and if you have to borrow over 200K and you have a mortgage you shouldnt be buying it

  25. No way it’s the fastest car if it doesn’t have a bigger price than a koinigsegg if it is then… I guess I’ll never need a million dollars to be the fastes

  26. Great video, great content creator….but….if you need a loan to buy this car, you shouldnt be buying this car IMO.

  27. 5000 wrap
    Just repaint it in 5 yrs. You are nutz to pay that or more to wrap it.
    After 5 yrs u need to rewrap anyway

  28. This car is a Porsche killer, the 621 miles of range, large amount of storage (for its size), insane specs, 2+2 seating, along with its price are gonna sway Porsche buys from spending the same amount on an underperforming 911 turbo s or GT3 RS to the roadster because they will be able to have more fun and use it as a daily driver if they wanted to (it is a very capable daily driver).

  29. Well well, Tesla is going bankrupt, according to some experts. The specs of the roadster is the answer. since those batteries will probably soon be available on cheaper Tesla, I can honestly say that the beginning of the end is here and now for ICE cars, for Tesla competitors is already too late. to try to gain ground on Tesla superior product. Nothing but blue sky for Elon Musk to see Tsla stock price hitting multi thousands quotes together with many million a year car production. Unless The German car manufacturers will be able to get a Elon Musk clone from somewhere, as of now their dominance of the luxury market is over and done with. What?

  30. fastest, no need to even worry about gas for over 500miles+ like lamborghini? are you kidding me? once my investment skyrocket, this is my go to list..

  31. To buy one paid off then your looking at it slightly cheaper car for you. ..without car payments that's would be the the best way
    if you can afford one…

  32. Rip off. They only made the price high, because they know that people would think it's expensive because of its speed. To be honest the interior is so boring, so i would rather stick with a Mercedes SL

  33. I can’t wait to wait and see how this company is gonna grow and produce incredible vehicles.

    If people are excited now, it’s gonna be even better… Give the tech a couple more years

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