Turning $75 in Pins and Hot Wheels Cars into $1,000 Plus | Trash Talk #2

Turning $75 in Pins and Hot Wheels Cars into $1,000 Plus | Trash Talk #2

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  1. Obviously it takes time to sell the items. They don't just instantly sell. It is just a real life demonstration of the snowball effect. You have to do it consistently, you must also be patient and expect nothing in the beginning. Once you have so many items posted something is bound to sell, so as you add more and more and more items will start selling pretty much constantly. The entire success of this process is successful over a span of time not instantaneous. He is also constantly feeding his followers on multiple platforms simultaneously, while at the same time sending a positive motivational message at all times. Every aspect of his life generates wealth. His free time actually makes him money.

  2. ok garyvee come on that one hot wheels isnt really gonna sell for 70$…IS IT i mean how longs it gonna sit on ebay for 70$ for a hot wheels thats crazy. dont get me wrong thats flippin sweet but how long did it take to sell

  3. It's an investment. Some people need a quick flip while others have the time to sit on items for months at a time. Do you want a quarter today or a day a month from now…

  4. what i hate is these guys saying ahh i make 15k a month and there doing vids from a house that couldnt be more than 1500 sq ft…smh

  5. 🖒 you're so damn funny Gary!
    All I got to do is watch your garage sailing videos to cheer me up when I'm down🤝 let me know when you're in Cleveland Ohio we need to go to Hudson Strongsville Pepper Pike few high-end neighborhoods and go garage saling🥂

  6. I'm super Interested in doing this, me, my ol lady, my mom and daughter hit garage sales and goodwill every week, I keep finding snowboarding pants brand new

  7. I’ve been so blind. I’m just now getting into selling things and what not. Dude why I have been standing at a register for 8 hours a day when I could have been doing stuff like this for triple the money

  8. hey Gary I was looking up garage sale near me, city/townwide yard/garagesale and what I want is not coming up. I did what u said but like I said what I want is not coming up.

  9. That's super smart snails thing is so true. I got a large bullet of train toys at the end of a garage sale for free.

  10. He goes to McDonald’s and tries to barter with the cashier, he’s like “I can’t do 8$ I can do 2$ though..?” 🤣

  11. I might be a happily married lady, however, I am LIVING for those dimples, not to mention your demeanor!! 👍🏻💛👍🏻

  12. ya I understand that he flipped a action figure from .05 cents to $30, but how does he know that someone will buy the action figure and if they dont then he's not really making any money

  13. Any small Youtubers want to help each other out? Let's get to 100k subscribers together! 🙂

    PS: I'll be giving away a free wireless headphones for a lucky subscriber who subscibes to my channel.

  14. Was there a specific reason you chose these towns? I’ll have to figure out where garage sales are around here. Say what you like, but I’m not getting on the Jersey Turnpike. Lol. Traffic jams all day, every day.

  15. Big difference between posting on eBay and someone actually buying though. Still. Good hustle. Facebook market is a good one too.

  16. Buys 200+ pins and the seller TELLS him at least one of them is worth 30-50 dollars. That’s an easy day’s money off one buy. Unbelievable.

  17. Been flipping stuff on Offerup. Love the flip game. Made a couple vids on it on my channel. Shouts to Gary for being everybody's teacher when it comes to flipping junk 👊

  18. I kind of resent the fact that in the title he mentions turning $75 into $1000 yet has a problem spending $60 on something he said he wanted, without even (on video) looking up how much he could profit from the lot of the figure/toys.

  19. I don't think I'm witty enough to hang with you through an interview, but one day I know I'll be in your office facing your mind. Started from the bottom, can't wait until I reach the top. Thanks so much for all the marvelous tips along my journey.

  20. Yeah these are flips, but it's still an entire endeavor you have to DIVE into. eBay takes 10%, plus there's shipping, plus there's the time it takes to write the listings and manage the account, plus holding inventory and the time in between sales depending on how fast those listings are selling on eBay, plus all the down time and gas in between finding the flips, you have to divide it all out and figure out how much per hour you're actually making and if it really is better than working at 7/11 a few nights a week for your side hustle.

  21. Not to be that guy, but a lot of these items list for that price but usually sit for a LONG ass time before sold, sometimes years.. 
    Regardless, its a hustle and a potential revenue stream if you're the right person and dont mind the long game. But Gary says, the long game
    is the right game, Im para phrasing LMAO

  22. Found you through my brother didn’t like at first but really getting into your content and you’ve gone up in my world now I now know you drive a Land Rover you legend!!

  23. Gary I love what u doing but doing the garage sales you should check what u lost too I mean the gas that u lost wondering around . (Sorry for bad english) LOVE YOU

  24. With ebay you need to look at sold prices, not listed prices. Lots of those listings will never sell. Otherwise yes there is potential to make money flipping for sure. Dope video still!

  25. Questions:
    If I want to do this full time, what would be the best way for taxes?
    Here is what My Intuition tells me: set up new gmail, set up new ebay, set up llc/sole proprietorship, set up business bank account, connect account to ebay, take off. please point out what i have wrong in my thinking, i have imposter complex.

  26. one way to make money at this is to go to auctions and by box lots you can get good deals most of the time and the action I go to most of the people are like me getting stuff to resail lol

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