Used Bike Series: MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 4k (EN/DE subs)

Used Bike Series: MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800  4k (EN/DE subs)

hi guys nothing to prove here today is a beautiful day because any day one can be on two wheels is a beautiful day and actually it is a very beautiful day today as you can see I’m squinting from the Sun I would rather squint from the Sun than have clouds and today as you can see I’m on the beautiful MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 it’s MV Agusta ‘s first attempts at sport touring let’s see how well they did I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride okay guys let’s take a look at the drive by beautiful bike beautiful colors I love the gold accent of the mufflers and highlighted with the red beautiful gorgeous bike on the drive by what that is shot at 60 frames showing at 24 that’s why it slows down like that for all you guys who want to know also the sound of this bike is kind of detuned from the brutality same motor as the brutality but kind of detuned it cut back a little bit listen to that sound a little bit I don’t know I I like to tally sound a little bit better than the sound of this they’ve actually detuned this motor from 116 ponies to about 110 but they upped the Newton meters and torque it up to 80 and that torque is available lower down and lower down rpms so there there are really three bikes that I would put this bike in the same competition with that would be the BMW the s1000xr also the Yamaha tracer 900 and of course the triumph sprint the TWiT the 1050 there but so this would be your middleweight sport touring with a more lean towards sport and not your touring because you can go heavier in the sport touring like you’re in the u.s. your Honda ST 1100s I used to have one a long time ago also your Kawasaki or 1400 your ninjas also some other big bikes if you want to go to the BMW 1200 RT so those are more towards your touring this is not tourney this is more sport so in your middleweight sport of the sport touring class but this is still only 800 cc so really this is really underpowered under engine size but it’s lighter its agile the agility I liked coming out here I did roughly 25 kilometres coming out here and I really did some curves let’s take a look at one of the curves going through the curves here going through the curves is kind of I could tell it’s got premium suspension it’s got the marzocchi fronts but we’ll go over all that in a minute that as far as its Courtney it’s right up there it’s it’s not quite at the brutality or the other middleweight naked suspended but it’s got the same suspension but the seat is a little bit higher so we’ll get into all these details in a few minutes MV Agusta has had financial problems you know in 1516 and finally in 2017 another you know they separated from AMG and and now somebody over I think over in Russia took over had money and invested all this money back into MV Agusta so now they’re coming out with some good models and they look they look good and hopefully I hopefully that they will stay financially sound over the next years because I really like the looks of MV Agusta motorcycles this really is a sport bike in sport touring clothing if you will grant me that okay enough talk let’s go to the walk around with the handheld I’ll put it on the gimbal and let’s try that out for the first time now right away you can look right in there and see the zetas F’s Zacks fully adjustable rear suspension and of course marzocchi fronts fully adjustable there also and of course yes Brembos although they’re not gold I don’t know why they didn’t do that 320 millimeter for phiston on both sides dual of course so the Brembos on the back with two Pistons you can see them through the rim there and the ABS system I want to talk about this real quick because this ABS system is pretty cool it’s got the new lrm the rear wheel lift up mitigation so basically what that says is is that as soon as the rear wheel feels that it started the Bosch system feels that it’s starting to lift off the ground it tells the front brake to lighten up on the pressure so that it keeps traction on the rear wheel instead of the weird wheel coming off the ground so no stoppies guys although it has a level one which is for road level two for race and then of course you can always always turn it off there’s your fully adjustable for the rear suspension and up here you can see it’s a manual for the right in the left fork there also some things I do like when you turn the light on here for this this is very interesting here let me reach over and there look at that night for the daytime running light that’s just cool only MV Agusta now yes we have to do this we have to look at the rear end look at that that is a gorgeous rear and the Italians I mean and if you take a high-level look over here like this as you come up to the bike this is a gorgeous bike ok let’s take a look at the TFT here it really looks busy doesn’t it it’s really really a busy screen here but at the top you have your engine temp then you have your gas gauge down at the then you have your your rpm and then the most important thing your speed that you’re doing and what level your abs is currently at what traction control you’re currently at and the temperature and so on but you can go down into the menu settings and set your traction control here okay so in your traction control in the new 20 18 you have eight levels of traction control you can also set your abs to there’s four different modes for there and also your engine Maps there four levels see and then as you can see I’m scrolling to that and also for cruise control and there it says no device attached I can attach my phone if I want to ok so you can go through speed or if you want your speed limiter on so if you guys have problems speeding this would be a great bike I usually have it set on trip here so that you can know how many how far you’ve gone and so on and then I can go into the settings also but these other options that it’s not selecting our extras that I cannot select that didn’t come with this particular bike okay that’s the walk around with this beautiful machine I hope you guys have enjoyed this Rock around walk around and let’s go ahead and get back on the bike and continue on down the road alright start her up turn the ignition on and there we go and the cars coming nope oh yeah all right close the lid follow this clutch this flipper auto Blippar oh yeah my blipping scale is this applicable machine hell yes this is a flipper and a cool little feature you can do this on the fly pull the screen up pull the screen down that’s pretty cool actually I like that let’s talk about pillar number one power train engine and transmission yes they work seamlessly together thumbs up so I entered a transmission the auto blooper is good could it be better yes okay second one chassis the brakes and suspension of course MV Agusta is using the brembo 4-piston on the front two on the back ah let’s do the turning radius on here notice dropper all the way down the first and then let’s make sure no cars are coming crank her all the way over oh not bad at all okay that’s cool okay so chassis brakes are great the suspension does dip does dive down pretty good here let’s watch that dip yeah that’s pretty severe I suppose I could probably tighten that up a little bit adjust it fully adjustable front forks of course you guys know okay and ergonomically speaking because this is actually pretty neutral pretty comfortable the reach is pretty neutral the foot pegs are pretty neutral the distance is nice of course this is a higher seat it’s 850 mils off the ground so it’s a little bit higher than your normal standards or normal nakeds and it’s comfortable could I do this all day yeah although the seat is kind of leaned forward a little bit I don’t understand that and I don’t know if I would like that all day long I’ve never get an aftermarket seat to fix that if you’re looking for an entry-level sport touring bike and you know MV Agusta is financially sound then get one because in this class this bike weighs well without luggage or anything just over 200 you know just under two hundred and ten kilograms but if you’re gonna tour you know you get the side bags on the back again there’s you’re talking about 220 between 222 or 30 kilos but if you get the loo so then everything is automatic you can adjust the suspension electronically you don’t have to do it manually on this model it’s manual and the cruise control you get a heated grids but thrashin an 800 cc motor is just fun and also not using a clutch although I usually talk use a clutch anyway they’re just blip all the way down the down to first okay guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the review of the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 if you want to take this exact bike for a spin give a bear longer a call and they’ll set you up I’ll leave the link in the description below and always guys ride safe and ride like there’s nothing to prove Cheers it’s got this angry sound this I’m pissed off sound and I know if you can if you can hear that I don’t like the initial grab of the front brakes but they’re good I just don’t like the initial feel that’s in here I’m doing 106 gear now 150 R now 140 air 130 hundred and second gear I’m not gonna do 100 and first guys although I probably could let’s see okay let’s try a hundred in first gear ah the rev limiter cut-in did you get the motor said stop please don’t do that

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