Two Old Lifts / Elevators – One with no car door

Two Old Lifts / Elevators – One with no car door

Hi, it’s JW. Today we’re going to have a
look at an elevator or lift in an older building. It’s built in the 1960s and the
lift is original to the building It’s one that doesn’t have
a door on the car, there’s just a door onto the outside landing It has very basic controls, and it hasn’t had any upgrades
since it was installed. It’s going to be replaced fairly shortly
with some brand new shiny thing so we’ll have a look and travel
in it, and see how bad it is. We are on the upstairs landing
Here is the call button. It has a label which advises of a step
when entering or leaving. Presumably no one could be bothered
to adjust the lift so it stopped correctly. The buttons on each floor are identical
just a button and a neon indicator The door is on a self closing thing
they are just normal doors. There’s the floor. This lift is for three people although
that seems unlikely. Persons under 16 are not allowed in probably because they would get their
fingers chewed in the mechanism. Here’s the control panel.
White buttons for each floor Ground, 123 and 4
Red stop, Green alarm. The alarm is just a buzzer in
the hallway so if something goes wrong, don’t expect anyone to rush to help. There’s the door,
hallway through the window no internal gate or door
whatsoever. We’ll press the button and
see where this takes us. Here we are on the ground floor, have a look at the covering
of the lift it’s some kind of rexine
or some wierd material. There’s a label there, again
about steps when leaving. There is no make on this anywhere
and there is no make on the outside either. Whoever put it in was ashamed of
the fact they had installed it. This is the ground floor,
they are all pretty much the same. The door is just a wooden door
with a handle on it and one of those
automatic closing mechanisms. In this panel on the side
is the locking mechanism. It’s supposed to be secured shut
but just hangs wide open. There’s the lock which
holds the door closed when the lift is not
on this floor. There’s a number on the bottom
which probably has no meaning to anybody. So there’s that lift, a pretty
horrendous old thing. It’s going to be replaced
shortly anyway so might as well get the video
while it’s still in place. It’s in the Bournemouth area somewhere. Not giving the actual address because I don’t want people going round there and annoying the people who live there. As a bonus, here’s another
video of a lift which is a similar age
but has been tarted up. The car has new controls,
carpet and a mirror on the wall The lift is ridiculously slow, and
this video hasn’t been slowed down You’ll see how long it takes to get from
the 6th floor to the basement. We are on the upstairs landing. Two lifts, both identical,
one call button for the two. The lift is on the floor above so we’ll just wait a week
or five while the lift shows up. There’s the lift arriving now Here’s the door rushing open. It’s bigger than the other one
with carpet and a mirror. Fairly new control panel There’s the plate with the various
flats listed on it. We’ll go down to the ground floor The door is just closing there slowly and we’re on the move. Bearing in mind we’re only
on floor 6 at the moment so you would expect it to be fairly quick
to get down to the ground And so we’ve finally reached
the ground floor. While the door opens slowly,
I’ll have to cut the video off there because there is a big sign outside here which has the name of
the block of flats on it Obviously we don’t want
to show that in the video as we don’t want stupid people
going round there and annoying the
people who live there.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. "Here's the lift arriving as slowly as it possibly could, and here's the doors rushing open" these comments made me laugh! Good video, interesting indeed.

  2. I like the way they went to the trouble of making the floor indicator scroll the numbers up and down but it's just a shame that they scroll the wrong way.

  3. In my block of flats there is this kind of elevator without internal doors. I am using it since I was something like 5 years old. I just got used to it :).

  4. corruption in the elevator company goes all the way to the top. . .

    are you investigating corruption in my elevator company??? you're going down

  5. Excellent. Yet another riveting review of some of Bournmouth's lesser known lift/elevators.

    I'm in eager anticipation for the next installment.

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