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  1. man, that freddyandeddy watermark is highly annoying. just like those damn station watermarks on the tv. we get it can we watch a clip without it being ALL the way through the clip??

  2. @abdrammal i don't think its any particular song i think they made up the "Hail to the chief" version in a more disco version

  3. Robert Zemeckis' best movie by a long way – even though I made about a buck and 50 cents at the box office at the time of release.

  4. I grew with two brothers Freddie and Eddie…too funny great movie from beginning to end…"why don't you see for yourself judge!?

  5. They need to remake this movie with Obama as the President and Chevy Volts in the used car lot.

  6. Now what the hell is this? Is this a 1977 Mercedes 450 SL for $24,000? THATS TOO FUCKING HIGH! *kaboooooooooom* Classic!

  7. Ahhh..the days when you could put a dish in your backyard and steal cable because it was all microwave technology.

    Dad-burn you digital signal engineers!!!

  8. Yes sir.Β  We blew the shit out of that overpriced motherfucker!Β  Just the way we blow the shit out of all high prices!


    I'd be damned if I'd stay in character like that, if I took a "real" bullet….

  10. Back in 1979 when my parents first got cable, this was one of the first movies that I watched on HBO and it just happened to air on a Friday night, so that meant I got to stay up late since I didn't have to go to school the next day. Back then, HBO didn't air R rated movies before 10 pm. Since I was still too young back then to discover women, you know what, and you know what, as in the scene where they jam a football game, I consider this scene to be the funniest scenes of the whole film.

  11. Marshall Lucky has been a hero of mine since I first saw this movie as a kid,his name even pops up on the range every now and then when we have the shotguns out.Especially the Ithacas like the one he had.And that car explosion was a solid 9.9

  12. I love it when Roy kicks the tv screen in at the end of the scene…I didn't realize at first when i watched the movie years ago that they were destroying Roy's cars on his own car lot.

  13. did you fucks see any japan cars in this movie maybe thats why they are trying to sell their stuipid cars so bad dumb american people we are lol

  14. I remember seeing this as a kid and laughing like crazy at the, "I have heard you with unmistakable clarity" line. I still do over thirty years later.

  15. I always thought this flick was underrated.Β  Good acting & clever writing.Β  Even after almost 40 yrs, I remember several funny scenes from Used Cars.Β  Rudy "baiting" a customer may've been my favorite.Β  Kurt Russell played the role of greasy chameleon used car salesman like he was born for it.

  16. "…I can do anything I want. I'm Roy L Fuchs, GODDAMMIT!!"

    Best goddamn comedy movie of all time. And this is the funniest scene in the whole goddamn movie!

  17. "Hey Mack you mind turning that thing off I'm tryin'ta eat!"
    "Mr why don't you have a little respect this happens to be the President of the United States!"
    "Respect my ass food giant I'm paying 20 bucks for this meal!"
    reaches across to turn off TV. Hand gets slapped away by fat Mack
    "Yeah, well how would you like that TV stuck up your ass?"

  18. One of the funniest scenes from a hilarious film with Kurt Russell and yes that's Lenny & Squiggy (aka Michael McKean and David L. Lander) w/Garrett Graham out to get their business doubled by pirating the President's live telecast

  19. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Still creases me up even now!

  20. Jeff (Gerrit Graham): For Christ sake Rudy, we're fucking with the President of the United States!

    Rudy (Kurt Russell): Hey, he fucks with us, doesn't he?

    The greatest movie line ever!

  21. HA HA HA 1977 Mercedes 450 SL for $24000.00 Thats just too fken hight. lol We blown the shit out of that over priced mother fker.

  22. I die laughing every time when Carter reappears back on the tv after the commercial is over,and then Jack Warden gets up and kicks the tv screen in.

  23. The football hack commercial was even funnier,IMO. When the blonde chick gets her dress caught on the hood ornament and it rips off when Rudy pops the hood and those spectacular tits spill out…the various home viewer reactions are priceless. And then the black dude puts the topper on it…"JEEEE-sus palomino!" And I'm dead…every time.

  24. And then when feds poke around, Marshall Lucky convincingly suggests this was all the work of foreign radicals.

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