UAW-GM strike: Parts shortages causing problems for auto repair shops

UAW-GM strike: Parts shortages causing problems for auto repair shops

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  1. Gm greedy uaw greedy both corrupt im looking for new job people need to know how to vote to this has gotten ridiculous not waiting till Christmas and now people crossing the picket line nothing good coming out of this

  2. $250 a week is less than minimum wage? That is minimum wage lol I was making that much working full time hours at Home Depot.

  3. Most of jobs performed by UAW members can be easily automated or robotized. As manufacturing engineer I have been working in several assembly plants at USA, Canada and Mexico, and I can assure that most of the jobs being performed by UAW members can be performed faster, with better quality and cost effective by automating or robotizing them. So I really believe that companies like GM, Ford and FICA are being so much generous and dumb by keeping those unneeded jobs and the UAW members are unrealistic by not realizing that their jobs can be easily replaced by cost effective automation and artificial intelligence. Don`t kill the gold eggs hen!

  4. Sorry but I am a flat rate mechanic who works over 48 hours a week on my feet and don't get any overtime pay I'm so sorry no sympathy here

  5. This CEO that Barack Obama appointed needs to be fired now before she destroys the company. I’m not surprised that a Democrat appointed somebody this evil to a position. And then Barack Obama tries to claim that he is for the UAW worker. Democrats do not support the UAW they are wolves in sheep‘s clothing. Bill Clinton signed in NAFTA. Barack Obama appointed this woman. It doesn’t take a rocket science to see that every time a Democrat gets involved in the UAW it’s not a good thing.

  6. These winey employees need 2 realize they have a good job & pay. Shut up and go back 2 work. I read an article that said fill time GM employees that been their 15yrs or more make 25-38 bucks an hour. That's good money in N.C.

  7. They where boohooing on the news the other day going from 1200 a week down to 250 a week on pay…. that's what unions do to you and it's called being greedy

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