vegan frittata | RECIPE?! ep #4 (hot for food)

vegan frittata | RECIPE?! ep #4 (hot for food)

[lauren] john is working the camera, everybody [lauren] you should come say hi. [lauren] alright guys, this week we’re gonna do another [lauren] RECIPE?! video which is the thing where i [lauren] take whatever’s in my fridge, [lauren] here at hot for food headquarters [lauren] and make something out of nothing. [lauren] so let’s see what i got. [lauren] i really would like to use this up, [lauren] what this is is leftover dressing from [lauren] the buddha bowl that we made for w dish, [lauren] i have a lot of leftovers in here right now. [lauren] oh! i have a little brick of tofu. [lauren] cilantro. [lauren] onion, lemon, celery. i know there’s kale in there. [lauren] this is what i really want to focus on. [lauren] what this is is tahini, miso, lemon, nutritional yeast, [lauren] little bit of apple cider vinegar, [lauren] i’m thinking this looks like eggs, a little bit . [lauren] aand, we could make like [lauren] a quiche? [lauren] or like, [lauren] i think we should do that, i think we should make like a [lauren] frittata or a quiche. frittata-quiche [lauren] let’s do a frittata. [lauren] using this leftover dressing and then we’re gonna thicken it [lauren] with maybe tofu or potato. [lauren] a little bit of arrowroot flour. [lauren] and then we’ll make a thick, batter and then i’ll bake it. [lauren] tofu smells fine. [lauren] so we’re making this up as we go, everyone. [lauren] i think the only way to really bake this is to add a flour [lauren] so i’m gonna add like arrowroot flour, [lauren] and then maybe like, chickpea flour? [lauren] which i know, people make omelettes out of [lauren] like, chickpea flour. [lauren] i use a high powered blender, i literally use it 8 times a day. [lauren] so, you should get one. [lauren] i turned my oven on cos i know we’re gonna bake these frittatas. [lauren] let’s start with one cup of this dressing. [lauren] it’s pretty cool, it’s already yellow, [lauren] because i put turmeric in the dressing. [lauren] oh my god, i thought it was tumeric, [lauren] but it’s tuRmeric. [lauren] and i spelt it wrong on the blog so did you know it was spelt [lauren] t-u-r-m-e-r-i-c? [lauren] i literally make spelling mistakes on the blog all the time [lauren] and it’s my biggest pet-peeve [lauren] and, so i’m constantly like, [lauren] proof reading my own blog like everyday [lauren] and i notice spelling mistakes. [lauren] i used to spell chilli, c-h-i-l-l-i [lauren] and then i realised it’s one l [lauren] oh, what pan am i going to put it in? *drops cooking utencils* [lauren] oh my god. [lauren] so do you think we should make a big frittata? [lauren] or i have mini ones we could make mini frittatas. [lauren] which means we might need more than this. [lauren] i’m thinking. so let’s do two cups of dressing. [lauren] or, one and a half. [lauren] cos we gotta thicken it, right? [lauren] i think we should take this tofu which is about, [lauren] half a cup of tofu, blended. [lauren] just crumble it up. [lauren] this is Vegg, it’s basically and egg free, um [lauren] cooking powder. it’s nutritional yeast but it’s mixed with um, [lauren] black sea salt [lauren] and some other things that make it smell [lauren] like eggs, like sulfur. [lauren] so i’m gonna use this but you could just also use nutritional yeast. [lauren] okay, and the same thing will happen. [lauren] you just, the black salt won’t be there but it’s not a big deal. [lauren] so i’m gonna do quarter- that’s a lot [lauren] quarter cup of Vegg, [lauren] let’s start with a quarter cup of chickpea flour. [lauren] ooh, it smells like eggs, ugh it stinks. [lauren] alright, i’m gonna use arrowroot flour, [lauren] you could use tapioca flour or you could use corn starch. [lauren] although i don’t really like corn starch. [lauren] it’s kind of too goopy [lauren] for the moment, let’s do one teaspoon of arrowroot flour. [lauren] let’s put some more pepper in this, [lauren] quarter teaspoon. [lauren] i’m gonna do half a teaspoon of salt. [lauren] i’m gonna put a little bit of cayenne. [lauren] almost like, not even like a quarter teaspoon, like an eighth of a teaspoon. [lauren] i’m gonna do half a teaspoon of dried basil, [lauren] half a teaspoon of dried parsley. [lauren] my blender’s over here so i’m just going to blend it. [lauren] it’s quite thick so i’m gonna add um, some veggie stock to it. [lauren] drizzle a little bit at a time. [lauren] that sounds bad but it’s okay. [lauren] let’s see if we’re on the right track. [lauren] it’s still very miso-y because the dressing is miso tahini. [lauren] i’m gonna put more of this, half a cup of veggie stock. [lauren] guys, i’m thinning it out even more. it’s so thick. [lauren] so now we’re at three quarters of a cup of stock. [lauren] also, there’s a lot in here so we have to cook it in something else. [lauren] adding all that liquid gave me too much volume [lauren] my worry is that this has nothing to like, [lauren] make it stick together and bake, [lauren] so i’m gonna add egg replacer powder which is basically [lauren] like baking powder. [lauren] so you just whisk the egg replacer powder with the water, [lauren] i probably should’ve just blended this but doesn’t matter. [lauren] see, now i think it’s too liquidy [lauren] now we’re gonna add more chickpea flour. [lauren] another quarter of a cup here. [lauren] of chickpea flour. [lauren] so when you use this egg replacer powder [lauren] or baking powder, [lauren] you need to bake immediately. [lauren] you can’t let it sit around [lauren] let’s cook down mushroom, onion, kale, everything’s that gonna go in the frittata. [lauren] and now i f–ked up cos this has to bake immediately [lauren] and it’s sitting here. [lauren] so it’s probably not gonna cook properly [lauren] anyway, this is how you make up a recipe, everyone. [lauren] you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. [lauren] hopefully you’re enjoying this. [lauren] i’m gonna chop up the mushrooms so they cook faster, [lauren] so it’s about a cup of finely chopped mushroom [lauren] that’s about a quarter cup of green onion, [lauren] i also have celery that we need to use up so we’re gonna use some of that. [lauren] kay we’ll do like half a cup of celery [lauren] and i also have all this kale so [lauren] we’re gonna cook up that. gonna wash it, take it off the stem, [lauren] we’re gonna sauté that down with a garlic clove, minced. [lauren] and little bit of oil and then that’s gonna go in our frittata mixture [lauren] this is cooked down, [lauren] okay, so then mix this around [lauren] okay, i change my mind cos look at how much frittata we have [lauren] we’re gonna cook it in a cast iron pan and serve from a cast iron pan. [lauren] so now i’m gonna butter the cast iron pan [lauren] and i realised i have leftover daiya mozzarella [lauren] so we’re gonna put that on top. [lauren] the only kind of pan you can really put in the oven and bake [lauren] is a cast iron. [lauren] don’t do this with like your non-stick, shitty pan. [lauren] so let’s put this in the pan, [lauren] spread it out evenly like a cake [lauren] and then let’s put some daiya on the top, [lauren] i don’t know how much that was guys, [lauren] like, half a cup? [lauren] so that’s at 375F right now, [lauren] let’s pray to the food gods that this all works. [lauren] i thought maybe we should just put some colour on it so [lauren] i had a little piece of tomato in the fridge [lauren] which i’m chopping up into little pieces, [lauren] and some cilantro so we’ll just sprinkle that on the top, [lauren] before we serve it to [lauren] nobody, cos there’s nobody here/ [lauren] okay, so the ultimate test is cutting into the frittata [lauren] it looks done on the outside, [lauren] so this has been baking for way too long and [lauren] it’s still pretty soft inside, it’s not my favourite texture, [lauren] it looks amazing. [lauren] and it tastes pretty good so i would say for a first attempt, [lauren] it’s not bad, i can improve upon it though [lauren] and that’s a whole point with these RECIPE?! videos [lauren] is that we don’t really know what the outcome’s going to be. [lauren] i hope that it ends out being perfect [lauren] but it doesn’t always so [lauren] here’s the thing, i’ve done a couple of these RECIPE?! videos before [lauren] i think this is the third one so i think you should just tell me [lauren] do you like this format? [lauren] does it inspire you to cook and try things in the kitchen? [lauren] or you’re more like [lauren] “hey, biach just wasted my time watching this, and i don’t even get a good recipe out of it” [lauren] so please leave comments below, [lauren] and we post on hot for food blog’s youtube channel every wednesday, [lauren] um, soo we would love your feedback [lauren] and subscribe for more. [lauren] and i guess we’ll see you next week! [lauren] i’m still gonna eat this.

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