vegan ceviche tostadas | hot for food

vegan ceviche tostadas | hot for food

[lauren] oh my god. [lauren] what? [lauren] what’s up, it’s lauren from hot for food and i’m cooking for you again this week. [lauren] i’m gonna recreate a recipe that i was recently inspired by on my trip to los angeles. [lauren] some of you probably already watch my personal youtube channel, if you don’t, go check it out! [lauren] i’ll link it right here. and usually i show a lot of behind the scenes of hot for food as well as what i eat on a day to day basis. [lauren] and when i was in LA, i did two parts and i showed everything i ate in LA and i ate at some amazing restaurants. [lauren] so go watch those videos if you’re interested. [lauren] but i did go to a restaurant and i had this amazing dish, it was vegan ceviche tostadas. [lauren] and the ceviche, which is normally seafood, of course, that’s marinated and sort of cooked from raw with lime juice. [lauren] it was made out of yellow summer squash, and fresh young thai coconut meat. [lauren] it was amazing! there was black beans spread on the crispy tortillas and then lots of lime juice, cilantro, [lauren] chunks of avocado and i think it had cashew sour cream drizzle so we’re gonna try and do something very similar today, [lauren] cos i was- i loved the dish and i really want you to be able to make this at home cos i think it’s gonna be a really summery, [lauren] fresh dish so let’s get started! [lauren] alright, so this is 100% organic young thai coconut meat. i found it at whole foods so we’re gonna chop that up [lauren] and we’re gonna mix it with a spiralized yellow summer squash which is in season right now, so you can find it at your grocery store. [lauren] they call it “yellow summer squash” but it is essentially a yellow zucchini. [lauren] and then because not everybody is going to be able to get this young thai coconut meat, [lauren] this seems like a delicacy, plus it is kind of expensive, i’m not gonna lie to you. [lauren] i’m going to do a version with the squash and hearts of palm. [lauren] hearts of palm come in a can, and they look like this. [lauren] this is a more inexpensive version of vegan seafood i guess because it does come canned, it’s not very expensive. [lauren] we cut it into rings, it’s going to kinda look like calamari. either way i think they’re both going to be delicious! [lauren] so here’s our coconut flesh, it is seafood-like, you know it looks like white meat. [lauren] when it’s cut thin like this, i just think once we marinate it in lime juice, it will soak in better and it will be the same size as the squash. [lauren] okay so i’ve never spiralized! [lauren] but i’ve got this uh, inspiralizer, that’s the brand, i’ll link it below. [lauren] and we are going to spiral our squash! [lauren] you could mandolin it, as long as it’s thin, okay so i think the spirals are going to look nice if you have one of these. [lauren] umm so i’ve never done this. [lauren] oh, this is easy. this machine is awesome!’ [lauren] so there you go. [lauren] i think it’s going to look really pretty. some of these strands are very long though, so you just maybe wanna cut some in half. [lauren] cos you still want the look of spiral, but when you’re eating it, we’re not doing noodles, we’re doing ceviche so [lauren] i’m just gonna roughly chop it but we’re still getting cool, spiralized pieces. [lauren] we’re gonna do the zest of one lime, [lauren] and we’re gonna add the juice of one lime. [lauren] kay we’re gonna add a quarter teaspoon of salt, [lauren] okay and then chop up some cilantro. and if you’re a cilantro hater you can just leave this out [lauren] so i’m gonna massage this with my hands to get the lime juice and salt all mixed in there. [lauren] so here’s the version with hearts of palm and you don’t need to add any salt cos they’re marinated in salt already [lauren] so the ceviche’s in the fridge, i would give it at least an hour to marinate. [lauren] if you’re in a rush, or you could leave it overnight i’m sure it’ll get tastier overnight. [lauren] and so the next component is the crispy tostadas or tortillas that we’re gonna make as well as the beans [lauren] so if you wanna be simple you can just take your black beans and mash them up. [lauren] leave it at that, add some salt and pepper [lauren] but i’m gonna do more of like a refried beans so i’m gonna saute onions, garlic and beans [lauren] then i’m gonna whizz them through the food processor just to get them real smooth [lauren] and we’re gonna spread that on top of the crispy tortillas. [lauren] but again, you can customise this however you want. [lauren] so let’s get this cooking here. i’m adding a little coconut oil to the pan. [lauren] alright, because i’m doing this in the food processor, i just sliced my onion. [lauren] but if you aren’t going to do that, just mash it and cut up the onion finely, as well as the garlic. [lauren] we’ll saute this for a few minutes until soft and add the black beans [lauren] and i’m also going to add chipotle chili powder and sea salt. [lauren] now we can add this into the food processor and blend until smooth. [lauren] the only other things you need to prep for the top are red onions, and some chopped cilantro and avocado. [lauren] i already have corn tortillas in the freezer, i’m trying to unthaw this big massive tortilla [lauren] so i’m just heating them in a pan, over low-medium with a little bit of oil. [lauren] and i’m gonna get them crispy so you know, just a few minutes each side until they’re not [lauren] wobbly anymore and you don’t want to steam them, so you don’t want to put a lid on or anything. [lauren] so once these are all crispy and toasty, we can assemble our coconut squash ceviche tostadas. [lauren] look at how awesome these look! [lauren] they are so fresh and so delicious. [lauren] now i just made the coconut squash ceviche, the hearts of palm and squash is in the fridge. [lauren] both are amazing so whatever option you like but i happen to love coconut. [lauren] so we also drizzled on top the cashew sour cream which is on this channel and i’ll link it below as well. [lauren] for that recipe it’s very easy you can drizzle it on everything. [lauren] and i guess it’s time to eat these! [lauren] you probably wanna be more elegant and eat with a fork and knife. [lauren] mm!! [lauren] these are better than the restaurant i ate at. [lauren] the beans are better. i made them more flavourful. [lauren] mm! [lauren] this is perfect. [lauren] a lot of people ask when i use coconut things if it really tastes like coconut, [lauren] it’s funny because i guess i’m so used to coconut that [lauren] eating it mixed all in here to me, [lauren] doesn’t even taste like coconut that much. [lauren] it’s coming through but you got so much lime, you got so many flavours that it all goes really well together. [lauren] so i hope you like this recipe! again, this was inspired by my trip to LA, [lauren] i ate this exact dish at a restaurant. [lauren] i want to recreate it for you so you can make it at home cos it’s so good and i thought it was such a good idea. [lauren] um, so let me know if you try it out. [lauren] share it on social media! tag us @hotforfood or #hotforfood, [lauren] mm! [lauren] so good! [lauren] and enjoy this dish and i’ll see you guys next wednesday, [lauren] we post every wednesday so subscribe, if you’re not already subscribed so you know when the videos are posted. [lauren] you know, click the little thumbs up button down there cos [lauren] that’s what you gotta do if you like something on youtube. [lauren] alright, i’ll see you guys next week. peace!

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    We shall see, your channel definitely helps knowing that I can cook food that is amazing.

  9. this is a really inspired recipe and i would imagine hearts of palm work really well in lieu of coconut meat. cant wait to give this a try!

    just a tip if anyone wants their tortillas to be steamed and thus soft- i found it works best to pat some water on both sides and then place them in a nonstick skillet for a few minutes on each side, flipping once or twice. it works really well!

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  18. It looks great! I live in mexico and i've tried a vegan cauliflower version of shrimp ceviche. Quite delicious if you ask me, and also very inexpensive.

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  32. If you want smaller shreds on your squash, zuke, cuke, etc., do a vertical cut lengthwise down the side of the veggie before you spiralize.

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