Ultimaker S5 Features Explained – the most powerful, reliable, and versatile 3D printer

Ultimaker S5 Features Explained – the most powerful, reliable, and versatile 3D printer

Introducing the Ultimaker S5: the most reliable,
versatile and easy-to-use desktop 3D printer. Engineered for printing prototypes,
manufacturing aids and end-use parts Let’s see what makes it the complete,
user-friendly 3D printing solution The Ultimaker S5 features the largest
build volume yet in an Ultimaker 3D printer so you can print bigger models, or put more
parts on the build plate for maximum efficiency To ensure repeatable, high-quality
prints and an efficient workflow the Ultimaker S5 is built around seamless integration
of hardware, software and materials configuration Ultimaker Cura software optimizes
your settings for larger prints while WiFi and Ethernet network capabilities
mean you can print from your desk With Cura Connect on your desktop or via the app,
you can monitor prints and manage your 3D printers Touchscreen navigation on the printer makes
setup and maintenance fast and simple In addition to the glass build plate, the Ultimaker S5
also features an anodized aluminum build plate which is designed to make printing
with engineering materials easier while also giving a more consistent
surface finish to the bottom of your part With two build plates, you can
choose the one that fits the material Before your print starts, the active detailed bed leveling
system corrects any offset on the build plate surface A sensor scans the plate at multiple points and the build plate height is adjusted to
compensate and give a perfect first layer, every time Closing the doors of the Ultimaker S5 gives you
better control of the temperature and airflow This, in combination with using the
right build plate and active bed leveling ensures good adhesion and reliable 3D printing Ultimaker’s dual-extrusion technology
gives unparalleled reliability Printing with two materials, you can produce
technical parts with cavities and overhangs supported by specialized support materials Realize your most complex
designs in PLA, Nylon or CPE combined with PVA support material
that dissolves away in water enabling complete dimensional freedom in design And when you need to adjust your printer
setup for a different material or nozzle size material-matching Print Cores and NFC-enabled
filament spools ensure quick changes and high uptime The Ultimaker S5 is a flexible platform
for creative designers and engineers Depending what properties your prints need you can choose from a wide range
of optimized Ultimaker materials or other filaments thanks to
the Ultimaker S5’s open filament system Whichever material you select, the intuitive touchscreen
interface guides you through the printer setup for easy, first-time-right configuration The Ultimaker S5 comes with Tough PLA a technical material with toughness similar
to ABS but the simplicity of PLA ideal for rapid prototyping with large prints Tough PLA is compatible with Ultimaker
support materials, including PVA For the perfect printing results, use our material range
with preconfigured profiles in Ultimaker Cura software which have been extensively tested
and optimized by our engineers Sensors monitor your filament flow during printing If the material runs out, the printer pauses and
notifies you to load new filament before resuming With the Ultimaker S5, you choose
a future-ready 3D printing solution that will grow even richer in
functionality and possibilities over time Regular firmware updates add
new and optimized features alongside improvements to Ultimaker Cura
and Cura Connect software The Ultimaker S5 feeder is designed
to print with advanced technical plastics such as composite materials Over time, more materials and
print cores become available opening up even more possibilities and applications The Ultimaker S5 is the powerful, reliable, and versatile
3D printer that delivers industrial-class results With Ultimaker’s complete integrated solution,
professional 3D printing is made even more accessible

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. why so small on the Y though? like lots of prints are square or circular in nature, having a short y really cuts down the usability 🙁

  2. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this machine – just for testing, though, for now.

    I do more tinkering than actual business use, but if that changes, I want to know if the S5 will meet my needs.

  3. Ba&@£!ds!! I just bought the U3 Extended! If I’d known this was coming out, I would’ve waited and went for this one!

  4. It's the Cadillac of FDM printers for sure…I wish the build plate was flexible to pop off those big prints….but wow….looks very impressive.

  5. When will UM stop making loading material a PIA by putting spool holders and extruders it in the back of the machine

  6. Basically the same of the past 2 years + a good marketing team, sorry with that price I can build an entire farm of enclosure Prusa MK3 with each one a build volume of 300 mm^3, also it's smarter that this Ultimaker.

  7. It's great and all but at that price you want to be able to do kind of everything. That build volume is just too small

  8. I don't understand why people insist on commenting on what are essentially professional products on how expensive or "overpriced" they are, this thing is $5k, a decent quality colour plotter can be similar priced doing something much less exciting. Sure, you can probably achieve similar results with other kits after a whole lot of tuning and playing around, but people who aren't hobbyists or care about 3D printing, they just want things to work reliability every time with minimum effort to design their products, $5k is very reasonable…

  9. At my work we have 1 Ultimaker 2+ , 2 Prusa mk2s, and 2 Form 2s. Form 2s are the best quality, least reliable and extremely expensive to run(200$ every couple of days for resin). The mk2s print almost as good as the ultimaker but do require bearing, temp sensor replacements once in a while. The ultimaker is def the most reliable never had to change anything yet and prints slightly better than the prusa mk2s (slightly), filament is twice the price though. Just my 2 cents.

  10. We have one at the office for a couple of months now and we still enjoy the easy use and reliabillity evey time it is printing.
    I think it is a bit like an Iphone; you know there are other brands that offers the same functionality for less money. But it comes with something extra in the way it is operated and the confidence in the brand makes it worth the extra penny.

  11. It's good for professional use but most hobbyists like to mod their printer and get standard cheap replacement parts from aliexpress, something you can't do with this

  12. reliable? fuck my model after 2 days print, while detect no material, but NFC say 77 meters, and motors dont have any problem. After aj start it 5 times it start continue on different place … give me my money back or real profesional printer, my clients will be happy a i dont will be look like idiot

  13. The ultimaker S5 is a ridiculous price…. This machine is not worth what they are asking for. It's disgusting that this company think that's an acceptable price if I'm honest. I've also noticed that you don't drop your prices on any of the printers they are just as expensive as they were when each model came out.

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