ULTIMATE CUV — 2019 Toyota RAV4 Limited vs. 2019 Honda CR-V Touring: Comparison

ULTIMATE CUV — 2019 Toyota RAV4 Limited vs. 2019 Honda CR-V Touring: Comparison

Honda and Toyota used to battle relentlessly against each other on Camry versus Accord, and while that still happens today Rav4 and CRV have become the predominant comparison for the average consumer. These are for all intents and purposes the new go-to family vehicles But like hundreds of thousands of people this year. It may be very difficult to decide between these two top products in the class So for this comparison, we will be looking at a loaded rav4 and CRV Side-by-side to see which one is the superior product Let’s get to it So to get things going here, let’s establish the pricing and option levels of these two Starting with the 2019 CRV. We have the most expensive trim called touring as Many of you know Honda doesn’t have any factory option packages but we do have the optional all-wheel drive system add in a few odd and end dealer accessories and the $995 destination charge to get a total of thirty five thousand six hundred forty two dollars For the all-new 2019 rav4 things aren’t quite as simple Like the CRV we have the fully loaded trim in this case called limited as well as the optional all-wheel drive system That puts it at thirty four and nine. However, Toyota has several options you can add Including our optional paint into navigation and all-weather floor mats After the $1045 destination charge that places our equivalent rav4 at a little over $37,000 All told that places the price difference between these two at a reasonable fifteen hundred forty-seven dollars To compensate for this we will give one point per thousand dollars of difference and therefore start the CRV off with one point Now a lot of the times close competitors are very similar But as far as the power trains are concerned rav4 and CRV couldn’t be more different under the hood of the Toyota you’ll find a more traditional setup a two and a half liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine making 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque Honda goes a different route and gives you a smaller turbocharged one and a half litre four-cylinder that makes less power at 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque For the transmissions the same thing plays out Toyota went with a traditional 8-speed automatic while Honda chose a CVT This is one of the biggest distinctions when driving these two Even though Honda did an excellent job tuning the CVT The average consumer is going to prefer the instant response a more traditional feel of the 8-speed auto in the Toyota As far as other driving characteristics both have a fantastic ride quality as well as surprisingly nimble handling Both also accelerate nicely though by the seat of my pants the Rav feels a little quicker and more responsive But on the flip side the CRV has the quieter engine The rav4 is real xfactor though is its new torque vectoring all-wheel drive system that comes standard on limited This system allows for more options and power distribution including to the individual wheels You usually won’t find a system like this in mainstream vehicles Lastly for fuel economy. The CRV does outdo the new rav4 But not by more than our 5% margin to get a point it gets a class-leading 29 combined with all-wheel-drive Versus the rav4 is still great 28 combined So with all that covered, let’s move to the new exterior styling and features Now we try to keep things as objective as possible with these comparisons, but we will still take a minute to compare the overall styling Beginning with the all new rav4, it looks totally different from the outgoing model This generation has a masculine and sculpted front complete with the limited special metallic gray finish The CRV front looks a bit more suburban, but it still has a pretty aggressive face The chrome accented grille flows right into the headlights which are fully LED on the Honda The same goes for the Toyotas headlights in both CUV’s have halogen fog lights down at the bottom Around back again, the rav4 has the more muscular appearance, but both look very upscale wood fully loaded They have rear chrome accents LED tail lights and dual exhaust outlets Overall I think both vehicles are attractive in different ways and since the features are identical I won’t award any points Now as far as all the other exterior stuff starting up front, they both have nearly identical ground clearance and turning diameters and Then moving to the wheels, you’ll find 18 edge contrast alloys on the Honda but 19 inch chrome finish alloys on the Toyota For the mirrors, they both have heating and power adjustment as well as blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert Now as far as all the other safety systems both of them come loaded to the gills They have full speed adaptive cruise control Lane Keeping Assist Ford emergency braking with pedestrian detection and auto high beam headlights But the new rav4 has a few additional ones Bicyclists detection lane trace assist and road sign assist the two crossovers also share three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and five year 60,000 mile power train warranties However, Toyota does give you two years of complimentary maintenance And The last thing we’ll look at on the outside is the fuel range The CRV has a 14 gallon tank and the rav 14 and 1/2 gallons So even though the Honda gets better mpg oddly enough they end up with the exact same 406 miles of fuel range Well, that’s it outside, so now let’s move on to the more important cabin where the family will be Getting inside the interior both crossovers have smart intrigued with nice key farms However, only the CRV includes remote star on the key fob without a subscription Moving into the interiors both these products have moved upscale Especially the rav4 when compared to last year. This Honda has a gray in black color scheme and our Toyota is just straight black Checking out the seats themselves The rav4 gives you eight ways of power adjustment while the Honda goes for an impressive 12 ways with four-way lumbar Additionally, you will find real leather on the seats of the Honda compared to Toyota soft tex faux leather. Its impersonation is definitely not bad, but you can tell the difference What’s inside the cabins both have a real spacious feel as well as an upscale look Starting with material quality the CRV gives you all soft touch materials even on the upper portions There is also some stitching as well as some faux wood accents and all the pieces are solid and well put together Switching to the Toyota it also has soft touch materials across the entire dashboard with stitching and This new generation loses all the holo unsubstantial feel of the plastics at the old 1/2 The door trims are roughly equivalent Giving you tons of love the red trim to both look attractive and give you a soft area to rest your arm on But all-in-all these two have some of the best cabin materials in the class As one would expect the top-end models do have push-button start When the cars fire up you’ll see a 7-inch display on the Honda in an 8-inch display on the Toyota And then looking at the gauges they are very similar to each other an overall design Both have 7-inch digital displays, which are reconfigurable and then analog gauges flanking the side Coming back to the steering wheels Both are leather wrapped and manual tilt and telescoping neither of them have heating though. It is available on the wrap The CRV also has rain sensing wipers, which could be added to the Toyota with the extra $1,000 weather package Now moving on to one of the most important interior aspects let’s talk storage Honda always does something cool at the center consoles and this is no exception With a sliding tray that allows the storage to be at least twice as big as the rafts Up in the front both have another generously size of it but the Toyota fights back by giving you a large storage so that the honda doesn’t Overall I’d say storage is roughly equivalent Moving on both models have traditional shifters though. The Honda’s has a non-traditional placement on the Toyota you can’t shift manually though. Neither of them have paddle Going into reverse both have multi angle backup cameras with trajectories as Is the case with several other features the already more expensive rav4 has an optional? 360-degree camera system available via the advanced technology Both of them have electronic parking brakes and brake hole Next up we have the dual zone automatic climate control systems There’s not a great deal of differences between them But the RAV4 is more ergonomically sound since on the CRV you’re required to use the touchscreen for some of the functionality Both seats are heated though. You can get ventilation on the Toyota for an extra charge Anyways, now let’s go ahead and sample the audio systems While the CRV does have an extra speaker on the touring trim the rav4s branded system is simply better all around Now let’s go ahead and quickly check out the infotainment system We will start with the CRV which carries over the same older Honda link system from last year The graphics certainly aren’t the most modern looking but it is very easy to use especially with the handy shortcut buttons Touring gives you integrated navigation and even the lower trims come with both Android auto and apple carplay Toyota’s newest in tune 3.0 system on the other hand is more modern looking and performs a bit faster However, the actual functionality is really no different and this system only has apple carplay but not android auto So overall, I’ll call this area draw Heading up top. Both models do have auto dimming rearview mirrors, except Toyota now includes a rear camera mirror to cut out all the obstructions and Then as you’d expect both have moonroof though. Once again Toyota can get a panoramic one with the highest tier $2,800 package Anyways that covers just about everything in the interior So now let’s go ahead and check out the areas in the back where the rest of the family will be Heading to the rear quarters Both models are undisputedly spacious, but the CRV continues to be pretty much the best option in the class it has forty point four inches of legroom and 38.3 inches of headroom Compared to thirty seven point eight inches four legs and thirty-seven point seven inches for heads in the wrap After getting in you will notice that both give you nice rear air vents as well as smart charging USB ports for both passengers Moving out back both have power tailgates The Hondas is hands-free while the already more expensive Toyota needs the advanced tech package to get that Once it opens up the CRV is also significantly more spacious here Giving you 39.2 cubic feet with the second row in place and seventy five point eight cubic feet with it folded comparatively the rav4 has 37.5 cubic feet which expands to sixty nine point eight cubic feet with the seats full right and Then the last thing worth mentioning is that the CRV gives you a power passenger seat, which the rav4 does not Well guys, that’s it for this extremely close comparison video for me the big takeaway here is that when priced equivalently these two have more or less the same features, but if you spring for all the options on the Rav, it would have the advantage but it would also have a $4,000 higher price tag But overall I have to say there’s a good reason why these two are the top selling products in the class Thanks for joining us on this car confectioner’s comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons and our signature for review videos Take care!

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  1. This is a critical market for automakers and an increasing numbers of consumers. As Car Confections points out so well, price and features as well as warranty are exactly what the well informed buyers in this segment are valuing. Great clear comparison…AGAIN.

  2. When they were designing the crv someone accidentally has dropped off a rock into the roof.

  3. Don’t Get The CRV I Have 2018 CRV And Has Many Censor Problems All Lights Start Coming On Dash I Always Driven Toyota And Never Had Problems

  4. Hope rav4 gets v6 again. I got 2012 v6 limited and I love the 269hp. Gas saver is great but some of us prefer more hp without going into something bigger or more expensive

  5. Great channel, very informative and I love how you guys do the split screen comparison! Very helpful for me to see this comparison. Like some commenters have pointed I lean towards the RAV4 because of the reliability of the transmission and naturally aspirated engine. Although I love the interior of the Honda the reviews in the Car Complaints website do not favor the de 2018 and 2019 CR-Vs.

  6. Look at the steering wheel of them both! They both are almost identical except for one has Honda LOGO and the other has the Toyota LOGO

  7. CRV with 1.5 turbo don’t expect that engine are going to last that engine will work harder , they put a land mower engine

  8. My ex had a 1997 CRV
    Dependable but severely underpowered
    My girlfriend has a 2012 Honda CRV
    It’s much nicer but the but the road noise was irritating until we put Michelin latitude tires on her car which seemed to help a bit
    Her daughter has a Ford Edge which rides nicer and is much more comfortable as it has more leg room

  9. In the end the RV is just more functional and better in the details.
    Toyota is good, but they are dropping the ball on the important extras and practicality,
    Too bad.

  10. Wrong information, well i have rav4 2019 and it has remote starting … you need to press the lock button 3 times but you need to hold it on the 3rd press

  11. Not for nothing, but I just drove them both yesterday, and your video clearly leans toward the Rav4, which was far worse in my opinion. It looked good, but the things that really mattered at the end of the day were very lacking. You gave the Toyota audio system a point, and it doesn't even accept Android Auto. Non starter for me. Speaking of starters, you didn't allocate points for being able to remote start? Thats a big deal, especially in the north. My 2017 Ford Fusion was a better vehicle with more options than the Rav4.

  12. You actually get more when you buy a CRV more things come with the car and the RAV4 you have to purchase every little thing.

  13. If u were here in the Philippines the crv would’ve won its a lot better here. Cuz its a diesel and it has an electric gear selector. Just one of the xtra features here😎😏. @Car Confections

  14. Toyota has more reliable automatic transmission, and avoid turbo engine future problems, also it has better workmanship so I will definitely go for RAV4.

  15. Oddly enough you in Canada can't get a new RAV4 with panaromic sunroof, but the CRV Touring comes with panoramic standard!

  16. I heard on these vehicles the AWD stops at 25mph. Is this accurate information? I get that you shouldn’t need more than 25 mph to get yourself out of some snow or mud However,there are times when conditions are stormy and you are on the highway where everybody is cruising at about 40 or 45 mph and it would be nice to have the AWD continue during these type of conditions.

  17. I don't like how you gave The Rav a half a point for 19 inch wheels that can be added to the Honda, but later, when you pointed out stuff the Honda has standard, but you can to buy the option on the Toyota, you didn't give Honda points. Otherwise, I think your review was thorough and helped me a lot. My vehicles have always been Toyota's and Honda's and I'm currently looking at both of these models. Thanks!

  18. Certainly this is a close call but after talking to numerous mechanics and collision body shops here in Colorado it is clear that the Rav4 is a much better built vehicle. Anyone who would make a vehicle buying decision based on the lack of Android must have an IQ lower than room temperature.

  19. Inaccurate comparison already on the price alone! Does Honda offer special paint? If Not, why bring in the special paint pricing!? for comparison? That is just flat out biased already! Moving along to the engine differences, would you compare a moped against a motorcycle, they both carry two people; so why Not bring up the fact of Turbo maintenance and repair/replace pricing!? Next on the "fantastic CTV", right there is a biased phrase… I have not seen through the whole video yet; but, you are clearly with Not a fair reviewer; difficult to watch… Now the maintenance by Toyota with "2 years of free oil change", don't make it sounds like a major savings to the consumers as most Toyota dealers will only do one oil change per year, anything more, consumers are most likely out of luck! As for "real lather" why not specific the specific grade of "real lather" to see which is more durable for the long run!? Exterior appearance wise is purely subjective to individual…. Enough said, my points made; your review is biased!

    P.S. It's clearly named RAV4, not a RAV! Why didn't you call the Honda a CR!? Derp!

  20. The rav 4 should at least have the Camry V6 as an engine option. That 300 hp engine would shit on the competition.

  21. I don't like where are Toyota's 8in display is placed on the dash. I like Hondas better, the way that it's tucked away.

  22. So for the people watching this video because they are looking to buy a suv my comment might save you thousands and lots of headaches. I own a 2017 crv. Beautiful vehicle. We love it and wanted to keep it but are getting rid of it. When people watch all the feature comparisons you notice that the crv made up ground. That’s because I believe the crv inside is a little bigger and better. However this vehicle doesn’t touch on engine quality. Let me tell you that the 1.5L turbo in the crv is junk. We have 19000km on ours and the oil is black. The engine is prone to carbon build up to go along with the oil dilution problem. Yes gas gets into the engine oil . Not good. They increased the warrenty on the engine to 6 years but that won’t help if you want to keep it long term. Ultimately when you buy a vehicle you want reliability. So there you go. We have had lots of Honda vehicles over the years and I believe they are slipping. I have had 1 Toyota. A 2000 Toyota Sienna van and still have it. 360000km and the oil is Amber in colour, not black. Hope this helps.

  23. I have a 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and have test driven many gasoline only 2019 RAV4's while waiting for my Hybrid. In my experience the ECVT that Toyota has put in the Hybrid is much better than the 8 speed automatic that is standard in the non-hybrid version of the RAV4. It delivers power smoothly and effortlessly under all conditions without the constant upshifting and downshifting that is very noticeable in the 8 speed. Toyotas ECVTs are extremely well designed, well integrated and reliable.

  24. Anyone can finance a car. It's all about reliability, warranty & maintenance fees during a 3-10 years, and resale value.

  25. Worst car I ever bought…. waited 4 months to get RAV 4 XSE Hybrid 2019, and the brand new vehicle has been sitting in the dealership for more than 2 months waiting for parts. Purchased in January, delivered in April, returned to the dealership's shop in May for parts and car is not drivalble. Today, Mid-July Toyota is saying parts are back ordered for another 4 months!!! Stay away from Toyota. Cannot pump more than 9 gallons (37L) of gas into the vehicle when empty.

  26. RAV4 offers: Pano Sunroof, Parking sonar, wireless charger pad, a real transmission, adventure trim, hybrid trim, and better reliability.

  27. Rav4 hands down should of won in looks. All the Honda cars look ugly. Idk what they have been thinking on the rear ends. I love Honda cars but jeez you guys are going back in time!

  28. I'm currently in the market for a new car. After looking at several other brands, my last two are in fact Honda CRV and Toyota Rav4. I congratulate you for this excellent video. It certainly touches most of the important aspects. One that was not mentioned is the fact that Honda CRV opens the four doors almost to 90 degrees while no other car does the same. I've notice this aspect absent from all of the reviews that I have been watching. This is very important to those families that have baby strollers or even those individuals with some sort of mobility issues as it happens with my wife.

  29. I would take the CRV on a lease but would buy a RAV for build quality. Plus the RAV has a nice off road version the CRV does not.

  30. I just bought a Rav4 today. It's Blue Flame XLE Premium with a few add ons like roof rack and sky light ect. It was retailed at 38k, but since it was the floor model and they were trying to move it out I got it for 29k. Or maybe they were tired of seeing my face??? Anyways it had 4 miles on it, 15 now and I am extremely happy. My only complaint is that I use an android. I guess a new 38k car is worth getting a new phone. Really wish my phone was compatible. Does anyone know it this is coming soon?

  31. Which one has the timing CHAINS or the timing BELT ? Both Toyota and Honda will not answer that question. So probably both have timing BELTS. Pass to both brands. Will ask CAR-ANGEL.

  32. I purchased a crv touring. It does have a heated steering wheel and the second row seats are also heated. Couple nice options!

  33. If the buyer wants a car like suspension of the two, get the CR-V. If the buyer wants a longer lasting SUV, get the RAV4.

  34. I will not buy a turbo car. I wouldn't give that much for a car this size no matter what.
    I'd buy another base Highlander and be happier.

  35. Readers: Be sure to consider the CVT transmissions have not matured to be near as reliable as the standard transmissions. Also check on the Honda CRV Oil Dilution Issue. I am not sure it applies to the 2019 -2020 or not. No motor with the turbo will last as long as the standard motor offered in the RAV4. I own a CRV but will go with the RAV4 the next time.

  36. I am waiting for my new Rav 4 HYBRID.
    My first ever Toyota, I have been a Honda and Acura owner before.
    I was considering a new RDX to replace my 2013 RDX with only 48,000 miles, but it was going to cost about $10k more.
    My 2013 RDX IS IMMACULATE, so why change it, the simple answer is BECAUSE I CAN.
    There are about 11 different models and a plethora of options That change even when you choose a different color.
    I almost threw my hands in the air and said, TO HELL WITH IT I WILL BUY A NEW RDX.

  37. Toyota is the biggest car company but everyone knows honda is always way better for its durability and longevity.so crv is better

  38. The fact that Toyota went for a traditional 8 speed automatic has me leaning way more towards it becuase cvt's don't have the best reputation of lasting a long time

  39. Gotta be honest I wasn’t a big fan of the CRV when I test drove it and the turbo really had a tendency to drone. Starting to wonder if I drove a bad one or something based on the good reviews I see but I’m very happy with my Rav4 Hybrid, especially since there is no Hybrid CRV in the states as of yet.

  40. I just bought a CRV. I love it. Since both vehicles have so much in common, I like the more rounded look of the crv. The RAV4 looks too boxy for me.

  41. I rented a new 2019 Rav 4 for a trip to NYC and found the Lane Trace Assist worthless. It would drift to the right side of the lane then snap you over to the other side moving beyond the lane markings and not recovering. The CR-V's Lane Keep Assist held the lane very well except for sharp curves. The CR-V also has features like Driver's Attention Monitoring (vibrates the steering wheel when the vehicle senses fatigue) that I don't believe is offered on the Rav4. Though the Rav4 has some of the same tech it's not as good. Your scoring didn't seem equal in some cases. The CR-V has Android Auto but wasn't awarded a point. It was called a draw. I drove both gasoline vehicles and found the CR-V quicker and handled better. I work at a dealership and have access to both Honda's and Toyota's. I think both are good vehicles, I just find the CR-V better.

  42. Nice comparison. Thanks for sharing. I have had a CVT vehicle and to this day cannot get use to it. That would be a huge factor for me.

  43. Just subscribed because I found best descriptive and explorative review I came across,
    Please do review more value and economical cars and makes such as Hyundai and Kias please.
    Love your videos.

  44. Who the heck designed placement of touch screen on rav4?
    Why do both vehicles still use old'n ugly shifter stick? Have they heard of dial shifter?

  45. I do like Honda (the most), and Toyota a little bit (but only the TRD vehicles). So I go with the CR-V. But my only complaint for the CR-V; CVTs😡❌‼️ Same goes to the Nissan Pathfinders ‼️

  46. Gotta say.. on the Rav,4 there's more going on with the tailgate.. like has settings for how high or low you want the tail to open… That's a cool feature.. and it does have remote starting.. don't need to get the subscription.. only caveat witch is not a killer is when starting and you open the door. It kills the car… But that's Toyotas safety sense… Over all though picks…. Me….TOYO ALL DAY… Thanks..

  47. The most important question is: Which engine and transmission is more reliable? A CR-V or RAV 4 more reliable in those areas?

  48. better than both is the 2014 cr v ex l with 2.4 l engine and 5 spd automatic transmission…tried and true. I have owned earlier versions of both rav4 and cr v….the honda is more reliable and the rav4 is sportier.

  49. Hmm, you didn't gauge or comment on Fuel injection type,  or how either powertrain compares on highway or highway with hills.  I will tell you my 2016 CRV CVT worked great during both, but ouch, no remote start on the Rav4 Limited??   Door closures sounded more solid on the Honda.

  50. The RAV4 looks very rugged which is a nice thing. The CR-V looks a little childish but I like both. If I had roughly $30K to spend, I'd march to my Honda dealer.

  51. Love my 2019 rav4 hybrid put a 2inch lift on it it's not a hard offroader but it handles trails good enough to camp and hunt. 41mpg also makes it great for California super high gas prices

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