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  1. Short time subscriber love your vids just wanted you to know to keep a watch on the frame on those buses they are known to crack so just keep an eye on them

  2. Late to say it but that is a lot of unnecessary weight added far above the COG. The boards could have been so much lighter.

    Love your channel.

  3. Always wanted to build a bus with some friends and tour the states in it, wish my friends were like you guys, they just sit around and dont do anything :/

  4. Am I seeing wrong or are there some holes in the ceiling of the van, like at 3:03 , which should be sealed to avoid rain and moisture from ruining the wood and insulation?

  5. Ohhh guys, How much longer before the shuttle bus is finished? LOL I would be so grateful if you could help me out with a question. I have an opportunity to buy a church shuttle bus 2007 Ford E350 5.4L V8 less than 32,000 miles and is very clean. They will even remove the seats & the "LIFT" for me. I have 8-12 months of research into buying the right vehicle for a conversion…so overwhelmed! I want so much to do the shuttle bus BUT I need to know What kind of engine am I looking for that will give me better mileage and get me safely cross country? Female traveling solo in her 60's.

  6. The bus is great, but the /girl/ is even more incredible. She's gorgeous, and when I heard her accent… daaamn. She's somethin' else. You're a lucky guy.

  7. I love how it's coming along nicely I'm thinking of getting shuttle bus next year can't wait looking forward to it and if y'all are doing anything like what you're doing to your bus I would love to connect with you in the future to help me with my shuttle bus awesome video.. thanks for sharing 🤗

  8. I woulda did the bathroom, at the back corner, with the remainder being a closet and vent for humidity. Im sure your design will actually look nice and less crammed than my brain storm ofcourse.

  9. Before u install the interior walls, I suggest resinning up the exposed wood. And if u would like to go over the top. Mod a fiberglass interior. Super easy, full mod

  10. Should of baught like 2 heating pads for the floors. Might have to do some surgery, but it would be dope. Solar panels and all

  11. The construction is fantastic. Great job. Thank you for creating, and sharing, this video, your contributions to a lifestyle which should always have been, for everyone, for love, peace, understanding, unity, etc., and, if you ever run across anyone giving away equipment, such as, but not limited to, solar, batteries, water heaters, jacuzzis, bath tubs, washing machines, etc., buses, box trucks, motorhomes, property, any craft, be they amphibious, aerial, terraneal, spacial, subterraneal, etc., that can be converted into motorhomes, etc. please let us know, because we can use as much as we can get. We are attempting to save the omniverses, as well as existence, so we have to acquire as large of fundings, budgets, etc. as possible, and, within those restrictions, have as many motorhome command centers, properties, equipments, supplies, etc. as possible, from which to function, with which to successfully do our works, etc..

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  12. The way he talks to her and says girl makes it sound like he’s talking to a dog. Lol. She’s gorgeous though!

  13. Could you please give me the interior dimensions of the space that you had to work with from the driver seat to the back of the bus L x W xH

  14. @Grind Hard Plumbing I’m making my decision today to buy the same exact bus for my conversion. On your first video you pulled up all of the flooring. Is that totally necessary?

  15. So disappointed this is the last update on the bus. It looked like it would have turned out wonderful. I've always dreamt of the deck but you are the first I've actually seen. Wish I could have seen the whole process or at least the finished bus.

  16. Where did you get the hinges for the porch? Or are those from the chair lift?. I just bought a shuttle bus and will be starting my own conversion soon.

  17. The shuttle bus is so much better than a school bus. Double layer fiberglass is far superior to a thin skin of steel. Much cooler in the sun and warmer in the winter. Trust me I live in one.

  18. I don't understand how you did the ceiling? I know the insulation is glued..but did you just screw the planks right into the insulation? Is the ceiling glue that strong..or did I miss something?

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