Used 2016 Toyota 4Runner Limited Review – PALS Knoxville

Used 2016 Toyota 4Runner Limited Review – PALS Knoxville

Hey everybody, it’s Zack at PALS. I wanted to
show you this 2016 4Runner Limited – really, really pretty color combo on this.
It’s got black with a red wood interior and a really good combination with the
wheel and tire package. It’s got your standard 20-inch Limited wheels which
are beautiful and it’s got a little bit of an aggressive tire on it with the BFG.
However it’s an all terrain so it does ride like a dream still. On the inside
you’ve got to see this thing – this redwood interior with the black exterior
is just a perfect color combination and of course with it being a Limited it
does have your standard navigation, XM radio, back-up camera, bluetooth, sunroof,
steering wheel controls, and my favorite part about a 4Runner if you look at
the back here is it rolls down the back window so especially in fall time it’s a
little hot right now being summer but in the fall put your sunroof back up the
back window down and go cruising it’s perfect. Come see us today we’re off i-75 and
Callahan Drive and we’d love to earn your business!

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