Understanding the 2018 Car Tax

Understanding the 2018 Car Tax

Often called the car tax,
Fairfax County mails the personal property tax bill
every year in late summer. The due date for the car tax bill
is Oct. 5th, unless that date falls on a weekend. However,
cars purchased or moved in after July 1 will be billed in
January. The 2018 Car Tax Payment Deadline is Wednesday,
Oct. 5. Penalties apply for late payment. Car taxes are
due if your vehicle is normally garaged or parked in
the county, even if registered in another state. Exemptions
may apply, such as for certain military personnel or
diplomats. An additional surcharge is added if your
vehicle does not properly display Virginia license
plates, which are required within 30 days of residency.
Assessed values represent the January 1 clean condition
trade-in value listed in the NADA Used Car Guide. An appeal
can be made due to factors such as body damage, rust and
high mileage. For most new model cars, the value reflects
a percentage of the MSRP. The current tax rate for personal
property in Fairfax County is $4.57 for each $100 of
assessed value, but the State of Virginia pays a partial
subsidy on personal use vehicles. In 2018, the
Commonwealth of Virginia’s Car Tax Subsidy for Fairfax
County residents is 60 percent of the first $20,000 in
assessed value. Please review your bill as soon as you
receive it. If you have questions or concerns, call
Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration at
703-222-8234 (TTY 711), or go to
www.fairfaxcounty.gov/taxes. This information is provided
for vehicle owners who use their vehicles for personal
use. For tax information on business-use vehicles or for
other business personal property, contact the Fairfax
County Department of Tax Administration (DTA) at
703-222-8234 (TTY 711), or go to
fairfaxcounty.gov/taxes/vehicl es/understanding-vehicle-taxes

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