Used Toyota Tundra vs Used Toyota Tacoma: Reviewed and Road Tested | CarMax

Used Toyota Tundra vs Used Toyota Tacoma: Reviewed and Road Tested | CarMax

Part of finding the right truck is
breaking down what trucks do best or as I like to call it the big three: hauling,
towing, and carrying passengers. With that in mind let’s go head-to-head with Tundra vs. Tacoma. Two fantastic four-wheel drive tow-ready
trucks from Toyota. On this side we have the 2015 Toyota Tundra. Twenty feet from
bumper to bumper. Available with two powerful v8 engine options running
between 13 miles per gallon in the city and 19 miles per gallon on the highway,
depending on the engine and driving conditions. On this side is the 2015
Toyota Tacoma standing just under 6 feet tall powered with an optional 4-liter v6
and getting between 16 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on
the highway based on the model and the load. Apart from the obvious difference in
size, both trucks come loaded with great features and options. Depending on your
trim package the Tundra can offer powered windows, seats, mirrors, easy
lowering tailgate, rear view camera, bluetooth connectivity, and Toyota’s
InTune premium audio system with JBL speakers. The Tacoma delivers great looks and many of the same power features of the Tundra as well as the InTune audio
system. Now on to the first of the big three: hauling. Not surprisingly the
beefed-up tundra can haul quite a payload in this bed like nearly 2,000
pounds. However, the smaller Tacoma does pretty well for itself hauling up to 1500 pounds of payload depending on the cab size. Next when it
comes to towing the Tundra can pull a Herculean 10,000 pounds. We’re talking a
major-size camper with it. Now the Tacoma is a bit more modest in its towing capacity but it can pull around 3500 pounds like a sweet pair of jet skis. Finally where’s the fun in heading down, the road in your new truck without your
friends and family. Well when it comes to passenger seating the Tundra’s Double
and Crewmax options lets you bring up to five adults with plenty of leg room in
the back row. The Tacoma it’s approximately spacious for its size with a four door double cab option that can also carry up to five passengers.
So there you have it, the Tundra may deserve a second look if you ask for
some heavy-duty power on the road to adventure. The Tacoma just may be the
ticket for the weekend warrior that still needs to get around town. We invite you
to explore all the trucks on or stop by your local store for a no-obligation test drive today. Thanks for watching.

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