vegan coffee cake | RECIPE?! ep #13 (hot for food)

vegan coffee cake | RECIPE?! ep #13 (hot for food)

[lauren] hey everyone it’s lauren toyota from hot for food and today we’re doing another RECIPE?! [lauren] now i was just standing here, having some toast and coffee [lauren] uhh the way i usually do. most mornings making coffee in my french press. [lauren] and then i had this impulsive, random thought that i should make a coffee cake today. [lauren] umm i’ve never baked before, in the RECIPE?! series so this could be a really good challenge. [lauren] i’ve never made coffee cake either so i feel like i should really follow that gut instinct. [lauren] so i already have my inspiration for today’s RECIPE?! [lauren] but i don’t really know what i have in the kitchen. [lauren] i’m pretty sure i have most of the baking supplies but we might need to make substitutes here and there, [lauren] so i think this is going to be a good one, hopefully it turns into something delicious, [lauren] hopefully. so let’s give it a go! [lauren] alright so here is where i keep most of the flour and sugar and things like that. [lauren] so we’re good for brown sugar which a coffee cake is made of brown sugar. [lauren] we’ve got whole wheat flour and i know i have some all purpose flour. [lauren] yes, we have both kinds of flour here. [lauren] we’re gonna need baking powder and baking soda which actually, [lauren] do i even have baking soda? yes. [lauren] we’re gonna need coconut oil, [lauren] so we’ve got unsweetened coconut yogurt, i also have almond milk, with a little bit of vanilla in it. [lauren] so these are pretty much all the ingredients we need to bake a cake! [lauren] you know, a fat, baking soda, baking powder, flour, sugar, [lauren] and spices! we’re gonna use cinnamon. [lauren] i used to eat coffee cake like, [lauren] i don’t know. growing up i’d go my grandma’s house and there’d be like a coffee cake from the store. [lauren] and i would eat it and so i have this memory of it just being this like sugary brown cake. [lauren] but i think adding in the coffee will help. [lauren] um, when it comes to baking, i wouldn’t say i’m a “master baker”. [lauren] basically what i do when i decide to bake something, [lauren] is i use those recipes that exist already as a basis and i think [lauren] “well how much did that make? and do i need the same amount now? ” [lauren] and i just slightly adjust the amounts of liquid and dry ingredients. [lauren] and if i need it to be more moist, or more dry, or whatever. i kind of [lauren] just feel it out as i go. [lauren] so i have looked up my existing cake recipes and we’re gonna use similar amounts, [lauren] um but i am just gonna make this up as we go. [lauren] so i’m gonna use all purpose flour and whole wheat flour. [lauren] i don’t have that much all purpose so i’m gonna do two cups of all purpose, [lauren] and half a cup of whole wheat. [lauren] cos it will make it more moist if i don’t use too much whole wheat flour. [lauren] so i need one teaspoon of baking soda and baking powder. we need salt. [lauren] gonna add about half a teaspoon of salt, [lauren] i’ve got the oven pre heating to 350F , [lauren] we’re gonna add lots of cinnamon to this, so maybe one teaspoon, one and a half teaspoons? [lauren] uhh to get a proper cake as well, you can’t use all brown sugar because i think it will burn too quickly in the cake. [lauren] so you have to use granulated and brown sugar. [lauren] so i’m gonna take half a cup of granulated sugar. [lauren] and half a cup of brown sugar. [lauren] and yes, my sugars are vegan, [lauren] i don’t know about where you live but where we live, the Canadian Sugar Company, [lauren] does not process its sugar with [lauren] bone char or whatever so we’re safe. [lauren] okay so to get this crumbly we’re gonna add coconut oil. [lauren] have it be kind of solid like this so you can crumble it together, not like a melted liquid. [lauren] and then we’re gonna cut that into the mixture. [lauren] so pastry blender, you can just cut it in like this to get it all crumble. [lauren] and if we need to add more, we will. [lauren] it’ll start to melt once you use your hands and that’s okay, you just want to start getting crumbs like this [lauren] i’m gonna need more oil actually. [lauren] so i have hardly any coconut oil left, we used about three quarters of a cup. [lauren] i’m really just scraping the barrel here, [lauren] so this is funny. this really is baking with what you have. [lauren] because i didn’t have enough stuff. [lauren] um, we’re gonna need more sugar, for sure. as i’m mixing this together i can tell. [lauren] so so far i’ve got half a cup of brown and half a cup of white. [lauren] we’re gonna add another half a cup of brown. [lauren] it’s smelling quite good, okay so [lauren] our crumb mixture is good, you don’t wanna over mix. [lauren] let’s reserve- quite a bit of this for the top, about a cup. [lauren] and a quarter. [lauren] okay, we’re gonna do a cup of this almond milk,’ [lauren] so a little baking trick is you need some acidity to react with the baking soda and baking powder, [lauren] so you add a teaspoon of that to the almond milk. [lauren] whisk it together, [lauren] you don’t taste that vinegar at all, but it helps the cake rise. [lauren] alright. now we’re gonna add vanilla extract, [lauren] i’m gonna add two teaspoons. [lauren] so now we’re gonna add coffee, [lauren] i think i’m doing a quarter of a cup but i might do half of a cup. [lauren] okay, and our coconut yogurt is kind of like our egg substitute. [lauren] so i’m gonna use a third of a cup of that. [lauren] so if there’s like any trained chefs out there watching, i apologise [lauren] cos this probably looks like a hot mess. [lauren] but i’m telling ya, it’s gonna work. [lauren] okay so one thing you wanna do when you’re making this up as i am, [lauren] you might wanna taste this, make sure it’s sweet enough. [lauren] i would say because i could eat that on its own, it’s probably good. [lauren] and then we wanna taste this and make sure it’s coffee-like enough. [lauren] yea. okay, now we’re gonna mix them together. [lauren] let’s hope this is the right amount, and now you’re gonna fold this, [lauren] do not over mix it, that is the key to baking. [lauren] just fold it. [lauren] so it’s just combined and then we’re gonna put it in our pan. [lauren] i’m using a springform pan, i think it’ll be easy enough to get the cake out of this. [lauren] and the last amount of coconut oil i have, i’m just gonna grease the sides. [lauren] i just don’t want this to stick, this may be unnecessary, saying it’s a non stick pan but [lauren] i’m not risking it. [lauren] uh, i don’t know why but i just wanna add a little more cinnamon to this, [lauren] i just wanna make sure it’s cinnamon-y enough. [lauren] that’s probably another half a teaspoon. just fold it into the crumb. [lauren] and now we’ll add this on top. [lauren] okay, my friends, we are going in the oven. [lauren] i think it’s good but i’m slightly worried the crumb top is not [lauren] oily enough. okay, who cares, let’s go. [lauren] 350F [lauren] woah, a moth just flew out of there. [lauren] why would a moth fly into the oven? [lauren] it’s smelling good. ooh it’s set- definitely not cooked. [lauren] it’s jiggling when i pull it out. [lauren] i’m literally calling upon a higher power [lauren] to help this cake bake! [lauren] because i just don’t want to waste my time here today. [lauren] it’s been in there for 40 minutes. it’s actually looking quite delicious. [lauren] so this is the trick: you put in the toothpick and if any batter comes out, it’s not ready. [lauren] so i would say this is not ready because it is a little jelly-like. [lauren] but it’s cooking! it might just take a while. vegan baking isn’t the same as regular baking. [lauren] so little buddy, ugh why is it jiggling. [lauren] alright, 60 to 70 minutes and i think we’re good, i’ve been keeping my eye on it. [lauren] now we definitely need to let it cool. [lauren] just do one more toothpick test. [lauren] yes. we are good. [lauren] i feel like my crumb topping is too floury. but [lauren] anyway, we’re gonna make a frosting for this, a really simple [lauren] powdered sugar, a little bit of water, a little bit of vanilla and just drizzle it and that’s it! [lauren] so this is about a cup of icing sugar i have in my container but let’s just start with half a cup. [lauren] we’ll just add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. [lauren] which is also all i have left [lauren] let’s just start with a tablespoon, [lauren] tastes like coffee cake to me guys! [lauren] it’s very moist. [lauren] it’s a similar consistency to my apple spice cake. [lauren] the crumb topping is very nice. [lauren] adding more sugar actually helped a lot. [lauren] what’s not totally coming through is the coffee taste. [lauren] so [lauren] that’s minor. it still goes well with coffee,i guess you can drink your coffee with it. [lauren] it’s very good. it’s a very good cake. you could serve this at a party [lauren] or a coffee party or something [lauren] and no one would bat their eyes. [lauren] i just wonder, in order to get more of a coffee flavour, [lauren] maybe we should’ve added instant coffee granules [lauren] make it stronger. [lauren] or could we have just done all coffee, [lauren] and no almond milk? [lauren] i mean, i like it. [lauren] as you can see i’ve already eaten half the piece. [lauren] mm! [lauren] okay, well anyways, serve this with coffee or tea, it’s delicious [lauren] and i would say this is exactly what a coffee cake is supposed to be like from what i remember. [lauren] this is- reminds me of the ones i would eat from the [lauren] the grocery store bakery at my grandma’s house. [lauren] well i would say that was a successful RECIPE?! [lauren] and the first time i’ve ever baked for one of these in the series. [lauren] and it always made me afraid to bake because it’s so unpredictable. [lauren] anyone who’s gone to school for it probably would know, “oh yes, this would take [lauren] you know, whatever amount of time to bake thoroughly but [lauren] it’s also trickier sometimes with vegan recipes because [lauren] this would’ve probably not taken as long if there was eggs in it, i would guess. [lauren] go ahead and try it, i’ll link the recipe below and [lauren] tell me what you think, give me your reviews. i hope you’ve been inspired anyways to even try baking in your kitchen. [lauren] even if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can probably figure it out. [lauren] little bit of trial and error. [lauren] so if anything, these are just meant to inspire you, get you in the kitchen using what you’ve got on hand [lauren] and making delicious vegan food. [lauren] i’ll see you next wednesday here on hot for food [lauren] subscribe if you like what you see, share your pictures of all the stuff you’re making from hot for food [lauren] and on social media @hotforfood or #hotforfood [lauren] and happy cooking! happy baking! [lauren] mm! [lauren] i’m gonna devour this piece of cake, [lauren] and this cup of coffee, and have myself a good old day. [lauren]bye!

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  1. Chould use something other than a pastry blender? I also can't have wheat so what gluten free flour should I use?

  2. I just realized you're Japanese (right¿) since I remembered Toyota is a Japanese car brand. I've been an idiot this whole time and thought it was your "brand" or something lmao. Thanks for the video btw 🙂

  3. Made it last week, but i put loads if icing on it too 😊 i think it's the best cake i've ever eaten…. My non vegan friends loved it just as much as i did! ❤️ thanks Lauren

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  5. Lauren you are so frickin amazing ! I love watching your videos they are so inspiring and make me exited to be a vegan and still get to try amazing new recipes ! Please keep doing what you're doing because you're awesome at it ❤️❤️

  6. Lauren your so cute and amazing you should have a meet greet in the fall would love to see you in person and hear you talk in person about vegan recepies,
    love all the recipes

  7. I'd use some Espresso powder (instant espresso powder), makes the taste much stronger, I use it in chocolate espresso cupcakes and it's delicious then 🙂 The cake looks amazing as is though, can't wait to make it some time.

  8. This is literally in my oven right now, I didn't have any yoghurt so I used banana/peanut butter instead. praying that it turns out ok 🙏

  9. Hey Lauren, quick question for you. Do you or John have any background in cooking (not necessarily a chef… because from your comment during the video, that's not the case for you)? Or your are self-thought?

  10. Just made this, it was sooo delicious! Even though I didn't have all the ingredients, we still made it work. (I didn't have yogurt so I used 2 flax "eggs", only had balsamic vinegar, didn't have coconut oil so I used vegan butter, and in the frosting instead of vanilla I used coffee and because I only had vanilla almond milk 😉 )

  11. i didn't have coconut yogurt and had this weird urge to add 1/3 cup of ginger ale instead.. and it turned out great lol. i'll be making this again and again for sure

  12. Good to see your experiment turn out so well…. BTW I don't think with the skills you have for cooking anything you cook might turn out not edible…

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  15. Coffee Cake is to have with coffee, there's never any coffee actually in the cake. For my vegan cooking for egg substitutes, I use unsweetened applesauce because of the pectin naturally found in apples. ALSO I LOVE your channel! It's given me so many ideas!

  16. I've made this like 3+ times and it's now one of my staple recipes, and the first thing I'll think of baking when I need something, so thank you!!

  17. made this for mothers day today. seriously good! I used a couple more tbs of coconut oil, and 1 cup coffee, 1/4 cup soy milk. it had a good amount of coffee flavor. it's so good thanks!

  18. It turned out amazing!
    Used 2 shots of strong espresso and replaced the yogurt with 2 flax eggs + quarter cup of coconut cream.

  19. I made this cake tonight and made a few changes. More Wheat Flour and reg flour. Used nuts and shredded coconut. Also used greek vanilla yogurt and splenda instead of white sugar and this kitchen smell like cinnamon love!!!! Sooo good. Cant wait to taste it but dont wanna burn my mouth. Lol

  20. I like your videos but I don’t like the set up. The stove is very distracting. Try angling the camera above the bowl. Idk I’m just suggesting

  21. I learned several new tips and tricks from this video!! I would consider you a master baker since you can make up a whole cake on the spot

  22. So this cooking is simply guess work. I can’t use these recipes cause I would waste my money before getting it right. 🙄

  23. I'm not sure I've ever seen coffee cake that actually had coffee in it… I've certainly never had coffee cake that tasted like coffee, and I LOVE COFFEE CAKE. I thought it was just called coffee cake, because its typically eaten while drinking coffee…? Is coffee cake different in Canada, than it is in the states?

  24. I know this video is really old but I think it’s important to say that he Vancouver Rogers processing place does in fact use bone char 😷😭🤬🤮🤢

  25. Hi HFF Lauren!!! Have you ever made a Vegan version of the Ultra Popular Japanese Jiggly Fluffy Cheesecake before? If you have, please share recipe!!<3 <3 <3

  26. Basically I have the same ingredients on hand with a few exceptions: I don't have Coconut oil just Extra Virgin and will probably just use Cashew Milk.
    I may add a few dates in place of white sugar which I do not have. I may add a chopped ripe banana or dried cherries for flavor. I'm into my third week of doing a Plant Based way of eating. I've subscribed to your channel as of 8/21/19 @ 11:08am

  27. I have made so many recipes from you and everyone has been so good. I made this and and loved it. My husband flipped! I did use coffee…I put in cold brew from the fridge. I set the timer for an hour and it was done..The glaze was so easy to make!

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