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hi i’m Ronnie Brown with Capitol
Motorsports where we have a huge selection of
inventory trucks, SUVs, cars, sports cars we
have the exotic vehicles uh… what we do here at Capitol Motorsports
for customers is we cater to all walks of life Whether you have poor credit average credit, or excellent credit we
want to cater to everybody that with all credit issues. and this i can just
tell you, deal after deal we have all kinds of lenders on standby to help your needs when you become part of our family our
whole goal is to get you reestablished or established back into
the market where you can get better rates through
better banks that we offer and we also have a full service department where we
take care of our family. You don’t have to go anywhere else, you have someone that
you can call, this in your corner. if you ever had any kind of needs for car
repair service or maintenance. If you would just uh… call 512-821 9955 or visit our website

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