Turn Back Time and Prep for the Future | Detroit Muscle – S6, E1

Turn Back Time and Prep for the Future | Detroit Muscle – S6, E1

(Narrator)>>Today on
Detroit Muscle Tommy and Marc give us an update
on the projects that we have in the shop. Plus we get to work
getting project “Street Regal” onto its
new chassis. ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>Hey y’all,
welcome to Detroit Muscle. I’m Tommy Boshers. (Marc)>>And I’m Marc
Christ, and in case this is your first time
tuning in here’s what we’re all about. (Tommy)>>We like anything
that’s cool or fast. Whether it be classic
muscle or late model performance. (Marc)>>We do everything
from salvation to restoration with
one thing in mind. Making them look good
and run like hell. (Tommy)>>And we always
find a way to weave in the one thing that’s more
important than all that… …having a
real good time! (Marc)>>The three project
cars that we’re working on here in the shop are
from the big three. We’ve got a Ford,
a G-M, and a Mopar. They’re all at different
stages of the build and with completely
different attitudes. (Tommy)>>The apple of our
eye would have to be this ’69 Dodge Charger. You can’t get much higher
up in the food chain of the muscle car world
than one of these. Now whenever we picked
up “Project Hard Charger” it was nowhere
near this sweet. You could say it was
in the need of a little bit of t-l-c. Right off the top we
knew we wanted to build a classy black high
performance Mopar. Dodge nailed the styling. So all we wanted to do was
compliment it with all the best performance
options of the day. Find one of these that
was cherry was out of our budget, but we
didn’t want to buy a rust bucket either. So we needed to
find something that fell in the middle. When we first went to look
at this thing we were told that it was running
and driving car. [ engine starting and revving ] (Tommy)>>But there was
only one way to find out. All right, we’re gonna
take the ole car for a test spin to see what
the first impression is. Now you can definitely
tell that the carburetor’s kind of gummed up and
it’s been sitting for a long time. Now the interior of this
ole car, it’s definitely, well the radio thing
just fell off of it. Looks like someone drilled
it out to make room for, it don’t matter. We’re gonna have to
replace just about everything in here whether
it’s vinyl or plastic because this thing’s a
long time way old kind of ride, but that’s okay
because the bones and the structure of this
old car is here where we need them. Another thing that this
car has, which is a very rare option, and that is
the accelerator sensitive rear view mirror cause
when you get after it, oh yeah, it kicks back so
you can see of that police is chasing you. Woo! ♪ ♪ (Marc)>>We knew it was
gonna need some sheet metal work, a full
interior, a paint job, and some mechanical work
but that’s what we do. So we paid the man, loaded
it on the trailer, and brought it back
to the shop. To get the car where we
wanted it was gonna take some time, and we
just couldn’t wait. So we took care of some
of the tune up and safety items and took it out to
stretch its legs a bit and to hang out with some
fellow Mopar enthusiasts. We went down to the
Wellborn Muscle Car Museum for one of its car shows,
and we think our old fixer upper stuck out like a
sore thumb against all the other show cars present. ( )>>I would clean
it up a little bit. ( )>>Yeah the 440 that’s
in it, that’s great. Maybe build that
or something. ( )>>I would definitely
do fuel injection. ( )>>Gotta have a
really good sheen to it. Not just a flat black. ( )>>I think you need to
have it worked on before you bring it back
to another show. (Tommy)>>We
got the point. It was time for us
to start digging into our project. The first chore was
that tired old leaky drivetrain, and we started
with the first and most obvious task, the engine. This was a 440 big
block four barrel out of an old pickup truck. After getting it tore
down it was off to the machine shop for some
boring and cleaning. We wanted to give this
thing some upgrades with a new rotating assembly
as well as some aluminum heads, a hotter cam,
and of course a six pack intake manifold. (Marc)>>The factory four
speed got a once over with new bearings, synchros,
and seals, and the rear end got a re-gear with
that posi unit and some stronger axles. It would have been silly
to put all that fresh new drivetrain into a
nasty old carcass. It was time for a
full body massage. (Tommy)>>We ended up
having to put quite a bit of sheet metal into this
ride to bring it up to our standards with a new
floor, quarters, and trunk pan. But hey, it’s just
another day in the office. (Marc)>>After ripping
this thing apart it was off to the blaster
to strip it down to its bare bones. (Tommy)>>With all the
repairs done giving us a solid foundation it was
time for some body work. Since we were going with
a black finish, and to achieve the quality of
paint job that we were looking for, it was gonna
take a bunch of hours. So we brought in some
friends to help speed up the process, and after
many of hours of sanding, and priming, and
blocking it was ready for some color. (Marc)>>Mopar was known
back in the day for offering some crazy and
bright colors, but that wasn’t what we were after. We were looking for
classy, simple yet sinister, and black
did the trick. (Tommy)>>It’s obvious
that our paint job is above and beyond even
our expectations. We were just about ready
to drop that power plant and drivetrain back in
but then game changer. What we’re referring to
is this 707 horsepower supercharged Hemi
call “The Hellcrate”. This is the same engine
that powers the dominant Dodge S-R-T Hellcat,
Charger, and Challenger now offered as a
crate engine package. This is Mopar’s answer
to feed the need for late model performance in
a plug and play unit. (Marc)>>And having the
opportunity to build a high end classic muscle
car like our Charger but with the pinnacle of
today’s high performance technology under the hood
was something we just couldn’t pass up. (Tommy)>>It took a little
bit of work to shoehorn that late model Hemi into
place, but with the help of some modern chassis
and suspension components along with a body
saw we made it fit. And because that new
Hellcrate kicked that old plan to the curb, Plan B. (Marc)>>We’re going with
big power, big brakes, big wheels, and big fun. (Tommy)>>So in days to
come keep watching and see “Project Hard
Charger” come to life. (Marc)>>But that’s not
the only project we have. We’ve got a couple of
’80’s ladies we’re gonna tell you about. So stick around. ♪ ♪ (Narrator)>>
Don’t go away. We’ll give you the inside
scoop on what’s in store for our ’80’s model
projects that Tommy and Marc are building for
their friendly head to head competition. (Tommy)>>Hey
y’all, welcome back. The next subject for
discussion is these two rides right here. I know they don’t look
like much but that one right there, we’ll we
really haven’t done nothing to it, and that
one over there it’s kinda supposed to look that way. (Marc)>>And before we
started on both of these ’80’s cars they were both
pretty much stock and definitely slow. When we first picked them
up we decided it would be a cool idea to do
a little build off. A friendly competition
if you will. And even though they
have similar styling they couldn’t be much
more different. (Tommy)>>One’s a
Ford, One’s a G-M. One is a uni-body, and
one has a full frame. ♪ ♪ One’s pretty sporty. (Marc)>>Tommy’s
behind me. I’ll show him what’s up. ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>And
the other one? Oh yeah! Oh, did you
feel that shift? Even the power shift
is comfortable. That shows you what kind
of power this thing makes. Well it’s kind
of a luxury car. My plans for this thing
is to add some modern conveniences with
some strong power. Let’s say fuel injection,
automatic transmission, big brakes, some
fancy wheels and some pretty paint. Kind of a pro
touring theme with a luxury feel to it. Pro-luxury if you
know what I mean. (Marc)>>And quite the
opposite is what I wanted for my baby, this
’81 Mustang Cobra. Raw power with a carb, a
five speed manual gearbox, and several touches
that some might say are a little rough
around the edges. I’m calling “Project
Sydewinder” complete with a patina paint job,
fender flares, old school looking wheels, and
a racy attitude. We installed a bunch of
aftermarket parts like a tubular k-member and
control arms, coil overs, a crate rear end, and some
chassis stiffening parts. We sourced the 427 Windsor
from our sister show Engine Power, which made
613 horsepower on their engine dyno on pump gas,
and backed it with T-K-O 600 five speed
transmission. On the outside we cut out
the wheel arches and added some carbon flares to make
room for larger wheels and tires, and then we stepped
way outside the box with a custom patina paint job
complete with some rust and air brushed logos. And most recently we
gutted the interior so that we could start
with a clean slate for a whole new look. We applied some sound
deadening mat, a four point roll bar, laid in a
new rug, and riveted in a rear seat delete
and trunk floor. Then it as time for some
safety harnesses, sport seats, and the final
touches like some new gauges, a steering
wheel, and shifter. I’m really happy with
how this old Fox body Mustang’s turning out, and
with just a few systems left to button this thing
up it won’t be long and it’ll be on the road. We’ve got to do fuel
and cooling systems. I’ve got something special
planned for that exhaust, and with those custom
wheels already on order it’ll be out on the open
road ready to eat the fanciest gourmet lunch
it’s ever head, Buick Regal, if it’s
done by then. (Tommy)>>Don’ you
worry about that thing right there. Just consider it
like fine wine. You add a little bit of
age to it and you’ve got yourself some
really good stuff. And I guess you could
consider that Mustang wine, but it’d be
that stuff you sip out of a box. Kinda like your parts, but
if you’ve got good taste like I do stay tuned
and see what that Buick is all about. ♪ ♪ You know becoming a welder
takes a lot of patience, skill, and knowledge, but
doing so gives you the ability to build anything
from a skyscraper to a piece of jewelry. Now I really enjoy
working on these old cars, especially doing
sheet metal work. Now whenever these cars
were assembled often times they were using
a process called resistant spot weld. That’s where two
electrodes clamp the panel, current is applied
fusing them together. Buying a machine to do
that exact process can be kind of costly but there
is a way to simulate that with a simple mig welder. To start off this process
it’s a good idea to know what you’re gonna
be working with. What we have here is
some simple 18 gauge, and before we get too carried
away we’re gonna clean this stuff up a bit. To do this I’m gonna
use an air grinder and an abrasive pad. Simply moving it around
on this piece of metal brightens it all up. Now we need to put some
holes in this piece so that we can weld
it to our other. What we’re gonna be
doing is making some five-sixteenths
holes in it. Now if your material was
a little bit thinner you could reduce down to say
quarter inch, where if it was a little thicker
you could go up to three-eighths, and to make
those holes you can use a punch or your
trusty ole drill. Now what we’re gonna do
for this demonstration is put them right
down this edge. So using this punch, well
it’s gonna make it a lot easier, but if it was out
here in the middle, well obviously you’d
have to use a drill. ♪ ♪ [ compressed air hissing ] ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>With a few
clamps you can hold everything nice and
tight with no gaps. ♪ ♪ Before we start throwing
all those hot sparks I’m gonna demonstrate the
procedure that we’re gonna use for welding this
up, and it’s a lot like whenever you’re at
the buffet getting you some soft serve. What you want to do is
start you a puddle right here in the middle and
then circle around filling up the void. It’s that easy. All right, now it’s
time to burn some wire. [ welder crackling ] ♪ ♪ [ welder crackling ] ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>Well those
turned out pretty good. They’re nice and flat, and
if you look here on the back there’s a little
bit of distortion. That means you’ve got some
pretty good penetration. Now it may take you a
little bit of effort to dial in your machine,
cranking the heat up, or even turning the wire
speed down, but a little bit of practice and some
patience and it’ll get you exactly where
you need to be. (Narrator)>>Coming up,
we get to work turning grandma’s grocery getter
into a pro touring beast. (Tommy)>>Hey y’all, glad
you made your way back. Now ole Marc’s been
talking quite a bit of smack about my old Buick back
here, and that’s all swell and good cause you know
he’s putting a lot of work into that ride of his. Well you know what he’s
gonna have when he’s all said and done? An old Fox body Mustang. So let me give you the
inside scoop on my plan. I’m looking to build
a refined street car with some grit. It’s gonna have modern
power, billet wheels, leather interior, some
serious suspension, and sweet candy apple
paint that’d make your teeth hurt. To kick off our build
I knew I needed a solid foundation to
build off of. So we took a trip
to Grant, Alabama, to Street Rod Garage. These guys have
applications for chassis’ to fit just about
everything, and if they don’t have one to fit
your ride well they’ll design one. That was the case
in our situation. (Chris)>>Here at Street
Rod Garage we specialize in building custom chassis
for muscle cars, street rods, hot rods, just
about anything else. (Tommy)>>So after a bit
of sweet talking we left our Regal with them
to use for R&D. This is what they
came up with. It’s their newest
addition in their evolution series chassis. A full custom frame that’s
boxed front to rear with inner and outer gussets
for superior strength. They also narrowed the
rear rails a bit to help accommodate for
wider rear tires. For the front suspension
it’s a combination of c-five vette spindles with
fabricated tubular upper and lower control
arms, and rack and pinion steering. They also added a
nice, solid sway bar for good measure. Out back we’re running a
parallel four link with pan hard bar connected to
a beefy Mossier nine inch rear axle with a Wave
Track limited slip differential to put the
power to the ground. For springs and shocks
all four corners have adjustable Q-A
One coil overs. That gives us the ability
to dial in that ride whether we’re cruising on
the streets or making a hot lap at the track. For a power plant I wanted
something that was strong and reliable with
fuel injection. So I’ll bet you can
guess what I picked. L-S Power! This is a 525 horsepower
l-s three from Chevrolet Performance. It’s part of their
connect and cruise line, and it does just that. It comes with everything
you need to do the install, like
harness, pedal, e-c-u, transmission and so on. What’s really nice about
this setup is it comes with all the pieces
to the puzzle. So it’s a plug and play
unit that’s ready to go. We’re gonna use these
plywood wheels so that we can move our chassis
around here in the shop. We’ve got to fit it up
under our Buick, and then we can measure for
some custom wheels. And I bet you ole Marc’s
gonna have something to say about them. Y’all just wait for it. ♪ ♪ (Marc)>>All right Tommy,
I got this old chassis out of here for you. The hard part’s done. (Tommy)>>Now after you
get the old frame out from under there you can pretty
much tell that this thing is nowhere near as strong. It’s got C-channel here,
where that one’s boxed. It’s got all
those gussets. Man that piece is gonna
be nice up under here. (Marc)>>Yeah, plus
this whole thing’s got to go anyway. Might as well just roll
the whole thing out. ♪ ♪ (Narrator)>>Stay with us. We circle the wagons
on our new chassis. (Tommy)>>Hey guys,
welcome back to the shop. Well it’s finally time for
us to marry the motor and transmission together,
and hopefully we can slide that thing onto the
chassis and get all that up under our Buick. (Marc)>>Come on down. We need to get the engine
spreader bar attached using a few bolts. [ drill spinning ] (Marc)>>Then we can pick
it up off the pallet with our forklift so we
can get it into place to mate it to our
transmission. ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>Since we’re
just mocking it up for now we’re not going to install
the torque converter. (Marc)>>All right,
let’s try that. (Tommy)>>We’ll
just secure it with a couple of bolts. [ drill spinning ] (Marc)>>All you! (Tommy)>>Up we go! And maneuver it over so
that we can install it onto our new chassis. ♪ ♪ So excited! (Marc)>>Oh, let me get
this trans mount on. ♪ ♪ [ drill spinning ] (Marc)>>All right,
come on down. ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>Fast? (Marc)>>Preferably not. ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>Can I
help you steady it? (Marc)>>Just keep
an eye on that. See where those mounts
fall up front as I’m moving this back. ♪ ♪ And when the big
moment comes… ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>The oil
pan’s not gonna clear. ♪ ♪ (Marc)>>Oil pan’s
not gonna clear. (Tommy)>>So where we’re
at right now, we need another oil pan to clear
our cross member, which isn’t no big deal at all. So we’re gonna have to
order us one of them, but what we can do is still
put this thing up under the car just to see where
it’s at cause it’s about that much too high, and
I’m sure all this is still gonna have plenty
of clearance. So let’s just see
where it’s at. I want to see it
in that today. [ drill spinning ] ♪ ♪ (Tommy)>>We can detach
our spreader bar and roll the chassis
under the body. (Marc)>>I like your
wheel choice Tommy. Are these board
Codington’s? (Tommy)>>No, no! (Marc)>>We’ll use a plumb
bob to make sure our body mounts are in line
with the holes on our new chassis. (Tommy)>>That’s
pretty close. ♪ ♪ (Marc)>>Then we can
lower the body onto it. (Tommy)>>We down now. (Marc)>>Yep, it’s down. Well I have to
admit Tommy, great engine choice. It looks good in there. (Tommy)>>Yeah we’ve
still got quite a bit of work to do. We’re gonna be enlarging
the wheel tubs. Plus you never know. We may accidentally
bolt in one of these fancy power adders. (Marc)>>Yeah you’re gonna
need it, but all that’s gonna have to wait
until next time. So until then go to
Powernation T-V dot com.

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