[Used bicycle purchase] How to buy a used bicycle. Tests and Tips

[Used bicycle purchase] How to buy a used bicycle. Tests and Tips

Hi Guys Today I want to show you some tricks but not really much. I have six points to point out. Especially, when guys go to flea market or you go to ebay to purchase an used bicycle. How to judge whether it is a good bicycle The first point I would like to point out is In both wheels: between here, the rim The rim. That is the rim. And the brake There is a gap here. And try to find a bicycle so that the gap is constant over……when the wheel is like moving and you can see the gap is constant. Or……there can be a little bit deviation But as long as it doesn’t touch the brake and will not waste your effort of pedaling and also for sure when it brakes, so it can
stop the wheel and then also the brake will be rebound and resume to the same position. so that it means… the brakes are working. so this applies to both wheels. This is the first point I want to point out. It’s about the brakes and wheels. Second thing I would like to point out is Here. So, this is the fork. and this is the frame. This one is called head tube. so there here you can see this black ring and here as well. Actually, this is called headset. There are some bearings inside, which make your fork can move. and there can be problem when when the bearing is not
really in a good condition how you test it? First, you brake You press the front brake and you push it forward. You push it forward To see if you feel some play here It should be firm enough so that it will not move to the fork and in the handlebar you will not feel like there is a gap or there is a play in it, which is important because if there is a play here you cannot steer probably and also from time to time
it can be broken it can cause you 40 Euro to change the headset The third thing I would like to point out is about here. This is called bottom bracket. so I would turn around the bicycle to show what s going on here When you pedal with this one Here, there is a bearing This is called bottom bracket. If this is broken, which is normal when you have an old bicycle How would you test it? You hold the pedal and you move left and right. This is the crankset and you move it left and right to see if there is a play or gap here So, this should be really firm like this, which is important. Otherwise, it shows you it is a broken bike and you don’t wanna buy it The fourth point is the condition of the gear Everyone knows the gear. This is a typical gear. The teeth will get connected with the chain. so it will bind really tightly but there are some time sometimes, the teeth are worn out and they cannot get into the chain, so how you test it. You get on the bicycle for a while When you get on the bicycle You brake on both wheels You stop the bicycle and you try to pedal you try pedal hard without going If there is a problem with the teeth and the chain was slide immediately And the problem is when you pedal, you cannot move on. The chain will slide. What if the chain will slide, maybe your groin will hit And you really get a painful hit to your groin or you fall down from the bicycle lose the balance, which shows the condition of the gear in both the crankset here and the cassette here are really important And the condition of the chain This is the fourth point. The fifth is really obvious that you would always look everywhere on the frame on the wheels if there are some optical or physical really obvious cracks on the frame and when you have a test ride. If there are some cracks from somewhere on the frame you would listen some sound like “eh…eh…eh…” It means there are some cracks on the frame, which is obvious Or you check the fork whether there are some cracks to physical condition which is not hard to check and the last point I would like to point out is the height of the bicycle which is really practical. How you define whether the height is correct you sit on the bicycle. When you pedal it When the pedal gets to the bottom, bottom position of the pedal is here and your leg is nearly straight with the efficiency because the blood can go through your leg. It will bring up the efficiency When the pedal is at the bottom and your leg is like this And bends really sharply which means the bicycle is too small for you or when For example me like. I get on the bicycle and if I pedal, and the pedal is at the buttom But my leg is like completely straightened Or I cannot even touch the pedal. It means that the bicycle is too large for me. and last but not least For sure, you have a test-ride. Ride around to test every brakes if it is working If you can actually shift to every of the gear You feel the difference of the power and also this is a simple brake test to see if the force is enough. You brake the front brake. And you push the bicycle. So, you lift it up And shows that the front brake has enough power to stop the bicycle In reversed, for the rear brake. You do this. It shows that the rear brake is working That’s every point I would like to talk about today I hope it will help you guys to understand the basic thing to purchase the bicycle If you find any kinds of these problems When you brake it, it doesn’t function well. If there are minor problems, maybe you can fix it with a low cost. Then you can bargain with the seller Can it be cheaper 10, 20 or 30 Euro? Something like this Then you fix it by yourself. Or you don’t buy the bicycle. Thanks for watching guys Good luck with the bicycle purchase. Peace!

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  1. Hi thanks for the advice! I am trying to find a bicycle here in the UK but I am really tall (6ft 4!). I am trying to find one used so your tips are really helpful, thanks!

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