TRY TO STOP! | Happy Wheels – Part 89

TRY TO STOP! | Happy Wheels – Part 89

*wa-PSSH* TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES MMMY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE, and welcome back to… HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *jack’s gargling some water if you’re wondering* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY WHEEEEELS! Steve has conquered the reverse spike falls, the regular spike falls, now it’s time to conquer… *green bean goes through puberty* SsspAAce spike fall! Or just space fall as you’d like to call it. Look at that. Perfect first attempt, Steve! First attEMPT! At DEATH! ‘Kay, I’m not even gonna touch ’em (kinky), not even gonna- okay, he’s dead. Okay, he’s NOT dead! He’s still alive! (okay, that killed him) Ooor not. πŸ™ Aaaah…Steve, that’s too far! Why…why do you like to go farsies? Is that too far as well? Please don’t tell me that’s too far. We went all the way from the moon right back down to the ground The hurt though. what the?- welcome to ball through [world’s] I do I LOVE BALLLllls i love balls but not knives in the back of my head oh No, not again, nada nadagada again. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! URGH! This is only the first part, there we go What oh? Let’s get [next-level] not win. No no no NO!!!!!!!!! yes. Yes Jet board I got this [whoa] Go steve. Oh. Oh, okay. We got it. We got it slinky dinky! glass fall? believe me, but wait( what ) What am I rate five to continue the game? NO! OOooo would you rather full version, okay? Would you rather have a stack of homework that is 10 inches tall or [get] a d on every test [ah]? Suck homework that is 10 inches tall cuz just [cuz] this [bomber] [Cos] tall does not mean that it’s hard to do Because you have a stack of like coloring pictures’n’stuf What a thousand dollars every day when five hundred thousand dollars and donate half with the journey this one, please I would love to do that ah crap. There’s still two hundred fifty thousand dollars for yourself and 250,000 returnee that is awesome. Don’t solely by tsUnami are burned to death slowly by a volcano. [oh] Maybe the tsunami that I don’t know both of those are terrible But burning just sounds like the worst to me live on mars for 20 years or live underground for ten years well come on now living on Mars for Twenty Years Well actually if the resources to live there [for] 20 years Or Myleik somehow magically alive for 20 years and then after cough to die after that Now I’d rather live underground cuz then it can come over ground and come back Like eventually I could you never said I couldn’t visit [I] just live underground [I] can come up to the surface every now and then to be like hey dudes I’m gonna play some happy wheels go find days without internet or go two days without food or water two days are food and water [I] love me internet man I needed I needed to do all of this [ah] my legs live no clocks or watches or anything that tells time or no chicken? That’s a hard one Mainly because I love like having everything I love like seeing the time I know and when everything is happening And I love like having everything scheduled and going perfectly so I could live without chicken for a little white wait How long [do] I have to live in our chicken? Forever [oh] oh Sorry chicken. I just become a vegan then I can’t even fucking break this Are you serious is this a trick question is that white there? We go? I broke it I broke it with the Segway ha ha ha [okay], would you rather meet John Cena or get Rko’d and win? $10,000 Hi, this one this one, please I like this one because then again I could donate [some] of the trekkers Ii read five old [ratta] to or write five Icu game, I can’t go back or so. I guess I might just go to this [one] house actually kind of fun hurry like that Carpoon Dodge whoa [I] need that time to react the fuck do we do oh Are these skills yes? Yes come yeah? All right do that those awesome. I like someone from the Matrix City destruction [I] might I might like [oh], [God] Good Jesus I’m destroying everything. I am a giant on his bike under fire black That was awesome Like everything was made out of [teeny-tiny] blocks even [though] it made the game run at zero FPS But oh, God no Bobby [boom] a [center] spike level you have to give prisons today But you have to face the [Santa] spike challenge. Good luck. I never play a center wait. Oh God oh I get it. I always get out over all the spikes [I] Again, you’re doing very well, okay 40 spikes, whoa there we go nice work things are gonna get hurt ah fuck very hard by the way ah It’s already as hurt as my penis About how good I am at doing this you go at the last second and then you get out and you oh yes. Oh, yes One shot, Santa [whoo] Jesus Christ that was loud [the] impossible for those are spikes ready to kill me brave to get that in the middle Huh, no, oh shit. Oh shit. Oh fuck [you] know what we do. You know what we do we go back Wow, okay. Go back this way [ah] yes? Yes, yes, okay? I broke some [of] the glass I broke something ah springs to life I can get in there I can get in there. Yeah Hairpins are not a problem though Fucking class spikes in your face. Do you just test your way through them Jetpack push spikes? Sounds like you’ve got on time for me. Oh. God. This is fast. Oh. God. This is fast these are like these are like ah like Horizontal Spike [Falls] [I] will become the magician at these will you focus eat stay close to the bottom once that’s the trick. That’s the secret That’s the sha do it Oh yes, oh, yes [stay] close stay close stay close II close oh That’s what I’m talking about [all] right john dairy simulator your dairy kill press space to start and up to go forward yeah Why did you do [that] die what the hell is wrong with you several things [ah]? Why did you kill that? I’m just running through them lasses go to [sake] Kill them all who’s my Senpai? [oh] yes? Oh, yes Kill, Senpai [I] would love to be able to kill Senpai and [hear] the version Impossible error on are you ready to die no, but our any of us really? The very first okay here we go See this see this shit see this shit see these city skills see these skills You just show your bike to them show you break [them] [serve] [the] [pork] I am not going down there to fight come at me crying. Take me never Gonna take [your] [life] Okay, [it’s] gone down. So no that’s a bad thing. [that’s] a bad thing. [oh] fuck is the end to this here we go Yeah, baby, I Did that with a hole? Oh I thought I had an ass load of spikes in me But I guess I’m fine [Lord] of the sword okay the Lord of the swords is flying right now with his Magic sword right now we’ll pass here steal his magic sword and stop his flight and save us from the Terrific back black Magic powers, okay proceed to access catapult. Oh Okay, this is weird Dreams are like launch and grab him where am I going? What’s happening wow? Grab him [I] got him [I] didn’t get a sword though was I supposed to get a sword [oh] Good the sword stabbed me. Oh This is fun. [I] like this okay. We’re gonna get into this properly yeah here We go get ready to launch and grab his sword the same whoosh. I got the sword. Yes Stop him stop him stop him just All right on top of them fucking awesome [oh], God, why oh why why I am brad why in the happy wheels no? It’s okay [ah] it’s hard enough as it is in its normal version. Oh My arm are you dead? Can’t do anything fuck’s sake huh, I? Can’t get out over this here. We go here. We go piece by piece Slice by Slice here. We go. Yes. Come on man. Keep going keep going Keeper Keeper tasty, [oh], yes Attaboy now you can get out over everything a little weight doesn’t matter soggy bread goes in the toaster that Was supposed to sound cool, but it didn’t Hey get out over the fucking books. They’re just books Fucking knowledge here. We go. Yes You have to head again Really really really screw with it [jet] Pack star wars. This is actually cool Okay, you don’t move forward very well. We have to get momentum going it’s a stop then oh That’s fine Let’s phone when they stop back. Oh There you go my cell life okay, so life There’s a sword very close to my head though not go near that guy here here the problem. I’m in okay I guess I’m not going near any of them there we go. Oh, I’m steeve underneath Your secrets are exposed don’t [attract] anybody name where we do this oh, God We do the true Pacifist Jetpack Or not slow and steady wins the race, but also annoys me because I want to go fast Here we go here. We go. Easy does it easy does it stevie easy CB easy? Why why? Nothin even hit junior big helmeted bitch, you’re wondering the same on Durham. Yes Fucking such a fucking the fucking dark [endure] and afraid and fell back fucking to a bottom run [six] Why not? [we’re] even the fuck you [answer] against me today Fucking explosions and the middle of my motherfucker pot here we go. That’s more like it I did it in bits [does] a good though Yeah, [I] could take that hug whoa best It’s time to throw the baby and actually really like these devils dwight. Oh God damnit mom. Where are you getting off wait can I oh I can just press shift to throw the baby, huh? Let’s do hair even if I’m that out JC. Pogo jump boss here. We fucking go Oh yeah out over everything okay. That’s pretty good. That’s pretty [knee] I can do this better though watch [oh], use my face see that contortion seventeen years of circus training You a side. [oh], you don’t even know anything about me. If you didn’t know I was in Circus training. Oh Yes Flips for days use the little booty and then you go under this like this So it’s like I it’s like I’ve done it all my life cuz I have easy easy easy easy peter oney Huh, and huh and then [uh-huh] yes You’re you’re [jesse] aren’t you yes I am, whoa you see you see you see Cut fuck it steve. You’re not steve. You’re pete I don’t know what I’m talking about But I’m gonna do it this thing you can under this one cuz you [have] to do like I should mention Shimma Shimma Shimma go go go that’s the wrong Direction Does that daguerre stick your face with that’s what a fucking help dude where you going backwards? Did on you and say go backwards no no one did you’re the only one who wants to go backwards here Pete everybody else is like forwards forward oh Oh get ready for the magic get ready for the Magic get ready Oh, oh, I almost broke my own face again, [but] [get] ready for the magic the magic is about to happen here we go yes, I Am [JsE] George no that’s because of G dude Jim Solid Ears That’s with us new channel name Jim solid ears this one’s called just do it for Jesse And it’s made by boss mater 88 okay cool and in the description of it. He said whoosh, er So I’m a woosh reducer. This way. Do you see oh? Oh yeah, oh, yeah first time baby That’s what they called me in college. They didn’t really do call me fuckface McGee the new jet fall But how new this looks very similar to me this looks like a regular old jet fault let’s hope you did not lose your [arms] Why? What am I supposed to do am I supposed to jump off and grab one [of] them? [oh], okay? [I] guess I’m supposed to fall off the fucking Segway, then here we go here We go and wait wait [for] it wait for it wait for it grab one yeah, yeah Wait as I call that my anthem. My theme a click rope swing [start]. Oh [ok] [ok] [direct] you to eject him start eject [ah] fuck Start eject to come [on] really this should be super easy Super Easy Lemon Stevie kill Billy, [Jesse] I Am [Gonna] kill him I’m gonna kill him for you, dude. Don’t even worry about it You will not hurt my master Billy is your master My leg should you fucking nice [Willy] oh, God [ah]? Instant fucking camera yeah burst his head. You’re gonna pike up your fucking ass here. We go. God damn it Why am I having such a hard time controlling this do sure? Master Ron Okay, okay, betty. Why is Billy the master of all these those are some nice boobs? You got betty mind if I die on them okay, okay kill her kill her kill her dead killer dead, huh, yes Oh, [I] was [oh], [I] [was] [hoping] [I] [could] like fire a a watermelon with the pogo okay? Who else is up here [is] Bobby gonna be up here wait don’t kill master. Why not just come here, [maybe] What oh, I’m supposed to do a thing with her. Oh I Knew that was gonna happen. I’m still alive. [so] where’s billy where’s [Betty] oh? Wow here we go. Huh? I was getting great [pogos] there for a minute. Oh I’m coming Billy Coming to kill you I’m Gonna kill your face Okay, okay nudge her not nudge her nudge her Forward yeah, oh God. I got backwards okay. It’s fine. I’m still life. That’s good. That’s good. That is even better than good It’s what the people would call taste delicious what I would call twisty fresh, okay. You’re dead as well You will not kill my son. Oh yes, I will you can’t talk your dead Fucking neck stuck on my back as long as you don’t die as long as you don’t die. We’ll all be fly shut up pete Pete I swear To Jesus here is Bowie Leave me now, or I will end you suck my ass. Really [oh] [axe] murdered me Hahahaha, oh good this [level’s] corner try to stop yourself. Oh This is oh I did it that was clever. [I] want to be able to stop myself My head came off fuck wait. I wonder what happen if I just went whoa I mean, technically I’m [still] winning, but I don’t want to win. I want to stop myself there we go That’s that’s does not stop me. [oh] God. I was too fast too fast too fast too furious. [oh] and woo, and [oh] woo I want to fly like really fair Okay, I’ll accept the win. Hey. Willy what are you doing? Take the pooper duper? [huh], nice one. Well that does it for this episode of happy wheels were coming close to the last ten episodes? I did say before that I was going to stop at a hundred episodes like once a hundred hits. It’s done. It’s gone They’ll be the longest-running thing ever on the channel forever and always well Maybe reading comments to catch up with it eventually but we’re coming up close to ninety videos And then it’s the last 10 score range going to be a good time. It’s going to be the best We’re gonna play some sick tasty nasty levels y’all ready for this doo doo doo anyway thank you guys so much watch this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face like A purse and my boobs are owed Shh, Krish. Thank you guys never sale you dudes What the hell is over there otter luckily? You can’t just sit back and wonder sometimes Only what you do with your life Right [sure] [as] [hell]. Do is it a bird is it a plane fine right for cabo oh I? Didn’t hit you [I] hate the wall. [oh], no

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  3. This was uploaded on jack's birthday, that means he chose to spend some of his day llay happy wheels rather than with other people. says a lot

  4. @ 00:24 if you have on captions it says 'KAY NOT EVEN GOING TO TOUCH HIM' and then it says kinky but he doesn't say it, and it's in ( ). How does it know?

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