Urban Exploration – ABANDONED Short Clip – Trolley Bus

Urban Exploration – ABANDONED Short Clip – Trolley Bus

Here we are at this old bus And this is a Canadian Brill Car Going to make a short clip about this as it at the trolley graveyard Lets go check out this bus Def a neat old bus

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  1. This is Ex: Calgary Transit System #432. This bus built in the late 40s and decommissioned in 1975 when trolley bus service stopped. This bus sold to someone after it was retired. I never knew the bus still exists…

  2. Classic back windows, like the early VW Beetles. What are those things at the back at 2:17 ? they look like bumper stops or similar.

  3. I wished it could be restored and put in a museum for future generations to enjoy.The little sign"The Future-Cancelled!"lol 

  4. Get permission? From who? The people who buy land and buildings and leave to rot and be forgotten forever? The people who can never be located or contacted themselves? And whatever isn't private is basically the state's, like they'll even get back to you. If left up to permission history would be lost forever.

  5. ive never ridden on a trolley bus.would they have been a smooth quiet ride?or bumpy??its a shame they cant be re furbished in to little diner carriages in parks and such,what a waste 🙁

  6. Great footage of this abandoned Trolley….such a waste to let it get vandalised and slowly rot into the undergrowth…I still drive old Buses in The UK….although i am a Postman every day…Best wishes…Steve.

  7. That would make a cool RV conversion, I know the engine is in the back I wonder what that space was behind the very back seats it's kind of a large open area.

  8. Walking through the bus I could imagine hearing the laughter and conversation, so many memories lost forever, that's the thing about history. Thx Steve, what I thought would be cool if there was a bit of the history behind what you show us,

  9. In Philly a trolley bus is a trackless trolley.  A very few routes remain.  One is the 75 that I would take to visit a friend in the Frankford section of the city.

  10. All in the name of "progress" the once grand artful and beautiful things have been laid waste, destroyed, left to rust into the ground, replaced by hideous modern imposters. Trains, trucks, cars, bikes, everything they make nowadays looks artificial, plastic, cheap, even buildings. It's like we're living in a time of less and less fucks given, a shallow and superficial society, past its pinnacle, now on the decline. Even what passes for music is fake and plastic, and the film industry has taken to destroying the memories of classic films by systematically remaking them into shit. What the fuck happened? What happened to postwar America that turned businessmen into fascists, police into armed thugs, the freedom movement of the 60s into the selfish decadence of the 80s and up into the present? Caricature… That what America has become, a caricature of itself, and a laughing stock to the perception of the rest of the world. Just in my lifetime, my short fifty years, all the steam trains have been destroyed or relegated to sightseeing tours, great architecture has been razed and replaced with ugly crap, trolleys and interurbans replaced by busses, and most of the trackage taken for scrap, rail lines converted into bicycle trails for politically-correct yuppies, kids don't play outside anymore, all the new cars and trucks look like cheap Chinese toys, everything has just gone to shit. Oh, and we've poisoned our environment almost to the point of no return. The great experiment is now just a great turd waiting to be flushed. The television god commands and the sheeple do what it tells them to do. Buy, consume, waste, buy more…. Where does it end? ….'Scuse me for ranting on your video, Steve. I see the wanton waste and it causes me to feel some kind of way. What legacy are we leaving for our grandkids' grandkids' grandkids? Doesn't anyone else besides me care?

  11. at 2.20 on the back those round things are call rope retriever for the poles these kind of retriever are dissapearing now

  12. Cool video!  You made me dig out a book called "Calgary Transit Then & Now" by D. M. Bain.  I learned that bus was called a T44, it's body was aluminum, and the paint colours were "Oyster White" and "Seafoam Green".

  13. To add a bit more – the rail cars with a stylized "S" behind the trolley bus are former Chicago Transit Authority 6000-series cars rebadged for use by the Southeastern PA Transit Authority. They ran on the Chicago elevated from the 1950s till the early 1990s. SEPTA acquired 6 sets of them to provide stopgap service when delivery of new cars for its Norristown interurban line was delayed.

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