TVJ News Today: Settlement Reached with Car Dealer | JCF to Get More Vehicles – July 4 2019

TVJ News Today: Settlement Reached with Car Dealer | JCF to Get More Vehicles – July 4 2019

good afternoon as Thursday July 4 I’m
Herman green with a midday news for those of you watching online at one spot
meter comm a very special welcome to you an out-of-court settlement with a brand
international car sales could see the Jamaica constable Air Force getting more
vehicles soon national security minister dr. Horace Chan gave the update during a
tour of a new institute of forensic science and legal medicine on Wednesday
the minister says the government is expecting an early solution to the used
car issue and they should receive between 50 and 60 vehicles via this
settlement the 427 point nine million dollar contract has been in negotiation
for almost two years Minister Chang argues that investment in
national security reflects directly on the country’s crime rate increasing in
criminal activity could have been anticipated from a loss of investment of
the last six seven years but expected in the course of the next financial year
being deceased what I call sustained reduction Jun has been the bloodiest
month of this year with more than one hundred and twenty seven murders broken
down by divisions murders were up in 11 of the 19 police divisions with the
Kingston Central Police Division showing the largest increase a 100 percent jump
compared to last year members of the Opposition have raised concerns that the
ministry of national security is relying on states of emergency to curb the rise
in crime but minister chang clapped back with this response even the member of
the Opposition who was really Stern as you don’t accept that is the first time
they’ve seen in kind of investments I don’t think you see the kind of
sustainable fall until sometime in the course of next year
I’m confident asset until then I’m confident there will be significant
reduction and that’s why we taught them we have time to use enhanced security
measures to cut the bloodletting essentially because the investment in
the policing sector have a lead time for real effect a judge in the st. Andrew
Parish Court is to decide later this month whether a case brought against two
policemen by Indicom should be discontinued the judge set an in chamber
hearing for July 29 after a witness told the court he was
being forced to testify against the policeman the witness also insists that
he did not give a statement in the case the individual made the allegations on
Monday during a pre-trial hearing constable Sergio Steele and constable a
Beckford were charged by in become following a probe into the 2013 fatal
shooting of a motorcyclist on maligns road in st. Andrew the police said the
motorcyclist was killed during a shootout on Monday the judge adjourned
the proceedings and ordered the police to collect a statement from the witness
and investigate the allegations there’s more debate about the government’s plan
to impose tax on persons who use their properties for air B&B arrangements
opposition spokesman on tourism dr. Wickham McNeill added his voice of the
argument calling for the government to delay the tax plan this follows
confirmation from tourism minister Edmund Bartlet that the tax requirement
will be implemented soon tourism minister edmond bartlett on wednesday
confirmed that the owners of Airbnb will soon be required to pay taxes but
opposition spokesman on tourism dr. Wickham Neil says not so fast
he believes that more time is needed for the local air B&B industry to develop
before this tax is imposed dr. MacNeill agrees that the sector needs to be
regularized but argues that based on the nature of a local tourism market
taxation needs to be carefully planned it must be closely monitored because it
can be regularly – those are existence if you leave it alone leave the
technocrats adjust speed with it and secondly if you are going to do some saw
sunset on it has to be very careful this is a this market in Jamaica in the
developmental stage it has tremendous opportunities it has opportunity to
really grow and I think we need he warns that there is a delicate balance that
must be kept to keep the industry growing while speaking on our jr’s
beyond the headlines Wednesday afternoon dr. McNeil cautioned against
over-regulation so you want this to grow and you don’t
want to put too much in impediments to hinder it we’re where Omar the president
was coming from is that there needs to be some regulation and some taxation of
it a regulation being maybe put in fire extinguishers etc I my position and it
is that I think that left a lot to grow in the first place there has to be some
general sense of regular of regulations I’m not certain how much because anytime
that door the the ministry fever makes it so onerous that it almost becomes
impossible to to to operate it would have to be sort of a minimum air B&B the
short for air bed-and-breakfast our small-scale housing accommodations
usually provided by home owners to visitors looking for options and
experiences other than the usual hotel service Herman green there’s a call this
afternoon for greater collaboration between regional states and addressing a
number of issues which face the CARICOM region the call comes from CARICOM
chairman Alan Chester net at the 40th meeting of the karyam CARICOM Heads of
Government we have more in this report Caribbean community CARICOM leaders on
Thursday began the first full day of deliberations following Wednesday
night’s ceremonial opening where host Prime Minister Alain chasni called for
introspection of the regional integration movement Chaston is also the
chairman of the 15 member group in and in a wide-ranging speech he asked what
he said are putting on questions regarding the future direction of the 46
year old organization of independent and non independent countries can we say we
are satisfied with our current status do we believe that all our citizens or even
the majority are satisfied are we pushing ourselves hard enough as the
elected leaders we must be prepared to rise to these challenges and like our
forefathers we must inspire our citizens by finding
the solutions to counteract the threats we face this would require a
to be creative courageous unified at all levels as brilliant as the institution’s
we establish as CARICOM there are time given the changes in the world we must
now reform these institutions to respond to the new normal so that they can
continue to serve the best interests of our community and our citizens
let us not put off to tomorrow what we must do today how much longer was we
pondered a need for a stronger regional security force do we really expect
criminals to respect our individual sovereignty we’re ready took steps to
have a Regional Court let’s finish the job
how many more studies do we need to confirm the justification for Regional
Healthcare the lack of an effective regional transportation policy is
crippling our economies and we now take a break here on the midday news but stay
with us more stories after these messages welcome back continuing the news there’s
a call from the chief executive office of the economic growth counts of Senator
urban Hill to invest more in Jamaica speaking at the Rotary Club of downtown
Kingston’s installation banquet on Wednesday
senator Hill appointed to some managerial practices which stifle the
growth of businesses which in turn affect the country’s economy that the
worst thing a manager can do to an employee is lie to them about their
performance and let’s do this carefully but also separating poor performers from
the company’s managers want that job what them don’t like the separation part
I believe in the principle that those managers who are unable to separate poor
performers from their organization should never be allowed to hurt anybody
in other words it shouldn’t be a manager and I’m not apologizing for it he also
suggested that Jamaicans should not be surprised when assets are sold to
foreigners five years from now don’t you blame Prime Minister Andrew Holness or
chairman of the economic growth Council my collegian or me as a CEO of the Gold
Council for giving away Jamaican assets to foreigners so this don’t make this
opportunity pass you it must be ten to eleven time I’m saying buy into Jamaica
now the decision as to whether the alleged victim of sexual harassment at
Edna Manly college should be allowed to address a parliamentary committee was a
hot topic at the public administration and Appropriations Committee PA AC on
Wednesday government members of the committee voted against allowing the
victim to be heard but committee member of its Jackson made this appeal beg of
you do let the records with me that we as a
committee the nine are American from speaking to their parliamentary
representative on a matter that affects them concerns were raised by the
government members about the possible trauma to the alleged victim but mr.
Jackson gave this response deny this young lady are any other person who has
an experience that they want they believe we should here we have the
practice of dealing with afternoon with sensitive matters as my colleague from
East Kingston said earlier on if the discussion in the open committee is
going down a certain line we can suspend it and we can go in-camera and here to
protect the personal persons that might be affected in any sensitive way the
woman is to be heard to appear before the public administration and
appropriations committee of parliament PA AC next week now President of the
Caribbean maritime University professor Fritz Pinnock says the institution is
reconsidering his decision to take legal action against the financial
investigation division fi D the action was taken amid complaints that
procedures were not followed by the FI D in seeking to obtain documents from the
University as part of an ongoing investigation the matter was again
raised in yesterday’s sitting of the PAS C I gather that all the materials have
not been relevant materials have not been turned over to the agency and there
is nothing outstanding and that all right hearing right that there is a
process continuing to deal with the so call or a spent I also know the court not in court no
there was a matter for procedure that was taken to court
yeah because you know but that that is not under review no clear is a matter
still subsisting in court are you still taking that matter through the courts I
gather that a date has been set so it has been said we go down to news and
sports the reggae boys went down 3-1 to the United States and the semi-final of
the CONCACAF Gold Cup in Nashville on Wednesday western market Matt McKinney
gave the u.s. the lead after just nine minutes before the teams had to leave
the field for almost two hours due to a lightning storm on the resumption the
Jamaicans created a few chances but could not finish as they trailed one nil
at halftime seven minutes after the halftime break knew Chelsea signing
Christian pelisek made it to nil for the USA slotting home from close range
substitute Shamar Nicholson pulled one back for the record voice on minute 69
before ballistic returned for his second in the 87th minute and in cricket
Afghanistan needing 312 runs for victory are 275 for nine against the West Indies
in their final ICC World Cup game at Headingley West Indies batting first
posted 311 for six with shea hopes mt7 top scoring Evan Lewis 58 and Nicolas
paren 58 got half centuries while Jamaican Chris Gayle made seven in his
final ICC World Cup inning Darla’s zadran ended with two for 73 and that
wraps up the midday news I’m Herman Greene please join us at 7:00 for the
prime time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams good

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  1. I know this use car deal will work we always short of car in the force when Peter was minster how many car did he buy we just can't buy pure new car good go horace

  2. The DNA database will be completed by the end of July . If we had a national identification system it would be so much quicker to solve crime.

  3. Gary I can see that you are also a criminal you always taking up for and supporting these set of unscrupulous and corrupt politicians, this man Horace Chang is a disgrace I hate here when he speaks f..king Moran .

  4. Anyone going to PRISON in the Obrian car and 400millk dollars free loan with no INTREST PAID…OH SORRY SOME 50 USED CARS TO THE POLICE….PURE FRAUDESTERS…

  5. Of course they should pay taxes now. That is an income that should be taxed for their Airbnb at the same tax rate as salaries. No time is needed. McNeil must have his Airbnb.

  6. I want the opposition leader to put the matter about the used car vehicles in front of the court, because the JLP party government is a criminal. The former minister of national security talking should be charged for conspiring theory fraud to, the government taxpayers money. By means of false pretenses, for his own purposes, because the PNP party government left the money to buy new vehicles. Not no dam used vehicles for the police force to be used, that is fraudulent conversion activities.
    The former minister of national security talking should be charged for several counts of fraudulent conversion activities, altering, and so on. From over the years the JLP party government is in power, and they took the money which the PNP party government left in placed to bought new vehicles, not used vehicles for the police force. One statement from the former minister of national security talking said about the police force, that the new vehicles is too good for them and. The money is buying those vehicles is for him,also the JLP party government ministers. The money is taxpayers own, and he is behaving like they are granting the police force a big favour. That is why I really don't strongly believe in the law system in Jamaica, because is only certain types of people they are very quick to arrest, and also investigated. The DPP office is doing a very poor job when certain groups of people, committed certain crimes. They really failed to acted ,also the contractor general, and the integrity committee fails to prosecuted certain celebrities. Especially the DPP I been observing their office, and I found out that they are very bias against certain categories of people.
    I know about the Intricacies of the DPP office long before any, of the current sets of workers there now working. Is one thing I can say that the DPP office is unti police, this is not something am trying to fabricate against them. I know about the intricacies of the office since 1976,and the way over the years how they handled cases against police officers. Nobody in that office cannot contradict me at all, because no of them weren't working in the office as yet at all.
    It is really sad that in modern times, the DPP office is not improving at all.

  7. What!!! See !! these are selling out Jamaica. If the poor people can't buy into Jamaica, who born and grow in Jamaica what the hell they should do or go??? Corrupt Gov-.

  8. The minister of Tourism how much billion dollar do you make every year you are doing nothing with it but the people that are trying do something to earn a living you are trying to match up dear little business you are awesome teeth in this country your governments

  9. True you have to leave a business to Rice these ministers they just come being going to legalize Airbnb no we as a people not going to work with that go and think about it again minister of Tourism

  10. This is all you treat the people of Jamaica why you don't want to ear this girl story this is a College intervention people of Jamaica want to hear what really happened to this girl someone should go to prison

  11. Many of you ministers will not have a seat coming next election is a fever of Jamaica will make sure of that

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