Uncle Giuseppe’s Used Car Lot Commercial ? w/ SpongeBob, The Loud House & More! | Nick

Uncle Giuseppe’s Used Car Lot Commercial ?   w/ SpongeBob, The Loud House & More!  | Nick

Public transportation? Who needs it? Walking with your legs? It’s for the birds. If you’ve got to
get from A to B, come on down to Uncle
Giuseppe’s Used Car Lot. I’ve got so many cars, and
by so many, I mean four cars. Check out this showcase car in
my inventory, and by showcase, I mean the repurposed abandoned
subway car The Shellraiser. This thing hits a top speed
of 123 miles per hour. It comes with a Trash
Cannon and a Manhole Cannon. If you order within
the next 20 minutes I’ll throw in a
free Cannon Cannon. It’s a cannon that
shoots smaller cannons. It runs on the
road, and the rail. And it might be pricey,
but it’s worth it. Don’t believe me,
just ask the Turtles. Maybe you’re more of a
family person, no problem because I’ve got Vanzilla. This fantastic vehicle
brought to you by Fung holds at least 13 people. Maximum capacity has
yet to be determined. Now this thing has history,
going back generations. This hunk of junk? She’s not a hunk of
junk, she’s family. It’s perfect for the
family vacations, road trips, and plenty of family fights. But maybe your family
doesn’t consist of 13 people, maybe it’s a little more
normal, like a man and his three singing chipmunk children. If that’s the case, then
this is a car for you. This one is perfect for
taking the kids to school. Do you feel
ready for the test? No, no I don’t. Plus it has a state
of the art sound system that plays just this song. (SINGING) We’re the Chipmunks,
Alvin, Simon, Theodore. And if you thought Uncle
Giuseppe was all vans and cars, then you don’t know Giuseppe. I’ve also got tons of boats. And by tons of
boats, I mean a boat. It’s not the fastest, and it’s
taken a whole lot of damage. But this is the best
deal under the sea that comes with its own
personal driving instructor. And whatever you
do, don’t floor it. Floor it? No, no. OK, floor it. OK, so I no longer sell boats. But if you’ve got to get from
A to B, come and visit Uncle G.

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  1. Ha ha fake wish they were real like if you agree i am alvin and the chipmunk family my mom dad me and my brother done

  2. Hey Nickelodeon it is possible if you hire a worker who dont have a degree in animation, but he has great animation skill

  3. I love the monster truck wheels on VanZilla! My family has a van just like it, except it only fits 8 people, it's black & her name is Vanica (named after NASCAR driver Danica Patrick)

  4. I wanna go to Uncle Giuseppe's so i could buy them, and i mean all of them! And that was the coolest commercial i've ever seen in my life.

  5. Vanzilla rocks! I love the monster truck wheels! That van could hold me, my mom, my stepdad, my 3 BFF’s, my 2 older sisters, and my mom’s 4 band mates! We’re only 12 people! We could also shove all our instruments in it and STILL have room ?

  6. I can’t buy anything because I’m in Malaysia do not live in Malaysia if you care about cartoons because almost all commercials and plushies of cartoons there’s no loud house plushies and more all is gone gone Malaysia has cartoon policy they only care about fake swag of Malaysia u know Malaysians pretend to be swag but their not and cartoons are gone all the crossovers commercials and plushies ?????

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