Turbo Cars You’ll Never Lose Money On

Turbo Cars You’ll Never Lose Money On

five turbo cars that you’ll never lose
any money on now these five boosted cars on this list aren’t just any tuners wet
dream oh no you can also drive them without losing any money on them if you
buy them correctly using these ideal car strategies and the reason that you’re
seeing this video is because you guys loved the video that I made on five
years sports cars that you’ll never lose a dime on and I said that if that video
got 1647 likes I’d release this video well ideal fam you guys voted by hitting
that like button and in this video I’m gonna show you five ideal cars that have
at least one turbo and in some cases have two turbos which can only double
the fun right then I’m gonna dissect the depreciation schedules during your
ownership experience and lastly I’m gonna show you my pic of an ideal car
that would fit perfectly into the ideal car strategies oh and let’s up the ante
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leggo all right we are back and the first one on the list is the mighty
Mitsubishi Evolution 9m are this noisy rigid Spartan all-wheel drive son of a
rally car is everything you could ask for out of a turbo four-door package and
you’ve got to respect your elders because this Evo shares some of its DNA
with the Evo – which we never got in the US and is one of my top five ideal cars
that you need to import in 2019 but the Evo 9 is an advancement of the species
and is stronger faster and undeniably better-looking Wow doesn’t this sound
like a tender profile the turbocharged and intercooled dual overhead cam inline
4 pushes out 286 horses and goes zero to 60 in just 4.7 yeah that is pretty quick
but the real charm is how stable the car is even when you’re on the interesting
side of 100 miles per hour and let’s not forget its roots this thing loves to be
rallied but you don’t just buy this car for its ideal performance because it’s
an ideal value as well and here’s why well guys here’s the price trends for
the Evo 9 mr and as you can see in the last three years it has been trending
upwards again the squiggly lines are awesome that means that it’s leveling
out and overall if you were to draw a line from
here three years ago to where it is today
you can see that it’s gone up and so in the last year it’s gone up over 8% and
it’s definitely a great value right now and one that’s trending up alright and
here is here’s an Evo 9mr that sold for eighteen five and one thing is the the
more stock they are the better but this one has a replacement block that you’d
want to make sure that there’s documentation that that was done at a
good shop but it does have some modifications but most of them look
reversible so the more stock these cars are the more value they bring but with a
few modifications you can definitely get more horses out of them like this has
387 and it makes it a little bit more fun so this is one that for the price is
definitely an ideal deal next on the list we’re gonna take a step back into
the 80s and put the ick in Buick yeah who doesn’t love the Buick GNX which
stands for grand national experimental yeah this car will not out handle any of
the other boosted cars on this list but that is perfectly okay with me because
the GNX was built in a simpler time all you needed to do was find a lonely
straight road press your left foot on the brake while easing your right foot
into the throttle oh boy you guess what happens next you slam your right foot on
the gas pedal and that old Buick will launch itself fighting for traction as
it does 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds not bad for 1987 and this front-engine
rear-wheel-drive dinosaur comes out an underrated 276 horsepower from its
turbocharged intercooled 3/8 litre v6 which isn’t bad especially for the era
so let’s swerve into the depreciation schedules and see why this is an ideal
car well there are only 547 GNX is actually built in 1987 but there are
over 20,000 Grand Nationals built in 1987 and this is what the depreciation
schedule looks like for that car and as you can see over the last three years it
has bumped up slightly but then been very steady so with the limited number
of GN X’s and one thing I forgot to mention in the actual video was that
this car was faster than the Ferrari f40 and the
Porsche 930 so this is a very special car from a company that wasn’t really
known for its muscle cars it really is the muscle car of the 80s so as you can
tell here if this is pretty flat then with such a limited number of actual GN
X’s being built it’s only appreciating and most likely going to continue to go
up alright guys here’s a little trick from the ideal car strategies where we
can look at sold listings and then try to figure out what a car that’s
currently listed is worth so this g NX sold for $75,000 and it has let’s see
here 8400 miles on it – owner car looks like
it’s in really good condition so i’d obviously have to go through all these
photos to make sure but then this one here is available at a t25 has quite a
bit of interest and if we go down it has 12,000 so slightly more miles unrestored
om looks like it’s in really good condition as well so we’d want to get
that car below what this one was that so around 70 grand but these are such
awesome cars from the 80s and very iconic muscle car from GM now let’s move
forward to 1993 when toyota introduced the mark 4 supra yea the Supra believe
it or not has been around for over 40 years with the mark 5 recently being
announced hey keep your opinions to yourself
but the fourth times a charm because the mark 4 was the generation that the
Toyota Supra really came into its own not only did it look the part with this
curvaceous styling it had the heat to back it up with a pair yes two
turbochargers attached that iconic 2jz GTE inline six shooting out 320 horses
and that power plant rocketed the Japanese icon from 0 to 60 miles per
hour in just 4.6 seconds this is a sports car that punches above its weight
in both looks and performance and it’s also an ideal value and here’s why
well guys there’s not much to see here I mean supras as we all know are hot very
hot and with the mark 5 coming out and with some fake vents
I think the mark for Supra is a safe bet and one over the last three years that
has been going up quite a bit I think right now it’s a decent time to get in
the prices are up there I think that they’re gonna stay steady if not
continued as we all know supras can make a ton of power and the six-speed manual
can hold a ton of power so if finding one that’s relatively stock is pretty
tough to do now this one is relatively stock only an exhaust some painted
calipers and that is pretty rare and it’s kind of like the Evo 9 the stalker
the better especially when it comes time to sell so this one here 466 388 that
sold is one that I definitely would have been looking at but really you can’t go
wrong it’s a mark 4 Supra now let’s switch gears and look into a used M car
that is trading hands for more than it costs to buy a brand-new BMW m2
competition which I gotta say is definitely an ideal car but so is this
one the BMW 1m now real quick it’s called
the 1m because it’s not the m1 this is the m1 but this little BMW reminds us of
the nimble neutral handling frisky M cars we all adore and with a 3 litre
twin-turbocharged inline 6 with 335 horses zips this baby from 0 to 60 in
4.7 seconds which is quick but this car is more about quickness and agility and
this car can carry an astounding amount of speed through every single corner
it’s a modern limited production M car which makes it a rare sight to see in
the wild so let’s see why it’s also an ideal car now the BMW 1m was actually a
very limited production model with only 2700 units actually produced in the
first round now there was an overwhelming demand for the car and they
produced a total of 60 309 units until the end of production in 2012 so you can
see here it was a very limited number and it’s actually going above their
original MSRP now on average so over the last couple of years we can see that the
prices are trending so here’s a nice example a 2011 in
Valencia orange which I really like and just going through the photos you can
see that it’s a very nice car and this n54 takes on mods extremely well it’s
not the most reliable engine but you can modify the heck out of it and make this
thing a little monster so this car it would be one that would be on the list
for prospects and since the car is already priced aggressively with some
negotiation tactics outlined in the ideal car strategies this could
definitely be an ideal car and to round out this top 5 list is a car that’s
affectionately known to be a supercar killer and goes by the name Godzilla
yep the Nissan r35 gt-r hold on a second hello uh-huh uh-huh okay yeah bye okay I
was just told that the reason the GTR was never allowed in the USA until 2009
was because it was just too damn fast for the police to catch and we say
bye-bye but the jury is still out on that one
the r35 gt-r is a gripping blend of speed and technology which makes it one
of the easiest and most secure cars to drive fast zero to 60 miles per hour is
barbecued in just three point three seconds thanks to a 3.8 liter v6 with
two parallel turbochargers providing forced induction it literally defies
logic I mean it’s a big heavy complex car that is just as much fun at the drag
strip as it is at the Nurburgring this car was an instant classic the day it
hit American soil in 2009 and one that should be considered as your next ideal
car and here’s why well here’s the depreciation schedule for the r35 gt-r
now we’re looking at a 2012 and this car as you can see has depreciated over the
last couple of years this is a three-year graph and then boom in the
last year it’s gone up almost 25% and so this car is on the upswing right now and
definitely an ideal car both with performance and it’s a relatively safe
bet when it comes to pricing so here’s a 2013 Nissan GTR black edition which was
a $9,500 option from the factory makes the car a little bit more special again
a little bit easier to sell when it comes to that point to move on to
another ideal car and this car is priced extremely aggressively now I liked a
little bit later models the early models the CBA’s had some issues with the
transmission but this is a DBA model and the DBAs are pretty bulletproof so going
through this it’s a little higher mileage but at the end of the day it is
that Black Edition and these cars are pretty bulletproof so definitely a car
that I would be interested in what a list now which one is your favorite
boosted ideal car or did I miss one like an mr2 let us know down in the comments
plus you can earn extra credit by putting ideal in front of the car and
which one would be mine well it would be the ideal ah did that really just cutout
go down into the description and check out which one it would be oh and if you
want to join the ideal fam and learn how to properly buy any of the cars on this
list with the goal of either driving them for free or making a little bit of
money on them check out the ideal car strategies
okay if you liked this video you are going to love the video about the five
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keep living that ideal lifestyle

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    Thanks for all the support Ideal Fam! What is your favorite turbo car on this list? Or did I miss it?! Let me know down in the comments!
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  2. Naaah.. I prefer my 90 300zx Twin Turbo in my little profile pic, quicker 500hp & better looking them them all!!!

  3. Gtr r35 is not Godzilla the skyline gtr r32 is before people say its the same nope two different cars now that's like saying I'm a sniper coz my dad was nope. Naturally good though shame I can't shoot one knowing me ill rip my arm off with a 50cal

  4. “The r35 wasn’t allowed in the US because the cops couldn’t catch it”
    Man, what about the r34, for its time, no cop would ever catch one of those souped up Godzillas

  5. Bradodopolis Nigel Dangerfield!
    Come on now son, you can do better than this, this is like the “how to make a video about cars that you won’t lose money on”.

    The GNX I’ll give you credit for, although that is one you can’t ignore anymore either, but how about the ones that aren’t already well into their upward march

    Also your description seems to have cut out as I went to read it.


  7. About 5 years ago I was driving to pick up a friend of mine and passed by a dealership that had an MKIV Supra sitting out front for sale. I flipped around and within an hour I had traded my 2010 Tacoma for a 1997 6 speed anniversary edition Supra that was 100% UNMODIFIED! Financed it for $31K! Unfortunately, without going into a long ass story, I lost the car about 10 months later, it got repo'ed. Flash forward to a year ago when I had the money to buy another one….. I didn't. Instead I got a '97 Eclipse GSX which is in the shop being built right now. I honestly will never buy another Supra and heres why…….despite the fact that they are amazing cars…….they have been done a million friggin times already! I think every vehicle ever made has had someone swap a 2JZGTE into it by now. They have just been waaaay the hell overdone ya know what I mean? It's just not fun anymore in my opinion, I will have a hell of a lot more fun with my DSM!

  8. OK so the sports cars in the USA that don't depreciate are mostly excellent Japanese cars which are also uglier than a truck, such as the Nissan Gtr. Thanks.

  9. Ideal 300ZX Z32 was the true best Japanese sports car of the 90s.. facts. It won all of the awards and car enthusiast media accolades in head to head comparisons with the Supra, rx7, 3000gt etc

    The Supra couldn’t and didn’t sale and only gain notoriety after the FNF. And I’m a past owner of Lexus SC, 300ZX, Rx7 etc ….

  10. Newsflash there was two models of Buick one was the grand national which was a 3.8 L turbo which is what you showed the GNX was a 6.6 L V8 TwinTurbo that’s the one you’re talking about that was faster than the Ferrari in the Porsche

  11. How to track selling prices of other cars? Is there a web page somewhere.

    My ideal turbo has to be 997.2 turbo S. Not for price perspective but for performance reasons. Love the 997s more than any 911s

  12. I hate the looks of the evo and lancer. I could never buy one of those cars. The WRX maybe. Supra is the car I like the looks of. But what I do own is the 3000 GT VR4 twin turbo awd aws active aero active suspension. Car has the looks I like and is a great value as well.

  13. Tuner cars most definitely cuz my ass ain’t bout to buy two cars and I’m not gon pull up in some grocery getter

  14. can you just put all the cars in your video description please? I really don't care about your camera setup I'm here for info on cars and that's it.

  15. Buick did not get the love it deserved, you forgot the fact it was the fasted production car in the world at the time with a 0-60 of under 5 seconds in the 80’s

  16. 4 yrs ago there were a few supras for under $20 000 in good condition and i cried because i knew they were gonna skyrocket in value and i couldnt have it

  17. Funny how people claim the GTR was not introduced in the US because it's too fast for police…. bruh my truck out runs police yea its modded and tuned but is still legal lmao the GTR was kept out of our reach until recently (Hakosuka, R31,32,33,some 34s and of course the R35) due to emissions standards that Nissan didnt see worth them changing just for one country.. but now that the R34 GTS & V-spec are legally coming to the US the GTR is soon to follow as a classic vehicle so either way you can still get your hands on one this lifetime. No RHD isn't illegal I know, i own one.

  18. You know what’s funny. I had and evo 8. Precision 5856 turbo. Something like that. 450hp quick spool for street. Also regularly drove a 700 hp evo with a 6262 turbo. When driving it takes a lot to push to the limit. But it never felt steady or easy to control when the car gets loose. I gun it and switch lanes at 80 mph and I’m fishtailing. I do not feel comfortable or safe when it loses traction. It’s as if I don’t understand the 4wd. Now my 240sx loses traction easily but I’m always in total control.

  19. “Too fast for the police to catch” no it’s because it can’t pass us Emissions and safety standards even for the time and we’re never crash tested. There’s a lot of cars hat are “too fast for the police to catch” but were sold in the US Market. Also you can’t outrun a radio.

  20. Literally you can trade a stock prestine Supra for a dodge demon bc they literally have almost the same price tag

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