Ultimaker: Introducing Breakaway support material

Ultimaker: Introducing Breakaway support material

This model is printed using Ultimaker
Breakaway support material and ABS Breakaway acts as a support material, and
can be easily removed in a matter of minutes while giving a high-quality finish to your 3D print When your model has finished printing remove the support material on the inside by
grabbing it with gripping pliers and breaking it away After removing the majority of the support infill loosen the support interface as much
as possible with cutting pliers then pull it away from the model Remove any last traces with pliers or tweezers It isn’t essential to wear gloves, but we
recommend them as a precaution Breakaway will leave a smoother finish on your
print than traditional build material support without the need for cutting or additional sanding Breakaway takes less time to remove
than water-soluble support It doesn’t need to be submerged in water which is convenient when you’re using
a water-sensitive build material Unlike water soluble supports, Breakaway isn’t
affected by environmental humidity This means it has a much longer shelf life Using dual extrusion on the Ultimaker 3
or Ultimaker 3 Extended Breakaway can be combined with
a wide range of materials including ABS, Nylon, PLA, CPE and CPE+. By adding Breakaway to our material range, Ultimaker
offers multiple ways to support your 3D model Build material support is ideal when you have
a strong model without hard to reach cavities which doesn’t require an extremely
smooth surface finish Use a knife or other tools to remove the
support from your model Choose PVA if your model has tiny details which
need support, or hard-to-reach cavities Removing PVA support material is effortless Simply place the print in tap water and it
will dissolve gradually, this may take several hours PVA is compatible with PLA, CPE and Nylon Ultimaker Breakaway is designed to
support strong models with less complex geometries
and no hard-to-reach cavities Breakaway leaves behind a good quality
surface finish and is optimized for use with ABS, Nylon,
PLA, CPE and CPE+ Removing Breakaway can be done in a
matter of minutes with pliers No matter what you’re printing, Ultimaker has the
right support solution for your 3D print

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  1. I tought that was how support material already worked, The effort it took to remove it looked the same as with normal support , also, isn't there dissolvable support material now?

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