Ultimaker: How to use the layer view in Ultimaker Cura

Ultimaker: How to use the layer view in Ultimaker Cura

In this video we’re going to explore the
layer view in Ultimaker Cura The layer view is a powerful tool to check
specific details of your printing strategy Using the layer view efficiently will ensure the best results for your print We have loaded a part of a shock breaker into the 3D viewer and we’ll prepare to print with an Ultimaker 3 so we can print with dual-extrusion We will use blue PLA as a build material, loaded into extruder 1 Since the model has a lot of overhangs,
we will use PVA as a support material This is loaded into extruder 2 We will use recommended mode to prepare the model Let’s select a layer height of 200
micron and an infill density of 40% We will enable support material and assign extruder 2 to print it Now that all of the settings are in place, wait for Ultimaker Cura to slice the model When slicing is finished, we will be able to
preview the printing strategy Click the drop-down list in the top-right corner of the 3D viewer and select “Layer view” The layer view will show the slice
results in the 3D viewer It will also show a new control interface with the following options: The color scheme selector, which can be used to visualize different properties of your print A checklist, which can be used to show and hide different elements of the printing strategy A play button, to simulate the
current layer of the printing strategy and a layer slider, to navigate through
each layer of the print and inspect specific layers The current selection shows the material color that the model is going to be printed with To visualize different properties of the model, select “line type” To get a better view of the layers, we can hide certain elements We’ve used extruder 2 for support
material If we uncheck extruder 2, support material for this print will be hidden If we uncheck “Show Travels”, we can hide all movements of the printhead where material is not extruded The colored squares next to each element
correspond to the colors in the 3D viewer This makes it easier to determine
the printing strategy of each individual element of the model You can inspect a layer range or individual layers with the layer slider To use it, grab the top handle and drag it up or down You can input a layer number in the input field to jump to a specific layer instantly The same can be done with the bottom handle When a layer range is visible, you can drag that layer range up and down by dragging the layer slider between the handles We can simulate the nozzle’s movements by clicking the play button above the layer slider Simulation will start and can be controlled by dragging the progress bar or pausing it and using the arrow keys or Shift + the arrow keys to step through the simulation That’s it. You now know how to use the layer view efficiently Thank you for choosing Ultimaker

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  1. What a great video. It's short, to the point and very clear.

    Now I get how to use the layer view much better.

    Thanks for this..

  2. is there a way to have sam sort of visual display of the printing layer the printer is? during printing?

  3. hi i'm am having a problem with color scheme. it is missing. the only thing i have is line type. I dont have feed rate or line thickness

  4. But how do we see it while it is printing? That is what im trying to do… Repetier Host allows you to view each layer in real time while it prints.

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