Ultimaker: How to install the SolidWorks plugin

Ultimaker: How to install the SolidWorks plugin

Ultimaker Cura is a fully featured
slicing application to fit the needs of engineers in all steps of the product
development cycle The plugin browser in Ultimaker Cura allows users to quickly and easily add extra functionalities to the software that
enhance your 3D printing workflow To find all available plugins in Ultimaker Cura Navigate to “Plugins”>”Browse plugins…” A pop-up window shows a list of all the available plugins which can be downloaded Let’s install the SolidWorks integration plugin Please note this plugin only works when SolidWorks is installed on your computer Click “Download” and wait for the plugin to finish downloading Read the plugin license and click “Accept” to continue The plugin has been successfully installed To use it you will need to restart the
application Click “OK” and close to restart Ultimaker Cura You now have the ability to load SolidWorks compatible files straight from the “Open
File” menu such as SolidWorks parts and SolidWorks assemblies After you select your file a pop-up will ask which quality the file should be loaded with You can configure the default quality when loading SolidWorks files by going
to “Extensions”>”SolidWorks integration”>”Configure” Another method to use this
plugin is to export data straight from SolidWorks To do so we need to install a shortcut button inside SolidWorks Go to “Extensions”>”SolidWorks integration”>”How to install SolidWorks macro” and follow the tutorial Now that SolidWorks has a
dedicated “Export to Ultimaker Cura” button select a part or assembly and
click the button to export it directly to Ultimaker Cura Ultimaker Cura will load the model with the same scale and orientation that it has in SolidWorks That’s it! You now have a streamlined design and manufacturing workflow Thank you for choosing Ultimaker

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  1. Thanks for the video. Is it possible to do analysis in Ansys from the model generated by Cura? because when i generate a model in Ansys it comes as solid simple model not a lattice structured model.

  2. Basically a nice plugin.
    But the description of the macro installation is wrong or outdated.
    On my windows 10 computer the SolidWorks macro is to be found here:

    And the macro has 2 unattractive properties:
    1. It always starts a new session of cura. This takes a long time, and I cannot add several SolidWorks parts into 1 cura session.
    Is it possible to import the model into a running cura session?

    2. Cura imports the last saved Solidworks file- which is not surely the current model on the screen. Unsaved changes are not given to cura.

  3. For some reason I cannot find the plug in we see on all the screenshots. There is no search feature in Marketplace. I'll therefore assume that it is the 3DS Solidworks Plugin its now called.

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