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  1. Why is it that at the time lapse part of every video the person editing it adds gay house music or techno? Seriously…

  2. Subscribed. 30 seconds into my 3rd vid from u guys.. first 2 were the barbie truck.. I'm in..
    Idk where u are but if u were local I'd bust all my pipes and flood the house to meet u guys, even tho u apparently have too much money for dumb shit already. (When I say dumb shit I mean that in the best possible way- i love the dumb shit u guys are doing) keep it up guys.

  3. Awesome channel guy's you have inspired me to make some wacked out machines for my kids. I have a power wheels Mercedes G65 that's begging for a 110cc motor for my 6yo daughter, a radio flyer red wagon and 90cc motor for my 2yo son and my 11 & 13yo son's want something like the Barbie Jeep but turbocharged. I wonder if I could squeeze a Hayabusa engine into a power wheels for myself, I might have to look at something a little more old skool (1948) sidewalk Jeep upscaled to adult size for that. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  4. Wanna be super famous? Recreate fast and the furious original drag with these cars :p. Even make a wheelie dodge :p

  5. Капец, я из России смотрю этот канал оч класно, у нас такого не видел

  6. Use break fluid for turbo cooling it's thin enough for the pump and don't for get to install a blow off valve

  7. Is this a lake? Are there mountain bike trails? I love it so much trees yo😍!!! I need a place to live just like this for real! Nice build guys😁👍

  8. It,s good thing to do,external oil pump only for turbo,electric,on belt,mechanic…In that way engine is safe always and not worried about oil pressure,leaking,oil return,pressure on oil return,etc…I,m going to to it external,low pressure,good cooling,1 liter min only for turbo.
    Also must do extra fuel,with "cold start"old audi,mercedes k/injected "5th injector"(not need puls,just 12v and they have very nice fuel fog,1 or 2 of them) or to upgrade one secondary smaller carb,which work on higher rpm,on low rpm will be seal with cable valve(no engine vaccum,no extra fuel) but injector is better..It,s hard to get good boost and power but not to "steal"much power from 1cyl engine exhaust with stock camshaft and valves..
    You have extra videos and projects

  9. I think fans ran off a lawn and garden battery and relay will help with your oil cooling problem. Idk about the oil pump but a fan would definatly help.

  10. Charge it not to high, it will not be a ingenious experience if the engine explode while driving that Barbie kart around.

  11. Сыльно ниська галимо и галимо што ты говорыш английской

  12. I live down in cda and I love to jump off cliffs bridges anything really I’d love to know where the spot is maybe take a Sunday drive up for a swim sometime. Love your vids y’all are amazing keep it up!!!! @grindhardplumming

  13. Just for info, a Go Kart is with pedals, a Kart is with engine, a Race Kart is what for example Michael Schumacher has driven before he went to the Formula sports, a Super kart is what get driven of real Racetracks as Nürburgring, Spa, Barain etc. A super Kart has a 250cc engine with about 70 hp.

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