Ultimaker: How to change the language settings

Ultimaker: How to change the language settings

In this video, we’re going to demonstrate
how to change the language settings for the Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker Cura, and Cura Connect These products are localized in a variety of languages to ensure the best accessibility for users all over the world The default display language of the Ultimaker 3 is English but you have the option to choose from
over 10 languages to suit your situation To change the display language of the
Ultimaker 3, navigate to “System”>”Language” The first option is English, with all other languages organized in alphabetical order underneath Scroll through the list and select your desired language The screen will briefly go blank and then return you to the main menu with the new display language activated Let’s open Ultimaker Cura To change the language, navigate to “Ultimaker Cura”>”Preferences” The “General” tab opens by default with
the language options on top Select your desired language, and restart Ultimaker Cura for the change to apply As you can see, the entire interface now appears in the selected language Now let’s open Cura Connect Go to the print monitor and select “print jobs” Cura Connect will open in your browser The display language in Cura Connect is selected automatically based on your browser language If you want to change Cura Connect’s language, simply adjust your browser’s language settings That’s it You now know how to change the language settings Thank you for choosing Ultimaker

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