Used Tesla: Before You Buy!

Used Tesla: Before You Buy!

Every tech enthusiast dreams of driving a
Tesla, but not everyone can afford to buy a new model. With the entry level model 3
model starting from only $30,000 all the way to a fully loaded Model X going above the
$100K mark, Tesla owners report some of the highest levels of satisfaction of any vehicle
on the market with 99.6% of respondents saying the Model 3 is a pleasure to drive. The
Model 3 became a best seller in the US and delivered over 190,000 vehicles, since its
debut in 2017, capturing 67% of the market for electric cars in the second quarter of
2019. This abundance of Tesla’s is not only good for the environment, but also good for
customers that are interested in buying a used tesla, because more and more pre owned
models in excellent condition are coming on to the market. Anytime you buy a pre-owned vehicle, there
are certain things that you need to take into consideration, especially regarding electric
cars like Tesla. We’ve made it simple for you and compiled a list with pros and cons
you should be aware of before buying a used Tesla. Electric cars have a low need for maintenance,
the Tesla models having only about 20 moving parts compared to the 2,000 of an internal
combustion engine vehicle. Unlike gasoline cars, Tesla cars require no traditional oil
changes, fuel filters, spark plug replacements or emission checks. As electric cars, even
brake pad replacements are rare because regenerative braking returns energy to the battery, significantly
reducing wear on brakes. Tesla cars do not require annual maintenance. Because of the
highly specialized nature of Tesla cars, it is recommended you do not take your car to
a non-tesla shop for maintenance or repairs, and your warranty coverage could be effected
if they break anything. An important small detail and common issue
you should be aware of is the quality of the door handles. Because they are definitely
not as straightforward as most cars, being instead infused with technology, these elements
can get easily damaged. In fact, many Model 3 and Model S owners have reported broken
or “frozen” exterior door handles. A smarter car is something that we all dream
of, but what we must be aware of is that with great intelligence, comes a greater chance
of something failing, like the MCU on the older models of the Tesla Model S, for example.
A great number of users mentioned that the Achilles heel of this car is definitely the
aforementioned microcontroller whose memory chip can fail from too many read-write processes.
It seems that this might be a recurrent problem that can still be found in newer car models
too, so this is yet another aspect to consider before buying a used Tesla. Tesla has the slowest depreciation rate in
it’s segment, even when compared to class leading gas powered vehicles like the Mercedes
S-class and BMW 7 series. This means that your Tesla vehicle will retain it’s value
over time far greater than comparable electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, or
Chevy Volt. To mention a general benefit, an obvious pro
of getting yourself a secondhand electric car is that you’ll not only contribute to
the preservation of the planet by driving a car that doesn’t pollute while it’s
moving, but you also cut off the air contamination that is an intrinsic part of the production
process of any vehicle, household appliance or gadget. So, a used Tesla can help you diminish
the impact cars have on the environment in two ways: by totally eliminating the emissions
while driving it and by breaking the cycle of production related pollution. As is often the case with the majority of
second hand vehicles, Tesla seems to have some problems of their own when it comes to
drivers complaining about the poor bodywork of their cars, including but not limited to
issues with the paint job, the trims and even the exterior lights. It seems that these issues
tend to be more prominent in their “budget model”, namely the Model 3, but this shouldn’t
discourage you from buying a used Tesla since these small snags are present in all car models,
be them electric, petrol or diesel. Electric cars are not only good for the environment
but also for your wallet, the electrical energy needed to fuel them being low cost, either
by using the superchargers in the case of Tesla, or various charging stations that can
be found across the country. Besides that, Tesla cars are able to charge themselves with
regenerative braking, overall saving you fuel costs over the life of your ownership of the
vehicle. The huge touchscreen tablet is the well-defined
trademark of Tesla but as cool and futuristic as it might seem, there have been some small
but annoying situations where it malfunctioned, stopped working, leaked fluid or got bubbles
on the surface; at least in the older Model S versions. Because this tablet is the central
command panel of the car, it is of utmost importance to have it working properly at
all times, so it’s always a good idea to double check its functionality when picking
up a used Tesla. Environmental considerations aside, Tesla’s
are popular for yet another reason: they can be crazy quick, thanks to the high torque
of the electric motor. The idea of instant acceleration is not a myth when it comes to
electric vehicles and with a used Tesla Model S you can actually achieve 0 to 60 in under
5 seconds and for almost half the price of a new one. With enough research and an eye
for detail, you can find a pretty good deal on a used tesla. A tesla repair that’s not covered under
warranty can be an expensive endeavor, the manufacturer working only with original parts
and only in authorized service centers, which may also mean that your car might to be stuck
for quite some time in the workshop. Anyway, to avoid the usual issues a pre-used
vehicle comes with, we’d recommend you buy a Tesla that still has its 8 year battery
and drive train warranty to make sure any critical repairs are covered. Tesla’s are special vehicles, with a buzz
and reputation unlike anything else and Tesla owners report some of the highest levels of
satisfaction of any vehicle on the market. In other words, driving a Tesla is not just
functional, but it also is an experience, that the majority of drivers describe as being
totally unique. Of course, there are other extremely advanced EV’s on the market, but
Elon Musk’s Tesla is the perfect blend between unrivaled quality and affordability. A new tesla is protected by a New Vehicle
Limited Warranty for 4 years or 50,000 miles that covers the repair or replacement necessary
to correct any Tesla factory defects under normal driving conditions. The battery and drive train are covered for
a period of 8 years or up to 125,000 miles depending on the specific make and model. If you purchase a used tesla from Tesla’s
certified pre owned system, the Model S and Model X come with an additional either 4-year
or 50,000 mile warranty or 2-year, up to 100,000 total mile warranty. The Model 3 will come
with the remainder of the original 4-year or 50,000 mile warranty. The balance of original
Battery and Drive Unit Limited warranty still applies for used cars regardless of model. But if you purchase your used Tesla from a
private seller or dealer, you receive the remaining balance of the original warranty
and are not allowed to purchase an extended service agreement. It’s a tradeoff between going to Tesla directly,
or purchasing from a private seller because they often have more available inventory and
lower prices than Tesla’s certified pre owned system. There are many positives and negatives regarding
purchasing a used Tesla Model 3, used Tesla Model S, or used Tesla Model X. With production
rates continuing to rise we expect more and more used Tesla’s will be available for
purchase, and our conclusion, is that it is a good buy.
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I wish I could own Tesla as a first car, I love them so much and my parents are annoyed that I say look there’s a Tesla on the road.

  2. Dude you deserve wayyy more subscribers and views
    The quality of the video and the effort that has been put on it is amazing
    Thanks for making this video

  3. Tesla's vehicles truly deserve to retain their value better than other vehicles, since they can get better overtime through software updates.

  4. I was shopping for a Tesla earlier this year and was debating between a used Model S or new Model 3. My budget, under $45K. I can understand why most people would choose a new car but after lots of thinking, I chose a used Model S.

    I wanted Dual Motors (AWD) and at least 270 mile range. Doing an existing inventory search for Long Range, AWD Model 3 was close to $54K. The M3 would not have heated steering wheel, and no free supercharging (sadly no longer available on a CPO)! In its defense, the M3 has much better Battery and AP technology (FSD), as well as Sentry mode!

    So why did I chose a used Model S. First, I’m a big guy, and the S is a much roomier car. Road trips on the S are definitely more pleasant, as it is much quieter than the M3. Also, price, for mid $40K I found a used 2015 Model S85D with only 12,004 miles. It has the Tech Package with AP1, Premium Sound, SubZero Package, NextGen Seats, panoramic sunroof, and free supercharging. I also like the 2 displays vs. the 15 inch single display on the M3. Bought directly from Tesla, it came with a 4 year/50K miles warranty (from my delivery date).

    Here are some photos of my dream car!!AoAsGTbf5o9KhZl0XNizcC76qCZHMg

  5. What's the cost of ownership once out of warranty? Can you buy the parts and work on it yourself to avoid insane hourly shop rates?

  6. Well…
    Apart from the obvious FAN BOY style of the narrative, Tesla makes great cars… no doubt.
    Having said that…
    I don’t know about the US market, but here in Germany 🇩🇪, Tesla has problems keeping up with demands.
    Demands in terms of cars AND services… so there will be third Party bodyshops, wich by the way, can get a certificate from Tesla…and the end customer can keep his warranty…✌️

  7. In Connecticut Teslas are so convenient. We have Superchargers everywhere. I would like one but that sticker price is my hurdle. They don't depreciate much used either.

  8. electric entry is always safe via the used Leaf, then in 2022 or 2023 you make a bolder move, who knows if Nissan will by then have used dual, tri and even quad motors on the market

  9. Only stupid tech enthusiasts "dream" of owning a Tesla. Actual engineers have nightmares of someone making them drive one or seeing one driving towards them on an undivided road.

  10. just took delivery of my tesla model 3 performance a week ago. Never going back to gas vehicles again, ever. Possibly the most impressive piece of tech i've seen in my life.

  11. Can you not say the entry level M3 is 30k, when it clearly states right below the purchase price is almost 40k. Including tax incentives that not everyone qualifies for and gas savings is probably one of the most dishonest marketing ploys in the car industry.

  12. 03:57 These "small snags" are present when the car is new. This entire list is just a big ole Elon dick sucking fest!

  13. Over here when the lease period is expired they move all out of the country. There is no to little demand for private use and imo the prices over here are quite steep for a used one.

  14. If there are so many preowned Teslas then that means the customers are not satisfied with the cars. Am I missing something here? The less preowned means people are keeping there Teslas.

  15. My friend bought one and the autonomous driving feature automatically took over and it drove him to Mexico city.

  16. It pollutes before it's moving, it pollutes while it's charging and it pollutes when it gets scrapped. Other than that a Tesla does not pollute much while it's moving.

  17. He glossed over depreashation. I couldn't find a used tesla that wasnt in a wreck for under 30k. Compare that to a volt or leaf that loses almost half its value at 10k miles…

    Not implying that I would buy a leaf or bolt , was just curious at how well it held value vs a tesla

  18. I have a budget of 55k and wanted to buy a used model S Tesla, but now I'm making second thoughts about that, even though I already ordered one, I don't feel satisfied anymore. It's a 2016 Model S 90D with premium package but no free supercharger, it costs around 54k and I'm thinking that I'm throwing all my money away. I was really motivated at the start but I feel like I'll be losing more in the long term since I'm planning to buy the roadster in the future.

    Can anybody help me with my decisions right now, this overthinking makes me very insecure, I'm very young and this will be my first car that I buy (I rented a model S for a whole day before).

  19. The high cost and insurance, this cars are just to expensive for average income. And with government fundings this cars are holding value as used to extend it’s better to order a new one.

  20. The excitement of the Tesla and electric cars reminds me of the when the Prius was introduced in the late 90’s. Kids would say look there’s a Prius. If you want a Tesla just be patient. They have depreciation like most vehicles. My friend just bought a 2015 Model S 85 for 39k with under 30k miles. One owner loaded with a clean CarFax. The first person to buy this 4-5 years ago paid over 90k. He got it for much less then half off the original purchase price with a warranty till 2023. I prefer the size of the S but the new Model 3’s being sold today will be for sale in a few years for 20-30k. I understand there is nothing like the smell of a new car and buy new if you can afford it or if you can’t or are just frugal with your money, look for a quality used one and purchase after you have done your own due diligence.

  21. I have 50k€ stock savings. So tempted to every week sell that all and go buy a M3 perf version and sell my 2015 Kia Ceed. I know I would love life at that day. On the other hand, I have stock plan for long time (30y+) still and wouldnt want to have more than 15k invested to car. I would not live by my own standards. Tesla is only vehicle which makes me do these brain storms.

  22. “Under 5 second zero to 60” there are P90DL Model S’s out there that will do it in 2.6 for under 60k! Quickest production car on the planet. (Only best by a new model that will do 2.4)

  23. "The depreciation value is lowest in their class" I think that's an understatement considering I can order a new Model 3 for cheaper than any of the used offers in my area.

  24. Good luck finding parts and repair service out of warranty. While the honda civic next door can get both of those relatively quickly and economically. Only time will tell if Tesla was truly all hype and just a pretty battery cover around old age battery tech.

  25. Excellent video… Good Job…. You showed a very objective scenario on a Tesla… Good and Bad things… The anxiety factor in recharging will disappear once more infrastructure is built for charging stations… Tesla is defeating its competition of fossil fuel vehicles by making its cars way simpler… Out of a doubt… It has to improve its manufacturing and auto-parts issues like the ones you show on the paint, door handle and window regulator (driver door)… Ask Tesla to help you in fixing both before your warranty expires… Very likely a supplier issue on these auto-parts… Depending on the supplier, it might be Magna, Bosch or some other suppliers (very likely) Again, get it fixed before your warranty expires… Tesla has forced its competition to change the use of electricity instead of fossil fuels to power vehicles… 20 years ago Hyundai was one of the worst Automotive Brands in the market according to JD Power surveys… Now… it’s one of the best at the level of Toyota… Competition in the automotive sector is Fierce… Tesla doesn’t have competition now in making electric automobiles … In some years… It will be completely different in despite of other brands are way behind…. Tesla is not in the same position in regards to competition as Amazon, Microsoft, Google or similar companies… Again… Good job in your video… Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

  26. This is an advert for Tesla and no doubt biased.
    Not surprised if behind the scene it is the Tesla Marketing Dept funding this.
    A second hand marketing ploy to condition and convince buyers to not be afraid of older models (so that their cars retain value) and increase profit by continued uptake past Warranty (where consumers foot ALL repair bills)

    This narrator essentially says Tesla is better than all and their problems are the same if not better that the rest.

    3:59 "Snags are present in all car models" – but NOT in the same level, age, frequency and price range of a Tesla. Excuses that are clearly not epidemic in other manufacturers even Hyundai or Kia.

    Past warranty: The money you saved in fuel you more than exceed in paying Tesla for repairs (Sensors, handles, battery, servos, touch screen, diagnostics etc).
    Tesla locks out DIY's and 3rd party repairers (Black listing your Tesla from Parts, Super charge and other services).
    where ICE is superior is in DIY, 3rd party repairer and 3rd party After Market parts manufacturers.
    Running costs is not just FUEL which Tesla wants you to just focus on.
    For ICE vehicles the real savings is in the future when you can DIY and benefit from After market parts.

  27. I was able to buy my Tesla Car worth 144,000usd all safe and secured. It was a new one. Big thanks to Dirk Hess. He was really helpful
    I have made over 500,000usd in my offshore account with 5000usd in my investment start up plan just in three months. I am so happy Dirk
    He replies well on his mail forums legionofgloomhackers at Gmail dot com

  28. Not all of use Dream of a Smarter Car as you said. Just because it has a battery and a motor or two does not mean it needs crazy tech just for the sake of it

  29. While it true that Tesla doesn't require much maintenance. However, when a part needs to replace, need is expensive. So if you buy a used Tesla, get one that under warranty.

  30. Amazing cars but off-warranty, they are money pits. Never buy off warranty Tesla, almost anything that could break means expensive repairs. Air conditioning could go up to $11,000, brake job $1000, Door handle $500, Main screen is over $4K. Unless you can fix it yourself.

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