Valkyrie: NASA’s Superhero Robot

Valkyrie: NASA’s Superhero Robot

Meet Valkyrie, Valkyrie 1. 6’2. 125 kilograms. Superhero Robot We really wanted to to design the appearances of this robot to
be one that was just, when you saw it, you were going to be like: Wow that’s, that’s awesome. So it’s a 44 degree of freedom robot. Very capable Very strong. Completely self-contained We have a 2 kilowatt-hour battery, lots of on-board computing Got a 7 degree of freedom arm and 6 degree of freedom hand 3 degree of freedom pelvis And we have a 6 degree of freedom leg.
When we were designing the robot we we were thinking about the competition
from day one and we wanted a very modular system Specifically with the arm, we can yank
one bolt and one connector and we can take the arm off. It happens in
a matter of minutes And so we wanted to be able to replace
components, major components on the robot in under fifteen minutes The robot is designed also such that the
arms are actually identical so with just reconfiguring a piece on
the arm a right on can suddenly turn into a left arm.
Power is stored in the backpack here. We have a battery. You can pop this panel off You can do a couple bolts, slide the battery out slide a new battery in. So as you can
see in the head, we’ve got cameras, both LIDAR and point cloud
based camera systems In the chest we’ve got cameras. We
have sonar in the chest, in the stomach abdomal area. We have a cameras on our forearms for when we’re grasping, so we can get a
good view from there Moving on down we have cameras in the
knees We’ve got cameras in the feet.
Pretty much when our operators are running the robot, any data, any piece of data,
any image that they would want to see from what the
robot is seeing is available to our users NASA saw considerable overlap in what
the DRC was trying to accomplish and NASA’s goals as an agency.
We want to get to Mars Likely NASA will send robots ahead of the astronauts to the planet. These robots
will start preparing the way for the human
explorers. When the humans arrive the robots and the humans will work together in conjunction, building habs, laying foundation, and just working together in that tight relationship Technologies such as Valkyrie are gonna really lead
into the type of robotic systems that will one
day be the precursor missions before the astronauts to Mars. Really strong and powerful robot Superhero robot. Glowing NASA meatball.
What more would you want?

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  1. Operationally dynamic payload is obviously a tiny fraction of total launch weight capabilities, but what say we skip the BS and, in simulation, what say we bump up the factor of an human payload cost and see what kind of ballpark "micro-tonnage:operational effect" figures we can obtain on the subject…

  2. It certainly has to get a lot more agile and fast, otherwise it is useless.
    And I don't see why they have to be anthropomorphic.

  3. I wish nasa would stop spending tax payers money on Luxurious toys that they well know will never amount to little more than some playboys bedroom lady magnet / substitute !!!

  4. says superhero but it's not doing any superhero things. like giving food to the homeless like uhhh putting bad guys who control the worlds markets and banking cartels in the slammer. lol if it started building houses for homeless people then you could officially call it a superhero robot.

  5. why not a nuclear reactor powered on plutonium for power? if energy is a problem why not use Nuclear energy?

  6. I doubt that robot will ever go to Mars only in a faked Mars studio most probably as they did with the moon landings.

  7. идиотизм полный. Этот гуманоид ели на ногах стоит и его готовят на марс. Лучше бы научились у японцев. Их робот  в отличие от этого ходит и бегает очень быстро без всяких висячих проводов.

  8. complete idiocy. This humanoid ate on his feet and is prepared to Mars. It is better to learn from the Japanese. Their robot unlike walking and running very quickly without any dangling wires.

  9. Im sure the Japanese are more than capable of making Asimo space ready, poor country after Hiroshima wasn't allowed to development of rockets, only assist America in space research, mainly due to reprisals, but things have moved on since then, they should release the ban, then we'd see some serious space exploration.

  10. Looks intriguing, but to make me love it, you need to give it soft and warm muscles 🙂 and the possibilty to back-up my psyche.

  11. Pretty terrible in my opinion. They should really focus on mimicking muscle than trying to build a heavy, overly expensive, hunk of junk.

  12. They should develop AI for it and have it be able to have conversations with the astronauts and be able to react to human emotions like that one robot.

  13. Our planet suffering more and more, so many communities suffering, social and environmental violence growing everywhere, industrial revolutiion proving to be obsolete at building sustainable cities and a happy civilization and you NASA playing to build GI Joe playdolls – You are a disgrace to humanity

  14. it's that Robot is come from japan? i don't think so it's come from far as Czech and germany and america received new industry 3 or something in industrial 2

  15. it is not strong robot it is a unstable hanging doll.expensive useless crap. question- where is all this shit when they need help in Fukushima? Chernobyl?

  16. Oh you have to get the aesthetics right just like the Titanic – all show …. and we know where that ended up at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

  17. hahahahaahahahahaha
    is this nasa?
    Is it time to wake up?
    You are far behind negroes when it comes to technology .. people already at home for their money doing better and more modern things …. nasa = fake: D

  18. YES! Don't forget to add sun collectors to reduce downtime! maybe dual batteries. one get's charged while the other one get's used. and when we find the Total Recall Reactor Mars gets an atmosphere, and is ready for colonizations.

  19. bonjour c'est merouche charaf et pour l'autonomie de se robot il y a deux solution la premiére et de l'envoyer avec un otre robot1 qui roule avec des paneaux solaire et équiper du éolienne pour le vents et il pourait se recharger grase a l'otre robot 2valkirie et la deuxiéme solution et de équiper le robot valkirie d'un film potovoltaique et systéme de petite éolienne pour sa propre otonomie en énergie

  20. Can it function in -200°f temperatures and not need satellite GPS while doing it's job. It , I think, needs to be able to do it's job, independently of human connection, if need be.

  21. If they find out to program a robot into a controller I'm sure gamers from the top score bored could make missions on Mars seem like child play (if based on Mars as well cuse input lag XD )

  22. Better establish a Moon Base Alpha first! Why put Mars ahead of the moon? It's just as dead. Oh I see. Mining ops. for metals, minerals, and Martian manufacturing. Then the World corporations want to stake a claim (and probably has already). Then penal colonies set up for cheap labor done by convicts with life sentences. Then disputes over profits driven by greed and avarice, and revolt by the forced laborers. Then wars, sessations, alliances, further revolutions, more battles and and the Declaration of Martian Independence and sovereignty and the Martin Chronicles turns to a new chapter or second book.

  23. Absurdly embarrassing!!! Another NASA's lie with Hollywood harness cables keeping the turd malfunction machine that doesn't move

  24. Like it or not we will grow our robots from a dish. They may have a steel or something more space age put they will be human I believe, just take a moment to look at the back of your own hand, why would we spend hundreds more years to build something less fantastic as the human hand. It is the same with computers I think, when we unlock the rest of a grown human brain NOTHING will be better. IT will get a lot of stick, people my fight over it for a long time but nothing stops progress, it never has. HOWEVER: in history it never worked our real well for the people, and it wont for all us lower working class lol

  25. Um bom progresso, mas com "falhas" de execuções… só tem que ser mais rápido no tempo de resposta… parece que o processador está demorando a computar os dados recebidos pelos censores de proximidade/movimentos, e câmeras, que o ajudam a verificar o ambiente e riscos para execução de ações… mas como disse o tempo de resposta deverá ser mais rápido, pois em um ambiente como o do espaço, um astronauta poderá está em situação de risco solicitando ajuda a um desses robores.

    Será que levaram um desses a lua, na #SpaceX – Falcon 9 Heavy Rocket?


  26. Do you guys know what Valkyrie means? These robots are not meant for exploitation, but they are the future henchmen for the police state.

  27. ok fun but too slow wtf russians are way way waaaaaaay better. and that fancy light to drag attention and burn power? really? you fail!

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  30. So if its a NASA robot, then maybe it's designed to move around in zero gravity, or at least lower gravity than Earth.

  31. Valkyrie did nothing in robotics challenge 2013. It was useless.
    But this was five years ago.

  32. look at these toys, ( )I mean watch what they are actually doing, then look back at this Nasa robot video an dtry not to laugh …

  33. these robtos we see from nasa and competition are too slow and two heavy, to the point they require too much power per worked achieved. Because the people who are designing robots,are trying ot build humans – but anyone who read academic works of robotics knows robotics is based on ethology, and that the form a robots takes can be any form.

    I feel we need strong byt light frames with minimal compnents and circuitry, ideally component that can work with low voltages..and design can be based aorund..

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