Upgrade to Exterior LED Lighting for Your Truck or SUV – LMC Truck

Upgrade to Exterior LED Lighting for Your Truck or SUV – LMC Truck

Hello this is Chris with LMC Truck and
today I told the guys in the shop to bring me something that’s really
electrifying. Today we’re talking lighting, exterior
LED lighting to be exact and we have a number of options to really brighten up
your truck. LED Tail Lights illuminate a 140 times faster than
conventional incandescent bulbs which can translate to a gain of 20 plus
feet of reaction distance for the vehicle behind you. LED’s have a longer lifespan and can last up
to 20,000 hours, also LED’s have no filament and this means they are less
sensitive to vibrations caused by potholes and uneven road surfaces. On top
of all of this they use only 15% of the energy required by
incandescent bulbs reducing the load placed on your truck’s charging system.
Our exterior LED lighting options include LED Parklights, LED Sidemarkers
and LED Tail Lights. The parklights and taillights are plug-and-play, they plug
into the existing sockets. Unplug the old ones, plug in the LED’s
bolt them on and you’re good to go. The sidemarkers do require some wiring.
Adding the exterior LED’s modernizes the look of your classic truck and improves
its visibility. It looks better and it’s safer, that’s
win win. For more information on exterior LED
lighting visit LMCTruck.com. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you
next time.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I'm having a problem with only one side turning on when I use my turn signal , I bought a flasher as well and don't know what is wrong

  2. any instructions for the install for the electronic flasher for led lights to run correctly? 79 C10 here. Never messed with lighting before

  3. What? No sequential LED's? Who would buy 'old fashioned' LED as in the video when the sequential are available at under $40 each now.

  4. Hola buenos días esas luses traseras las tienes para Ford f100 1978 y cuartos delanteros frontales y cuánto cuestan gracias

  5. Help, unfortunately I'm not a mech nevertheless need assistance replacing rubber trim and rehanging both doors on 1986 chevy c10 Silverado, (FYI: plan to keep the truck) is this a job best to leave to a professional, or is it an easy DIY job. Thanks Chris Green

  6. Excelente! Yo tengo también una Chevrolet C10 del 1972 y me gustaría reemplazar el sistema de luces convencional por led.

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