UNEXPECTED Costs When Buying A Used Tesla

UNEXPECTED Costs When Buying A Used Tesla

so you’ve decided to buy yourself a
Tesla huh a new to you Tesla probably your first Tesla and most likely not
your last electric vehicles are here to stay and it’s easy to see why people are
jumping on the Tesla bandwagon with that said Tesla’s are the most expensive used
car brand in the world with an average price of a used car coming in at roughly
$65,000 heck the next closest car manufacturer which is my current car
brand Porsche comes in at a distant second at $47,000 what up guys I hope
that as usual you are having an ideal day now my name is Bradley danger and
I’m gonna take you through some of the unforeseen costs when purchasing a new
or used Tesla with any new car purchase you’re usually hyped up and emotional
but when you’re buying a Tesla things can be electrified or magnified now a
good friend of mine does marketing and sales at a local Tesla dealer and he’s
told me time and time again people come in and they’re spending more on their
Tesla purchase than any other car purchased in their lifetime
Tesla dealerships are really the only ones in the world where it’s actually
not unusual for someone to drive in their ten-year-old Subaru Outback and
then drive out with a hundred and twenty thousand P 100 d buying a Tesla isn’t
just a car purchase it’s a lifestyle purchase and if you’re looking to buy
one or already have one I’m your biggest advocate in fact when you get a sec if
you could go down into the comments and give me your ideal spec Tesla what would
you get a Model 3 a Model S or Model X and what trim level and options would
you get let us know below and at the end of this video I’ll let you know
my ideal spec okay so I want to cover a few different things that you need to be
aware of if you’re going to buy a Tesla how are you gonna charge it now if this
is your first Tesla this may not have even crossed your mind yet I know it’s
common knowledge that you need to charge an electric car but that 110 volt outlet
that charges your iPhone isn’t going to cut it see a 110 volt will only give
your Tesla an additional 3 miles range for every hour charged wear with a 240
volt it’ll give you an additional 29 miles range per hour so you’re gonna
need to install a 240 outlet wherever your car lives this could be an issue if
you’re renting so check with your landlord to make sure that you can
install it 240 before you start shopping for a Tesla quick tip to convince your
landlord to install a 240 outlet you can tell them that a 240 outlet is actually
good for more than just charging your Tesla actually any higher-end piece of
machinery would use a 240 outlet so when you try to sell it to your landlord
explain it’s a good investment for more than just charging your car and not
being able to charge your Tesla at home that could be a deal-breaker it can cost
between a few hundred and few thousand dollars to get the outlet installed
depending on where your box is as well as how much an electrician in your area
charges you so definitely budget on a 240 outlet because you don’t want to run
out of juice I think it’s general knowledge that the Tesla is an ideal
badass car well the valet is gonna expect you to tip more and your friends
are gonna want to ride with you instead of taking their old-school gas guzzling
excursion you’ll end up finding yourself circling the block once or twice to find
the perfect parking spot so nobody hits your baby and we all know that time is
money and you’ll most likely treat it different than any other car you’ve ever
owned so you’ll end up paying more for car washes waxes and other cleaners oh
and if you snag a car with 21 inch wheels it’s not if but when you’re gonna
have issues not only do the 21 inch wheels come with higher performance
rubber it wears out quicker 21 inch wheels also give your car a harsher ride
and when you hit a decent sized pothole there’s a chance that you’ll not only
lose the tire but you’ll possibly crack the rim as well course it’s a percentage
game and it might not happen on the first pothole but it probably will
happen and when it does it’s gonna put a sizable dent in your wallet also it
doesn’t matter if you get the three the S or the X they all look relatively
similar on the road so get ready to scratch your personalisation itch one of
the most common modifications I’ve seen is vinyl wrapping and here’s a couple of
examples mmm what’s the actual so just make sure that your wallets ready to
give your new Tesla a little bit more special treatment than any other car
that you’ve owned and most likely it won’t be because you have to
because you want to now this one I cannot stress enough check with your
insurance company before you go shopping for your Tesla to see what insurance
premiums are gonna be like and here’s why
Tesla is openly hostile to any attempt to repair the car yourself if it’s in an
accident and it will only sell parts to authorized shops there are really no
aftermarket parts in Tesla will not rename all the car software for driving
unless it’s been inspected by an authorized shop so what do you do in the
instance of an accident well via called service center at your local Tesla
dealer and ask them for the name of a Tesla authorized body shop then you sit
back you pour yourself a carafe of cocktails it’s gonna be a while and you
just wait for the repair because there’s literally nothing you can do and with
all this said insurance providers have caught on to the premium that Tesla
charges for parts for your car so you may be surprised by how much your
insurance premiums actually are also depending on where you live
registration fees can be extremely high here in Seattle sales tax is over 10% so
paying and registering you’re new to you Tesla can be thousands of dollars on top
of that you may not qualify for the $7,500 tax credit especially if you’re
buying used which can definitely help so there you have it in the comments let me
know what else you need to prepare for when you’re buying your first Tesla or
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with this I want to get a 2013 or 14 p85 plus with the tech package in smart air
suspension throw on some aftermarket wheels and wrap it blue just like my 911
now in the comments let me know what your ideal spec for a Tesla would be I
look forward to reading and responding to your comments and if you liked this
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  1. I hope you enjoyed this vid about Tesla's! Really appreciate your support, and if you're new here pls consider subscribing to help the channel out!

    In the comments below, let us know what your Ideal Spec Tesla is! Also, if you want to learn more about how to get the best deal on your first Tesla, check out my Ideal Car Strategies – http://bit.ly/IdealCarStrategies130

  2. I have a used Model S, it was quite a step up from the Toyota Prius! I was very well aware of the 240 volt plug, it is very clear that you need that on the website and there is one at every Tesla Store. I don't give my car much special treatment, I haul 10 foot sticks of conduit and pipe, bags of mortar, cinder blocks and 8 foot 2×4's and 2×6's. Oh, and I once carried 720 lbs of lead acid batteries for a solar project I am working on. As well as parts and tools for my business! Probably half of my friends could care less which car we take so long as it has 4 wheels and air conditioning! As far as registration, in Arizona my registration for 5 years was $95. Much lower than my 20 year old Toyota Truck. True if you live in a Condo or apartment without a garage, you won't be able to charge it unless there is an on-site public charger.

  3. The thing is youu need to buy a new Porche after 10 Years or a lot of Repair on a Tesla you can Drive 20 Year or like 500.000 km and you never do that with your Porche.

  4. and you can charge on a normal outlet ist just slow just do it overnight. And der are a lot of 3 Party COnvertes you can plug into a normal outlet.

  5. Thanks for the vid dude, very informative. My ideal CPO Tesla would be a 2015 85D model S w/ air suspension, 19’ wheels, cold weather package & autopilot

  6. What a joke this moron is talking about spending more money on wax .
    Doesn’t mention much cheaper mpg (equivalent).
    This is anti Tesla propaganda pure and simple who’s paying this sucker

  7. curious on the percentage of tesla owners that actually rent a place to even worry about the whole 240 outlet / landlord concern.

  8. I agree with you. I got a Chevrolet Volt and tried to drive electric for as long as possible but in order to be able to charge at home it is very complicated. Lucky that I can fall back to gas. In the other hand, in a Tesla my troubles would have been much smaller since I would be able to charge only once in a while, instead of every day on my Volt.

  9. I got a model 3 RWD Long range with autopilot and paint upgrade. Insurance was only 17.00 more a month than my honda civic so that was a nice surprise. I chose RWD for better range and with snow tires my experience has been that it is almost as good as AWD anyways so that upgrade didnt make sense. Love the car!! Never going back to a gas car.

  10. I did the the tesla test drive and purchased a 2019 BMW 530e 🤷‍♂️ Tesla has to be the plainest car ever built. I'm 43 an I currently own 7cars and a total of 46 cars in my life.

  11. For the TM3, LR, EAP, Blue, Aero Wheels, RWD back in March. I REALLY wanted to wait for the white seats, performance, dual motors. But it came down to getting both the WA state incentive and Federal incentive. Still very happy with I got. Only after market thing I did so far, wrapped in xpel, 25% tint, and covered the center console's piano black.

  12. Elon Musk hates yellow cars, he's sworn never to make any tesla yellow from the factory. Guess what color I'm painting my roadster. I'll drive my yellow beast right up to him. Suck it Musk.

  13. Lol you can install a 240v outlet yourself if you got 2 phases at the panel for about 50$ in parts. Dont be dumb, read on your city's building code and do it yourself.

  14. Your buying a conversation piece and not a car that's going to be reliable in addition after the warranty period your screwed and just listen to all the difficulties other owners had endured before making your decision.

  15. I bought my used 2014 Model S 85 back in Sept 2017 for $47,500 on the Tesla website. It doesn't have any of the features other than a regular cruise control and heated seats. To me, that's ok!!! It drives like a regular car and I enjoy it very much. I got the Free Supercharging and 4 year 50k warranty on my used Tesla and that's what got me hooked. I've driven it for over 27k miles in a year and never paid for charging the car since January 2018. Since I got it used, I only had 2 issues that Tesla took care of right away.

    Since my car only has the rear motor, the front trunk space is HUGE compared to a dual motor Model S. I put my Coleman cooler in the front with ice packs and drinks for those long trips. I've taken my car from the SF Bay Area to San Diego and Yosemite and Mammoth Lake with no problems. I'm going on a long road trip to Vancouver BC tomorrow and there are Superchargers everywhere along the route so I'm not concerned about finding a place to charge the car up.

    My insurance is with AAA and I have full coverage for about $1200/year. That's not bad at all.

    As for a charger at home, originally I was using the 110v outlet, then I created an extension cord from my 220v 3prong dryer outlet to use my mobile charger and that got me about 18 m/charge. Then I got a wall charger from Tesla for free because of one referral from my friend who bought his brand new 2017 Model S for $126k. It cost me $900 to install the wall charger in my garage and it's nice and very pretty. I just don't use it that much because I ALWAYS run down to a Supercharger for free. I will use the wall charger if I need to top off the battery for long drives anywhere but that's about it. The wall charger will get me about 25 m/charge. Yes, I could've sold the wall charger on eBay but I figured that it would add value to the house when I sell it to someone who has a Tesla as well.

    After all that I've done and paid for (which really isn't much), I still love it. I wipe it down every other weekend with a wet towel in the garage and just admire the beauty of the car when I have time. Usually, after buying a car, I would already start looking on eBay/Craigslist/AutoTrader/etc for my next car to own but instead, I just want to continue driving my car and enjoy the quiet comfortable ride along with the free Supercharging. There really is no other car I want!!! In fact, since I own a business and a van for work, I will immediately come home afterwards and get into the Tesla to do my personal business with enjoyment and knowledge that it's all FREE to me.

    People ask me why a Tesla? FAST (free for me) SUPERCHARGING network throughout the US is already in place with more Superchargers being added monthly. Usually less than an hour to charge from near zero percent. AND IT LOOKS LIKE A REALLY COOL CAR!!! Volt is too small, BMW i3 is too weird, Nissan Leaf doesn't have enough range and all of them requires more time to charge up.

    Finally, a car I really enjoy owning very much and have no desire to look at another car because my Tesla Model S is the "perfect" car. I don't care for the Model X because of the gull wing doors and the potential issues it MAY have in the future nor do I care for the Model 3 because it's too small for me.

    And the cost to use it… parking and bridge tolls, that's it!!!!

    And this is from a 62 year old car guy who's gone through so many cars in my lifetime.

  16. I just purchased my first Tesla S 100D. I must say quite a learning curve, but every day is an absolute new frontier. I fell in love with the entire concept of Tesla almost 9 years ago when I visited the Santa Monica showroom.
    One simply needs to experience this amazing EV by test driving it at a nearby Tesla showroom. I swear you will be saying my next vehicle will be a Tesla.
    BTW, Tesla does not sell through a Dealership. Weather you purchase or lease, it will be through Tesla directly, which is a totally different buying experience.
    I was able to get a referral for a lifetime of free supercharging. In addition, I have a 240 outlet at home.
    Yes it's true, I owned a Dodge Charger Hellcat before purchasing the Tesla, insurance runs about the same.

  17. planning in one or two years trade my Acura TL for Tesla s or x I’m watching videos to make sure I making right move and your video scared me I never have problems with my car I don’t want to make this move a nightmare

  18. I’m personally interested in the Model 3. I’d get the RWD long range, midnight silver, black interior, enhanced auto pilot w/ self driving capabilities. Think everything ends up being around 53k.

    Hoping to make this dream car a reality when I’m older 💪🏼💪🏼

  19. Great video. I put Dow a deposit on the Model Y which will be for the wife. I am going to get a used Model S for myself. I have heard that 2016 or newer is better because they have software upgrades that prior year models don’t have. I was looking at the P90D 2016 with less than 30000 miles. I want the air suspension and auto pilot features and 19 inch wheels. What are your thoughts on this?

  20. I'm selling my r8 v10 for a model s p100d ludicrous. Midnight silver, mat wrap. I'll be looking for aftermarket wherks,. White interior .

  21. I'm selling my r8 v10 for a model s p100d ludicrous. Midnight silver, mat wrap. I'll be looking for aftermarket wherks,. White interior .

  22. Model 3 in metallic silver all wheel drive long range with silver wheels. And enhanced autopilot I believe that costs about 60,000

  23. I got/ordered a used Model S 70D in late Feb 2019. Picked it up in Bellevue and drove to Lacey, yo. My advice if you can charge at home on 240v; get a used Model S or X from Tesla.com and spoil yourself for any other brand. If you're a Toyota person, you'll be exploring the cheapest, oldest Tesla for a month, even if has minimum extras. Some are cheaper than $30K. Look into it.

  24. I would get a model s, because I don't like how the other ones look. Probably not many extras, because it would be expensive

  25. The insurance cost and charging issue are some of my major issues with Tesla. My dog is another issue he is big. Like about 110 pounds right now and stands waist high so because of him I would like is Model X long range with dual motors if money was no option. With that being said I so happy right now with my 2015 GMC Canyon, just had the oil changed and 100k service on it. He has a clean bill of health and runs like a champ. Also knowing my dog he would destroy the Tesla so on that basis I wouldn't get one.

  26. "Hidden" cost is a bit strong, especially coming from Porsche guy. Go shop for basic maintenance for a Porsche. The prices are mind boggling! You can get a 240V outlet fornthe xost of one Porsche oil change. No oil change or even gas for a Tesla…just $0.00-$0.09 per kwh with a decnet plan ($0-$9 per full charge). See how far you get on $9 of premium fuel in an ICE Porsche. Tesla brake could last the life of the car dang near using regenerative braking. Insurance for our Model X was just a hair over the Porshe Macan S we traded in. The one good point was the want-to-speed money. We only bought new floor mats and tint for the Macan. The X got those plus, wheels, caliper paint, chrome delete, ceramic coat, and paint protection.

  27. My ideal Tesla would be the Model S Performance (P100D). More realistically, I'm looking at a Standard Range Plus Model 3 or a used Model S around 2015-16 with at least a 70 kwh battery and autopilot of some kind.

  28. I'm 18 and still in high school, so I need a really good job before I consider buying my first car let alone a Tesla, but the Model3 is my dream car. Long range, dual motor all wheel drive, and pearl white multi coat🤩. Also I like what you said about it being not just a car, but a lifestyle choice.

  29. Model S RWD biggest batter I can get.
    I would consider a model 3 but I absolutely hate the minimal interior.
    you mentioning the cost and time involved in getting it repaired because Tesla will not sell you parts to fix it yourself. I think ultimately if they do not resolve this problem it will be the end of Tesla long-term.
    as they sell more and more vehicles they have less and less ability to maintain and repair them with the existing facilities they have.
    The easiest solution is to allow other shops to work on them and sell them parts.
    Every other manufacturer on the planet does which should be a clue to them.

  30. I knew all of that already, i thought you would expand on the cost per charge on none super charger stations and cost for wifi/network connectivity costs of the car. BTW, i would prefer 3rd row, dark leather no pan sunroof and no x wing X(understood not an option), but next best S with all that in a silver/grey 100P D.

  31. Well as I have two Model S cars from 2014 and 2015 year model with 160.000 miles on each I can say that I have not spent any extra money on either one. Maybe I did wash them a bit extra some years ago but that is it. Considering one more Tesla now but not sure if it will be a Model 3 or a Y space is a issue.

  32. The prices are outrageous, Windshield $1700, headlight bulb $1600, roof weatherstripping $1800! I am not sure if I should keep the car.

  33. I'm a minute and 1/2 into the video. I order a model X already paid the 2500, I test drove all three and being cripple the model X is more for me. Especially with "free charging". I LOVE the model 3, fun, sporty and I really liked that car for the money. My wife however hated the 17' screen. So the X won out and it cost us for her not liking that screen. The extra charges where typical. destination charge of 1,200 was steep, registration of 256 dollars, out of line but typical. I am not the typical buyer however so I usually can avoid most these charges by haggling with other dealers. Impossible to do with the Tesla. We did find one that someone ordered that was cheaper with more options but we simply didn't like that inside color. So bite the bullet and order what you want. Watched whole thing, really good tips, and right on. The insurance is a shocker. My insurance 32 hundred a year, I did find it for 1,000 a year with another company. Amazing! Tesla is offering their own insurance I hear. Again EXCELLENT video. A must see for all Tesla buyers!

  34. You need to cut the strings out of that racquet on the wall. Having just a main(vertical) string broken will apply pressure unevenly on the racquet. Which will ruin the racquet.

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