Ugreen Wireless Car FM Transmitter Review – Revive Your Old Car Stereo!

Ugreen Wireless Car FM Transmitter Review – Revive Your Old Car Stereo!

Quick Charge 3.0, Bluetooth FM Transmitter,
car battery low power alert, built-in media player… Yes, that’s all part of the latest Ugreen
Car Charger. It comes well protected as usual. There are user manual and thank you card along
with the car charger. Build quality is great and stylish in design
too. QC3 support on multiple voltages. 2 USB ports. Hands-free phone call supported too. Yeah… Quick Charge 3.0 fast changing is supported
no doubt. Just make sure you plug into the correct port. The other port supports up to 1A output only. No worry about running out of car battery
anymore. Yes, Ugreen Car Charger shows current car
battery voltage once engine started. Great to know when to replace car battery. Bluetooth FM Transmitter is great for old
car without MP3 player. Set the radio frequency that not in used at
your area first. Then connect your smartphone through Bluetooth
will do. Enjoy your favourite music through your car
stereo then. Of course, receive phone call too. By the way, microphone performance depends
on your charger location. Do take note… Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. FLAC format is supported on top of the usual
MP3. Enjoy better sound quality out of it for sure. And easy to navigate with built-in buttons. Well, that’s all for Ugreen Wireless Car
FM Transmitter review. Be sure to get yours soon. You will like it as I do. Thanks for watching. And I will see you again. Peace…

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  1. I bought the same thing. It was able to connect it on my phone but not on the car. I tried turning my radio on and off but nothing happen. any tips?

  2. This doesn't have FLAC support, only mp3, wma. Also, what filesystem did you use for that USB, NTFS or FAT32? I can't get mine to read from USB. Thanks for great video!

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