$uicideBoy$ “Carrollton” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

$uicideBoy$ “Carrollton” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

$crim: This dude paid me for studio time when
we were coming up in bath salts. I took this big ol’ rail and I mean, I couldn’t
even … I was just so speeded out. I was just like … I couldn’t talk or nothing,
and the crazy thing about it was I had an interview the next day. I got the job and I worked there for three
years before I got my hands tatted and got fired. Ruby: Carrollton is a street in New Orleans,
it runs through mid city all the way through uptown. I’ve probably been on that road every single
day of my life, getting from point A to point B. $crim: I made the beat and as soon as I made
the beat there’s these very rare times like in Paris and other songs we done where it’s
just feeling so overwhelming. Ruby: Lyrically I wanted to just write about
swagging out, or bragging about me being a piece of shit. $crim: Actually I’m a very forgiving person. I’m a human though, and I am flawed so to
say that I don’t hold grudges would be a lie. But it’s something I’m practicing and something
I wanna get rid of. At the same time it’s like, don’t screw me
over. $crim: Usually after every tour I go see my
homeboy Jared who’s been tatting me since like 16. I got the savage tatted on my face because
long story short you come up the way I gotta come up, you got no choice at times but to
do as you gotta do, it’s a survival instinct. $crim: I have witnessed and he’s witnessed
two of our closest African American homies get pulled over and me and him, cops nice
as could be to us but I mean the way they treated them and searched them and everything
was just outrageous. Dude had $500 dollars on him he was asking
what he had it on him for. It’s 500 bucks bro. Ruby: They sort of pulled us aside and said
“Look we know it’s theirs, just tell us it’s theirs and you guys can be on your way.” $crim: Ever since I was young and him doing
that, I finally got to watch the video one day and it was lethal, man, because he didn’t
even know he was getting a real bat, from what I heard, and he got a real bat and he
bit his head off and killed the poor son of a bitch $crim: It was originally called North Shore,
but I hate that name. It reminds me of Jersey Shore, so I called
it Northside. “Tony gripping on the Tommy” because Tony
with the Tommy is one of my nicknames. $crim: I felt like an alien. I felt like my hair was up to here. My forehead was a 10-head. It was crazy. $crim: You put Boosie on, somebody gettin’
fucked up if they around me. It’s like that’s my mosh music. Ruby: I had this homie, Jeff, who when I started
making beats when I was 19, he was really one of the only ones … the only one out
of my friends that would hear my stuff and actually encourage me to do it, and be like,
“Damn, this is actually not bad, dude.” Blah, blah, blah. “You should keep going,” and then he passed
away. Ruby: It’s an ode to Pimp C. He quit smoking
with haters back in 1994, I think. Ruby: I guess it’s sort of referencing how
I don’t ever wanna be sober. I kinda referenced that fucking iconic Chief
Keef song, I Hate Being Sober, which is the most fire fucking simplistic phrase. Ruby: I’m talking about my drivers license. was just like looking at my ID. I was like, “That’s my face and I use that
shit to smash up drugs to put back into my face. Is that something that I could reference someday?” I did. Ruby: We also don’t feel like we get along
with a lot of artists in this rap industry. Not- $crim: Personally. Ruby: Yeah. I’m not gonna say like we hate everybody,
but it’s just some artists. We don’t go out. We don’t go to the strip clubs and shit. We don’t click with … I don’t know. It’s just hard being in this social scene
of a music industry and not being social. Ruby: I’m talking about Heaven’s Gate the
cult, but I’m also referencing … It’s a double entendre. I’m referencing “Meet me at the pearly whites,”
You know what Nike Decades are right? That’s the shoe that they were wearing when
they all committed suicide. I want to do a fucking collab with Nike, so
Nike Decades, throw that in there … Holler at me Nike before someone else steals that
fucking idea. They were all covered by a blanket and the
only thing that you could see was … They were lying on their back and you could only
see their black Nike Decades.

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  1. I don't think Nike would want to take the risk of bad press by doing a shoe collab that reminds everyone that a bunch of cultists who committed suicide were wearing their product. Great song though.

  2. 'Face Tat Guy' reminds me of that first guy passing out at a party in college a little too close to the Sharpie drawer #whodrewthedicks

  3. I hold lots of grudges I have 0 tattoos I grew up in the ghetto haven’t been pulled over I’m sad a lot I’m a kid
    I’m in middle school I’m bullied


  4. The fact that this video received so many thumbs up is truly a sad commentary on living in the 21st century. In the 1980s, these two bitch ass fools would have gotten mugged, beat up, tossed in a dumpster and had garbage thrown on top of them and laughed at. Are these bitches actually famous? I weep for this world. 😭

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