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  1. Thanks for the nice review (and culinary tips). I would love a Guzzi as my next bike (now on a BMW f800 GT), would it make a good commuter (a lot of filtering though traffic jams needed)?

  2. Hi please review the new Very interesting Guzzi V85TT as soon as it will be available in 2019; thanks
    I think its love at first sight with the V85TT. I love your reviews so i would like to get your opinion on it; cheers Wine lover.

  3. Rode the same area and down to the French Mediterranean coast in 1985 on my 1975 Moto Guzzi T-3. What you say about riding a Guzzi is true.

  4. Fantastic bike! You really nailed the spirit of two Moto Guzzi's you reviewed (V7 and this one). I've never ridden one, but somehow I pick up the same vibe about this bike. Wonder how would you feel about Honda cb1100…

  5. Arrrrrrgggg!!! now I'm even more confused , I love this bike and also love the Honda cb1100 .
    This motorcycle for me at my age is the perfect embodiment of what motorcycling should be about.
    Moto Guzzi have nailed it . One day the rest of the world with catch on but for now shhhhh!!!!.

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