Used Car Donation : How to Donate a Car in Utah

Hi my name is Luz Luis. I work for the National
Kidney Foundation of Utah in Idaho, and I’m going to be giving you some tips about how
to donate your car to charity here in Utah. The most important thing is to call the charity
directly. Find out about their charitable mission. Make sure that the programs that
they’re funding are ones that you want to benefit with your car donation. Ask the charity
what percent of their funding goes to administrative costs and what percent goes to fund their
charitable mission. Never donate to a charity that has an overhead cost of more than 25%.
You want at least 75% of all of the proceeds that go to that charity to fund their charitable
mission. Then ask them how they accept their car donations. Sometimes they’ll refer you
to a 1-800 number, or they’ll refer you to a website. Then you need to get out a title.
You have to have a title to donate a car in Utah. If you don’t have a title to the vehicle,
you can usually get a replacement title from the DMV. When you find your title you’re going
to sign your name over to release your ownership of the car, and you’re going to need to make
sure that the buyer section or the new owner section is filled out with the name of the
charity. Never leave a title blank. Always put the name of your intended charity here
in the buyer’s section. To donate your care to the National Kidney Foundation of Utah,
it’s very simple. Get out your title, and call 1-800-TOW-KARS. It’s t-o-w-k-a-r-s. Or
even easier, donate online at That’s t-o-w-k-a-r-s. Get out your title,
answer all of the questions. We’ll come out and get the vehicle, write your receipt for
your tax purposes. And be in contact with the Kidney Foundation during the donation
process. Again to donate, call 1-800-TOW-KARS, or donate online at

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