Used Bike Shopping Tip | Tech Tuesday #109

Used Bike Shopping Tip | Tech Tuesday #109

Hello Calvin Jones here Park Tool
Company with Tech Tuesday – today we have a quick shopping tip for used bikes First get a magnet – next look for
aluminum components Aluminum components have no magnetic pull check the hubs check the cranks check the rims check the brakes – here’s the thing bikes with steel components are generally lower grade than bikes with aluminum components notice we’re not checking the frames high-end bikes do come in a
variety of different frame materials including steel but bikes with aluminum
components are at least one tier higher than bikes with steel components I hope you enjoyed this little tip, but to be clear we’re not saying that any bike
with aluminum components is automatically a great bike but say
you’re at a bike auction or yard sale this little tip can help keep you at
least one tier up thanks for watching

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I only buy new but that’s a great tip for used bike hunters, Calvin is the Mr. Miyagi of bike mechanics.

  2. Steel is real – I ride vintage bikes after ridden, aluminium and carbon frames. Steel is my weapon of choice 🙂

  3. I bought a $150 bike from Canadian Tire when I didn't know shit about bikes and ended up with useless and dangerous chrome plated steel wheels.

  4. I dont care steel aluminium or carbon … the humon above is what make difference
    I use aluminum bike not issue at all …. I afraid of carbon bike because I transport it inside the car and can break it :-((( never rode a steel bike :(((((

  5. I have a Raleigh 3 speed Sturmey Archer gents 1963 roadster that is steel everything (except the pedals). It is classy and classic and reliable and is my town bike. The magnet test is a pretty broad rule of thumb.

  6. Hi calvin ibought a steel mtb frame about 8 years ago, it had a headtube of 1 1/8 i was told it was a specialized steel frame but i couldnt verify it the paint was changed the brake cable stops were grinded out i pressumed it was coverted to a dirt jump specific frame it was also customized to take a disc brake atthe rear my question is was this a good buy the grinding and welds are good by the fabricator how di i know if this is a specialized frame long live calvin be well

  7. I buy 1980s 12 speed racing bikes that are very high end from the bike co op. They are steel frames with aluminum components. They are quite nice but, in need of repair. I fix them in my garage, and them put many miles on them. My favorite bike in the whole world is my 1980 Schwinn voyageur 11.8 in red. I bought it for $62. Even if they are all old and beat up, I still freak out if they get scratched.

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