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  1. I did a Rotax 670 swap in my Odyssey about 15 years ago to take it to the sand dunes. The goal was to keep it as stock looking as possible. It came out really nice and would shoot a roost about 10 foot high and around 20 feet long. At the stock wheel base you still needed a bit of a bump to get the front end in the air but once it was up you could hold it as long as you wanted to. Quick tip on the trans don't let it run in neutral look the neutral gear out so that it doesn't burn up the AB gear bearings. If you would like hit me up on my FaceBook page and I'll send you some pics www.facebook.com/anotherwyman/?modal=admin_todo_tour

  2. There isn't 130 horsepower in my 1.6 L Honda Civic so I'm pretty sure that might be enough horsepower but I could be wrong

  3. I put a skidoo 800 twin in a Honda Pilot FL400 and it was INSANE!! 150hp in a chassis that's 1/3 the weight of a rzr turbo or can am x3…..just a tad better hp per pound

  4. Brush guard for gas/oil tank ?
    Is there such a thing as a Recaro go-kart seat? Silicone gel pad cushion or fat bike style tires to preserve Coccyx bone & spine, oh man…

  5. Coloca em legenda em português gosto muito de seus vídeos não sei se vocês vão entender sou muito fã de vocês aqui do Brasil manda um salve no próximo vídeo para o pessoal do Brasil tem muita gente que assistir seus vídeos aqui

  6. Turbo doesn't work on a 2 stroke because the inlet and exhaust ports are open at the same time so you can never build pressure. Porting the cilinders and making 2 custom exhausts for each one could probably increase the power a lot though.

  7. That thing is going to be a beast I've been watching the barbie jeep build and I know from that you do things properly and more

  8. That exhaust routing is terrible. it's going to burn your back, and its taking up more room than needed. It's simple to remake.

  9. I did the almost exact build but mine was the 500cc f/I eng..only thing …no rev..next time ..rev….is a must have ..i hear so.e Indian ..east Indian.company makes one with 4spd gear driven..800cc..nit a bad start ..still good god gentkeman

  10. my money is on them exploding an axle shaft or u-joint on the first test drive.
    But super excited for the build!
    Also having a turbo might actually save you room behind the seat

  11. I think you will find the U-joints and possibly transmission are not strong enuf for all that horsepower.

  12. 2t power! This is going to be awesome. Subbed just for this. Not nearly enough 2 stroke builds on YouTube. And it doesn't need a turbo. Don't think people realize how much of a pita turboing a 2 stroke is

  13. This is pretty rad. Just found your channel, love your builds so far. I've put a gsx750 motor in an odyssey before. It was fun. Cant wait to see this.

  14. It would have been super cool if you guys had come across an xcr engine. I've got a spare polaris 600 xcr kicking around, and a project like this is what I'm waiting for. I mean, northern Utah snow is practically the same as Idaho for a second, isn't it?😂

  15. Oh Man I always wanted to do something like that! …. keep the long frame as is… you'll need it for stability… maybe a little longer… that thing RIPS!

  16. what i would give to hang out and help on one of these builds!! good ppl are hard to find and ppl doing projects like this are even harder to find! you guys are blessed and living the dream! im here if you need a skilled laborer, comic relief and or someone with enough ballz and skillz to send it on anything and everything with a motor in it. Keep Boggin boys!

  17. Just found you guys, awesome content. me and my bro tryna get started on our Honda Pilot rebuild soon! looking forward to your guys new videos!

  18. nice im building same kind buggy but with a 1000 Thunder cat motor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQWHAUkieEw&feature=youtu.be

  19. Could you guys give me a hand on how to make a motor mount or I will buy one off of you I'm doing the same kind of swap

  20. Your pretty lucky you didn’t sling the track off during the season/shooting the video. Looks pretty loose.

  21. I'm from Georgia. How much does a used snowmobile sell for this size? I've never been on one but a friend from up north said they are so fun!

  22. These videos I inspired me to make my own go kart and it has a 8hp but I think I can ramp it up wut cc of engine should I swap it out for?

  23. You guys truly look like you're having an awesome time with all your creations! But plz put a brain bucket on so you won't damage those unusual cells that come up with this crazy stuff I get to watch.

  24. Ok you guys are the absolute best… I have a question…. I own a 4 seater roketa GK-35 Has a Suzuki FB8 3 cylinder motor and really its just OK.. Would like to know if I got a similar motor like described in this video would it push 4 adults around the dunes??? And if Not what do you think would be best???

  25. 11:21
    А что, роль нижнего рычага подвески выполняет привод с карданами?

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