True Love Lasts Forever – The Lincoln Town Car – Classic Luxury

True Love Lasts Forever – The Lincoln Town Car – Classic Luxury

If the Lincoln Towncar doesn’t hold the
all time record for car fornication, then I don’t know what does.  Think of all the proms, weddings, taxis,
and horny 1990’s businessmen! …Actually don’t.  Today on the Car Truth Report, we delve
into what made the Lincoln Towncar loved by millions, and why you should love it too! The Lincoln Towncar, which ran from 1981 to
2011, and sold over a million units, was in our opinion, the last REAL luxury car that
Lincoln ever made.  It may not seem like anything special today,
but when you look at what the average interior of a car was like in the 1990’s, it is no
surprise that the Town Car was the most used limousine chassis of its time.  I still remember the first time that I got
to ride in the back of my friends’ dads regular length Towncar.  Even though I was only 9 or 10, and knew
very little about cars at that time, I still knew it was special.   The TownCar is something that when you try
to explain it in the usual way – with stats – it doesn’t really sound that great.  Even equipped with a V8 – usually a sign
of performance – the Lincoln Towncar usually made right around 200 horsepower. Though one could be inclined to think that
the TownCar’s track record for going many hundreds of thousands of miles may attributed
to having such a under-strung engine.  Hearing of Towncars, or it’s two cousins
the Grand Marquis, and Crown Vic with over 500,000, or even a million miles on them is
not that uncommon.  Also given the average age of someone who
currently drives one of these luxury barges is about 94, I say the less power the better. Rattling off a bunch of numbers isn’t going
to get to the nectar, the essence, of why we here at the Car Truth Report really love
the Lincoln Towncar.  The real reason TownCar is truly great,
is because it was built with a single, uncompromising mission, comfort.  Modern “luxury” cars are built with
a different ethos: half comfort, and half performance.  A perfect example of this was even seen
in the Lincoln line-up with the introduction of the much sportier, closet jaguar,“ Lincoln
LS in 1999.   And if you are a fan of the Lincoln LS, or
just cool car knowledge in general, be sure to subscribe to our channel for future videos. You see, modern seats squeeze you with lumbar
support and yadda yadda yadda, but the Towncar’s seats envelope you, like an expensive cushy
recliner.  Modern “luxury” cars suspensions are
tuned for cornering on racetracks like the nurburgring, while the TownCar’s air ride
suspension, when it wasn’t broken, was clearly designed with straight lines, and potholes
in mind.  There is no reason to be accelerating or
turning fast when you are in a Lincoln Towncar, you will get there when you get there.  And if you have somehow made it to this
point in your life, without riding in or driving a towncar, then we here at the Car Truth Report
would highly recommend it, so at the very least you can see what luxury used to be like,
for better or for worse. Remember, if you like cool car content like
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do with cars anyways?  Has he ever even done a car movie?  Aahhh right, the Lincoln Lawyer.

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