Used Rx8 Buying Guide & Checklist | Mazda Rx8 Buying Tips

Used Rx8 Buying Guide & Checklist | Mazda Rx8 Buying Tips

So in this video I’m gonna share with your guys my Rx8 Buying Checklist. And the reason why this checklist of so great Is that it is simple to understand It lets you know exactly what to look for when buying an rx8 Along with videos, that show you how certain issues sound, and look. And in addition to that You also have a calculator that lets you know if you can afford to own an Rx8 with your current paycheck

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  1. i not think as you. there are rx8 with 120k , and perfect compression but not rebuild. its more important the care that old driver use to drive and others things. if you buy an rx8 , you has to learn whats mean each number of vin, to kown properties as cv it has, or look at hice submenú of gps and look for The real km.

  2. Very very helpfull. You are the man my friend ! Keep up the good work, enjoying your vids!
    p.s. Going to buy my first RX-8 this Saturday! Wohoooo….!

  3. Insurance here in the Toronto area is a bitch.

    It's like $1.5k a year for insurance around here… As an adult with a clean record.

    I'm no adult according to the insurance company (I'm 19)

  4. I bought an S1 RX8 manual with 60k km for $2000 lol. They though the engine needed replacement but was just flooded…

  5. WOW… kids, remember, stay with ur parents for as long as you can so you can own an RX-8 LOL… I'm a student, 3rd year, and still living with my parents. The little money I make is enough to run my RX8 and pay for insurance and gas and the occasional upgrades, so I'm thankful for that. I spend about $<700 for insurance (liability) per year, and about $35 of gas every week. It happened that stuff happened to the car and I couldn't drive it, so I had to park it until I had money to fix it, unfortunately 🙁 but it's how the life of a student and his project car works XD

  6. Hi! I was wondering about something about daily driving an rx8.
    My workplace is not that far from my home but far enough for me to use my car.
    Would a remote start for an rx8 help the "the car needs to be warm before leaving or stopping" thing? Or a 5min travel is enough?

  7. I saw one here in has 75,000km on it..immediate start, no stalling on idle at rpm 800-1000..need to do compression test. Price is $16k fijian dollars.

  8. i just bought an rx8 about two weeks ago. You've helped me out so much already,the only problem my car had was a faulty solenoid. I'm glad I found your videos! Thanks for all the work you do for us viewers and fellow rx8 drivers!

  9. I just swapped my 2007 Mondeo diesel for a 2006 RX8 with 56k miles and i only got 2 points, good deal i think. lol

  10. I will buy an RX8 eventually and plan on keeping it for a while… Wondering if you know anything about common rust spot locations on the 8, and maybe could make a video about it!?

  11. You really made a big job of it, looks great and the hard work pays off! The final example was painfully true for me 😅

  12. This guy is selling an rx8 with 80k miles it has codes p0300 random missfire p0037 x2 and p0301. It was taken to AutoZone and the diagnosic recommend new spark plugs and ignition coils along with possible the o2 sensors. Guys said it hasn't been driven often. Obviously has check engine on. Aftermarket exhaust. Do you think it would be worth the buy and replace spark plugs wires coils and o2 sensors ? He wants $2200usd

  13. Hey Driven! I am looking to buy a 2004 RX-8 6 speed manual for around $7,000. It had a rebuild motor one month ago. What do you think?

  14. Hey dude, nice video, but i think you forgot something very important. You must check if the car has been crashed before being put on sale. Some bad guys might try to hide it. You can see if a car had been crashed by looking at the gap between the hood and the front bumper sides, if it's irregular, then it has been crashed. (

  15. if you buy an 8 knowing it needs a rebuild, can you consider the irons, rotors etc toast? or can the components be saved and used for the rebuild? would you have to get a completely new engine?

  16. Like your videos. Just wanted to let you know that today (March 4, 2018) your website won't let me download your spreadsheets.

  17. Im about to buy an rx8 second gen automatic transmission because, there's not a manual one avaliable, your videos are super help Full, im still anxious about it, ill let you know what happend, btw thank's a lot for your vids they are very 🆒.

  18. I can afford the RX-8 but if i live in a first world country! I am from central america! And here we dont have where to rebuild the engine i think, and to import parts we have to pay extra cash! And many people here are selling 2004-2006 RX-8 but i'd still don't know if it worth the money! But i really want one since i was kid.

  19. Idk if I'd get an rx8 here in country as probably most people don't take care of their cars or rarely do. Like there's an fc rx7 stuck in the shop covered in dust for months now or maybe the mechanics don't know what to do or get the parts. I'm from Philippines and although I love civics they are way too common here and I love mazda MX5 and rx series as well (:

  20. I'm really excited, this friday i will test an RX8 and if everything it's ok i will buy it.I have been looking a lot of videos and tips, and your youtube chanel helped me out a lot. Thank you so much, i will get my dream true!

  21. Where can I get the sweet nectar of Holly?

  22. There's someone in my area selling their 2011 RX-8 GT with only 6,200 miles for $10,700. It's an older persons vehicle and they're the original owner. Oil changes have been done at the dealer regularly and they're selling it to save money (retired). The kicker is that it's an automatic. I'd entirely be driving it on public roads – no track days for me. Do you think I should buy it?

  23. thnx alot for this. went and had a quick look at your compression test video… rotarys are not for me, looks like it took you around 1h to take that compression test then view the video and pulses… ill stick to my Honda's.

  24. Hi! Thank you for this video! I am planning to buy RX-8 soon and this will help me a lot. Since i am a still a noob in the car parts and everything i will need to dig up some more info. I have been driving for 2 years but didn't think much about my old audi. Learning new things every day now since i want my new and better car to be in a top shape all the time.

  25. I have a 2004 Mazda RX 8 and it will not go over 15miles an hour check engine lights on sometimes if I start the car and shut the car off it’ll let the RPMs go up to 9000 can anybody help me with this
    If you look on my page under Robert Braun construction you will see a video of what the car is doing and can anybody help me is the car in limp mode help thank you

  26. Question; as series 2 rx8s are rare in the UK, is it possible to swap the revised rotary and oil sump from a s2 into a S1 rx8?

  27. Hey man went to go check out a rx8 today I had watched a bunch of your videos good thing I ran away from that thing once I started it it wouldn’t start again he said it would take like 15 minutes then he said oh it’s just the battery terminal let’s jump start it the guy and like 3 of his buddies all pushed the car and it started I was gone before they even knew it

  28. Friend, this is the best channel about Mazda !!! You did a great job! Thank you very much! You are a clever brother!; -]

  29. My friend is getting an RX8. I recommended him this video. I will also use it in the future. Thanks for the great video!

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